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Black is beautiful | Soweto life | South Africa | Graphic Novel w photos | D O P E

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Black is beautiful | Soweto life | South Africa | Graphic Novel w photos | 

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onesorryloser  asked:

I love your taste in music, art, books; it's really different from most people I know. Would you recommend some books to me? I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading again and all my friends have read pretty much the same stuff as I have so it's sort of difficult to find new stuff. I like fiction, non-fiction, whatever, as long as it's different and interesting.

ah well thanks. thank you, that’s really very nice of you to say.

these are just a few books i recommend to people in the store pretty often that they usually seem to like


the halfway house - guerillmo rosales. brief but poignant and powerful- i love this book, a must for anyone whose ever experienced substance abuse or institutionalization. if u read it and like it you like it also read rosales’ “leapfrog” which further expands on his upbringing in havana

loving/ living / party going – henry green. i’m a huge henry green fan. his prose is brilliant and this book is remarkable

the collected stories of lydia davis - lydia davis. good introduction 2 her work, she’s a treasure of a modern female voice. not sure how she doesn’t have like, jennifer egan or miranda july levels of appreciation

the rings of saturn – WG sebald (the best of sebalds, he tends to be a crowd pleaser. i’ve got a soft spot for him.)

the question of bruno: stories - alexsander hemon (also a crowdpleaser)

century of clouds“ and “my walk with bob” – bruce boone. these books are what got me back into reading awhile ago, classic & brilliant stuff

not my taste but 20 something vice reading/ tumblr using/ prozac taking kind of readers usually like anything by arthur neresian. “the fuck up” is his classic but “chinese takeout” is probably his best. i think i saw someone describe him as a “po-mo damon runyon” once which is pretty on target if that means anything to you

the hour of the star - clarice lispector, at times a really odd approach to prose but folks usually receive this one well. the best introduction to lispector

cruddy – lynda barry. a very good likeable graphic novel for people into like, alison bechdel or phoebe gloeckner. (see also: “potential” by ariel schrag or “skim” by mariko tamak, among sooo many others i can’t even think of rn)

edmund white’s infamous trilogy, “the beautiful room is empty” being my favorite

waiting: stories - dumitru tsepeneag 

bluets – maggie nelson

locus solus – raymond roussel

woodcuts of women: stories - dagoberto gilb

magnificent joe - james wheatley 

three apples fell from heaven - micheline aharonian marcom

non fiction: 

women of the left bank, paris - 1900- 1940 - recently finished this and it’s fantastic. i kind of obsess over books about women in art movements neglected by history.

safe area gorazde: the war in eastern bosnia: 1992 - 1995 - joe sacco. one of the greatest graphic novels that deals w/ the subject of war

the penguin dictionary of literary terms and literary theory - JA cuddon. honestly just really helpful to have around if you read a lot or want a starting place on how to approach lit with a place of contextualization, penguins guides to critical theory are usually pretty palatable 

violence girl: east LA rage to hollywood stage, a chicana punk story – alice bag. good book about punk that isn’t all about straight white guys so heyy. believe it was published by feral house and amok books- their catalog is worth sifting through

all of camus’ notebooks (volume 1volume 2volume 3) are a total must if you’re a fan of his work. i have a thing for reading people’s notebooks and diaries.

film as a subversive art - amos vogel. if you’re into film you’ve probably already read this but it’s a classic for a reason and i always love getting people into it.

an episode in the life of a landscape painter - cesar aira. aira was one of my first favorite authors so i’m pretty quick to rec most of his work

dreadful: the short life and gay times of john horne burns - david marholick

the tender tyrant, nadia boulanger: a life devoted to music - alan kendall. i’m currently a little obsessed with everything written about boulanger so i thoroughly enjoyed this

osumane sembene: the making of a militant artist - samba gadilgo


anything by charles simic. hotel insomnia / the world does not end being personal favorites

anything by mina loy (lost lunear breakdown poems being essential cause she doesn’t have much else but i adore adore adore her)

anything by andre breton. probably “the collected poems” - i’m a nut for french surrealist lit but it’s not for everyone- i think his poetry is more approachable than something like “nadja” offhandedly 

anything by harryette mullen. “sleeping with the dictionary” being her best

anything by aime cesaire – “notebook of a return to the native land” being my favorite and his seminal work

on the imperial highway – jayne cortez

collected poems (1912-1944) - hilda doolittle. a must if you like voices akin to mina loy’s

i’ve been a woman: new and selected poems – sonia sanchez

the book of frank – CA conrad 

eunoia – christian bok (i’m a big fan of almost all bok’s work)

a coney island of the mind – lawrence ferlinghetti

outlandish blues – honoree fanonne jeffers

the unfortunates – BS Johnson

nets – jen bervin (jen also helped compile the wonderful release of rare emily dickinson notes in ‘the gorgeous nothings’ which is 100% worth checking out if you’re a fan)

completed field notes: long poems of robbery kroetsch

the arab apocalypse - etel adnan

the complete short prose of samuel beckett, 1929-1989 - samuel beckett


so yeah that’s probably wildly incomplete (i should really start using goodreads or something) but i hope that gave you at least something. and if you have any recs please let me know- specifically lit by writers of color, women, queer people, trans people… i’m always interested in anything outside yr standard old white guy fare. like i can appreciate a foster wallace novel as much as the next guy but having your world limited to only that perspective gets soooo tired zzzZZZ

anonymous asked:

hey there! im a huge fan of truce, and i was wondering if you had any good jasico fic recs??

this????? is just a ploy to get me to admit the embarrassing amount of fic i’ve read over the years isn’t it???????? but??? yes i do lmao alright so:

as the miles go by is super super good??? it’s actually jason/nico/piper but i remember reading it years ago for the first time and crying bc it’s???? just so so good ok u Gotta read this one ot3 will blow ur mind

countdown bc i have the Biggest Weakness Ever for soulmate aus rip me

we see the same sunset ; read this one if u like dying and also being dead

the art of sublimating ; also read this one if u like dying and being dead!!!! from how Good it is and also bc it’s incomplete and u will cry

fantasy, bookshops, and ink is also one of the first ones i ever read and boi this one’s super cute and also has the best aesthetic ever

the art of living ; this one’s a lil series and it’s So Good another one of my first and it left such a huge impression on me 10/10 would read again

hit the lights on your way out ; college au/lowkey psychic au, nico’s a nerd w/ graphic novels of classic greek literature and i want me some of those

cry a storm of tears if it helps you breathe ; not shippy but a really great one that deals w how the Cupid Aftermath should’ve gone

homebound ; i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,this one’s a given but still like,,,,,,,,,,,lowkey this is my canon screw toa ////shot

you’re never gonna fit in much, kid ; super good!!!!!! juvie au!!!!! plus some nice satisfying self-discovery!!!!!!

curiouser and curiouser ; super cute mortal jason au where he sees nico on a train one day and things spiral from there lmao

there’s a room where the light won’t find you ; boi you’ll cry real tears too many tears it’s so???? gorgeously written?????? amazing tbh

transition ; another one of my firsts i’ve read Too Many times bc it’s short and sweet and introduced me to 2nd person pov done right

wow that took longer than i expected i have like ten tabs open