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THIRD EYE GIFT GUIDE, FOR THOSE NEW TO COMICS: BATMAN: COMPLETE HUSH TRADE PAPERBACK - The entire run of JIM LEE’s BATMAN: HUSH in one awesome graphic novel… this is a PERFECT entry point for that ARKHAM CITY fan in your life who hasn’t yet picked up comics, or for the fan who’s just getting into comics via the DC NEW 52.

Featuring the artwork of JIM LEE, who is also doing the flagship JUSTICE LEAGUE title, HUSH is a compelling BATMAN mystery story, that literally spans ALL of his greatest villains, and the artwork is phenomenal. No extensive knowledge of the continuity or the character is needed to jump straight into this one, as it stands on it’s own as just a plain kick-ass BATMAN story. 

A must-read for that friend of your’s who you’ve been trying to turn into a reader, or for the fan in your life who’s just getting back into the hobby.