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If I could attach our blood vessels so we could become each other I would. If I could attach our blood vessels in order to anchor you to the earth to this present time I would. If I could open up your body and slip inside your skin and look out your eyes and forever have my lips fused with yours I would.
—  David Wojnarowicz, from Seven Miles a Second

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!! I am so excited and proud to announce that the release of the “Love is Love” graphic novel is tomorrow, 12/28, and we have plenty at the Gamer’s Gambit!

The graphic novel was created through the joint efforts of IDW Publishing and DC Comics in order to support the survivors and honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that happened earlier this year. Containing stories by multiple artists and writers such as Jim Lee, Gail Simone, Patton Oswald, and many more, the graphic novel is a collection of stories and reactions that were felt across the world as the news of this horrific hate crime broke.

I had to hold back tears as I flipped through this book; on one hand we see the reactions from characters as they watch the news unfold about the attack on the LGBT community. We see the sadness, the anger, the confusion as to how one human being could twist themselves around such hatred and let it consume them. And then, through other pages, we are treated to vibrant and beautiful colours featuring couples finding strength, family members accepting those who take a brave step and come out to them, a resurgence of love that refuses to simply break down and let anger taint everything. We see the faces of heroes and villains we know and love–Harley and Ivy, Batman, Batwoman, the Lantern Corps–reach out to help us find the power we’ve always had inside us. The power to push back.
The power to love and keep loving.

All proceeds from “Love is Love” will go to the families of the victims and the survivors via Equality Florida.

To quote a page of “Love is Love” that resonates with me personally:
“Keep creating your art. Tell your stories and celebrate life. Because that’s how we beat this thing…”



Here’s your New Year’s Eve BatPost of the Day! From the comic book version of “Holiday Knights,” here are a few pages from the Joker vignette. These images were culled from various sources around the web. I highly recommend the graphic novel collecting this and other amazing Batman animated comic book stories (including one you’ll recognize immediately). You can purchase it here: May you have the happiest of New Year’s!

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I’m so excited. I feel like owning something really precious. Our local newsagent’s is fortnightly selling an issue of ‘Star Trek graphic novel collection.’ I had to buy first two. Every issue seems to have one (two) comics of various topic or series, or even crossovers!
This one, however, is the ORIGINAL teleplay of the TOS’ City on the edge of forever episode, that is, comics made out of what the writer Harlan Ellison really intended to make out of the episode. I haven’t finished but I am super excited, even the beginning differs already and I can’t wait how it portrays Spock’s and Kirk’s stay in the flat or the reality of Kirk’s story with Edith. (Note: McCoy does not cause the travelling in past in the original script, therefore the crucial ending scene will also look different and I’m positive we’ll witness an epic Spirk hug.)
I’d love to share more with you guys but it wouldn’t feel right to upload illegally all of it. However, if I find a scene worth sharing, I’ll post it here!!
Also, the art is astonishing, isn’t it?! It got me melting.

lollersaurusrex  asked:

I know you've answered this before, but I can't find the post. I'm a fan of comics, but they're not something I read on the regular. I tend to buy graphic novel collections of comics. What are some that you'd recommend? Right now I have these in my Amazon list: Hawkeye volumes, Thor: God of Thunder volumes, DC The New Frontier, Batgirl/Robin Year One, Batman No Man's Land, and Astonishing X-Men. Sorry for the long post >_>

Oh hey, no apologies necessary! And that right there is a very good list of titles, you’ve got a couple that I’ve recommended before.

As for other titles to recommend. HMMMM.

Okay. Jeff Smith’s Bone is available in a one volume edition. It is…simply the best. If you haven’t read it, DEFINITELY check it out. (It’s not a superhero comic but I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it up on one of these comic rec lists at least once.) Also? Good and long. So. You can like, savor all that cartoon-y fantasy goodness.

Chase by JH Williams III & Dan Curtis Johnson is also pretty great, and it’s been collected in a single edition as well. Follows Cameron Chase working for the DEO.

I’m trying to think of titles I haven’t yet recommended. (For all of my other recent-ish rec lists, you can check out my comic recs tag. There’s not a ton of posts but since I don’t wanna repeat myself, you can find the handful of titles I’ve mentioned before there.)

Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell by Paul Dini & Joe Quinones is a pretty fun romp. Nice one-off graphic novel.  

And if you want a more recent series that leads directly into DC’s Rebirth, we’ve got Superman: Lois and Clark by Dan Jurgens (and a lot of other folks). It’s eight issues and collected in a trade.   

