graphic post

Smooth bone assignment
All lods
Custom shadow
22colors + 6 ombre options
Works with hats
Comes with custom thumbnail
Transparency issues- little on the side


Do not forget to update your game, turn off laptop mode and put sims detail settings to very high ;)
U can also check my graphic settings on the fallowing link for more help:

Hope you like it and don’t forget to leave a comment :*

Hello! We are currently looking for members to help us keep the blog active. 

We are looking for 3-5 people who:

  • are fans of Harley Quinn
  • can create original content (gifs, edits, graphics, etc…)
  • can post regularly
  • can respond to questions if necessary

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Here’s another commission that ended up not happening. Tee shirt for King Shit Skate Mag, 2014. [I’m gonna re-iterate what I said before: any rejected graphics I post are with companies I respect and got no beef with; commissions that don’t happen are just part of the game.]

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