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You know those cutesy embroidery-looking graphics with, like, a butterfly saying “Be a bitch” or “Never Apologize” in cursive letters? (and the butterflies and flowers with faces and pastel colors are supposed to show that these are messages for women, only somehow that isn’t sexist)? They show up a lot on certain pop feminist blogs and they’ve always bugged me.

Anyway, I kind of want to do a series of opposite graphics. Like, a really metal looking t-rex saying in spiky, blood-dripping letters “Be polite to all you interact with” or a flaming shark saying “err on the side of apologizing if you think you may have hurt someone.” Fuck the “cutesy aggression” aesthetic. I want snarling, badass, compassionate etiquette.

“All being, it seemed, was built on opposites, on division. Man or woman, vagabond or citizen, lover or thinker — no breath could both be in and out, none could be man and wife, free and yet orderly, knowing the urge of life and the joy of intellect. Always the one paid for the other, though each was equally precious and essential.”


Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund


Graphic - kelogsloops


TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 

anonymous asked:

I don't get why people think stating that you're ace is a graphically sexual thing? Like, even assuming that IDing as ace is the same as "I don't like sex" (which it's not), that's... the exact opposite of graphic descriptions of what you're doing in the bedroom. By their definition, saying that sexual things aren't happening is graphically sexual? Does saying "No popcorn in my kitchen" mean my kitchen is full of it? Aphobes are so illogical (bc they're bigots, yanno).

One really “funny” thing is that among other things they pretend us talking about being ace happens like… we go up to some random person on the street and tell them, “I’m ace and I don’t like sex”

Like ppl have literally used this bullshit scenario to talk about how much we must “overshare”. Repeatedly. Oh or the the “joke” that we pull this during job interviews. Like not saying it feels like I’m being painted as uncivilized and that that’s the joke but… actually yeah it does feel like I’m being painted as uncivilized while being sexualized and that’s the joke lol it’s really gross

It’s fucking vile and bizarre. And?? graphic is not the right word here either but yeah of course I’m not gonna do that in those scenarios and it’d be inappropriate. (And hey I’m not gonna announce I’m aro to ppl in those contexts either. Or anything personal about myself. But that just as a side note, if we’re talking specifically sexual attraction, there’ll be some situations where that specific-ness would be a problem yes. SOME.)

As you say not liking/wanting/having sex is not the definition of asexuality in the first place and even if it was it’d still not be graphic. The idea that we basically shouldn’t talk about it outside of with a partner™ (whom we have to tell immediately or else we’re evil lol) is so absurd and toxic and just plain hateful crap like. Even if it was directly about not wanting the act of sex (it’s not), do you honestly want to push the idea that even mentioning something that has to do with sex is always inappropriate outside a Relationship?? wtf is that crowd doing

I can’t with ppl who hate aces+aros. lol also remember how if I just say I’m aro I’m only giving a modifier and irrelevant information, but if I say aro ace obviously I’m oversharing. Basically I should just not talk about my orientation and if asked about it shrug or smile mysteriously or sth

When you shoot across the sky like a b r o k e n arrow
         You f a l l off course,
                           When you hit the ground
It’s hard to get to heaven when you’re born h e l l bound

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The 100 + The Seven Deadly Sins (insp.)

“Sin is looking for the right thing in the wrong place.” ― Augustine of Hippo