Adventures of Superman. I think that…there are three volumes. It’s a collection of the digital first series…just a bunch of Superman stories w/ cool creative teams. 

OKAY. The following are ongoing titles but! There are at least a few volumes of trades available for most, so. You can always give one a shot to see if you want to stick around for the monthly floppies. Or more trades.

Silk, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Woman. Honestly, this is like. Half of my pull-list, right here. And sadly, Silk and Spider-Woman are coming to a close within the next few months. But hey. This means that…there won’t be a ton of catching up to do? I’d say…in terms of like, what to check out first (if you haven’t checked them out already, of course) go with either Spider-Woman or Silk. I’d say that Silk is the more interesting character, but I felt like some of the more recent stuff hasn’t been as strong as when it initially began? Spider-Woman wins in terms of consistency for me. But that’s a personal opinion.

Spider-Gwen is a fun book. Kinda crazy. But fun crazy.

(Rarely, rarely do I recommend picking up hardcovers because MONEY and DUST JACKETS but if you want to read Spider-Gwen, and you want a really nice collected edition? Spring for the deluxe hardcover. It is great.)

I think I’ll leave it at that for now…I could go on, but like I said, anything else would be monthly, ongoing titles and those can be a pain for trade waiting sometimes. XD Hope this helps!


Pictures updated!

It’s just a repost of my previous pictures of my book collection-slash-book haul-slash-to be reads,but without the wordings and galaxy mask.

May this be pleasing to your eyes and pretty enough for your dashboard,lol. :P

"Squat 0793", The Daily Derriere, March 19, 2017

This drawing was found dumpster diving in a sketchbook from 1993, while I was working on “The Mark in America”, a serially published, never collected graphic novel I illustrated for Dark Horse Comics, published in early 1994. I was in my Jack Kirby phase at the time.

I keep thinking about Scott and Stiles reading comic books in bed. It’s late, but not so late that they should already be sleeping. They’re just winding down for the night, chillaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Stiles is sitting up against the headboard, kinda half under an obviously child-sized Millennium Falcon fleece throw, and he’s engrossed in a Batman comic. He keeps making little noises in reaction to whatever he’s reading, and between that and the near constant crunching and bag rustling, lesser friends might have tossed the Chex Mix away ages ago.

But Scott isn’t a lesser friend. He loves these little moments when Stiles’s heartbeat is even and his scent is warm and relaxed. It makes it easier for Scott to focus on his own graphic novel, a collection of gritty, adult fairy tales (with happy endings, of course). Scott’s not sitting up like Stiles, though. He’s propped himself up a bit on a single pillow, lying on his back with his feet flat on the bed and knees knocking lazily against each other. He’s holding the book over his face, and for the most part, he’s comfortable. But even with his exceptional werewolf stamina, he’s getting tired of holding the book up. He could place the book on his knees and lap, but then he’d have to sit up a little more, and Scott doesn’t want to. He’s tired.

So. What’s a guy to do?

“Hey, can I have some?” Scott asks. He looks pointedly at the bag of Chex Mix Stiles is hording on the far side of the bed.

“Yeah, sure,” comes the easy response. Stiles pauses his reading long enough to hold the bag out for Scott. Scooting closer (pillow included), Scott reaches into the bag and grabs a few snack bits. He hates the plain, Traditional flavor Chex Mix, but the snack isn’t his main goal. He grabs a few more and scoots even closer to Stiles. 

“Thanks, I’m done,” Scott says once he’s flushed with Stiles’s side. He curls in close, head resting on his pillow and mere centimeters from Stiles’s chest…

…and props his graphic novel against the side of Stiles’s tummy. Scott holds the other side of the book and continues reading from where he left off.

Stiles blinks in disbelief. “Um. Excuse me.”

Scott yawns and turns the page. “Hmm?”

“I noticed you getting closer, but I thought it was because you wanted to cuddle or something, not find a comfier way to read a book.” He sounds a little surly, but his voice is tinged with amusement.

“Your body is good for lots of things, Stiles,” Scott says sleepily.

Stiles rolls his eyes at the obvious implications of that statement. He sighs and lets a hand drop into Scott’s curls before settling on his shoulder. “I feel so used,” Stiles mutters.

Scott smiles softly, but he says nothing to deny it.

“Wanna share my blanket?” Stiles offers lewdly.

“No, that’s okay,” Scott says. “I’m not a huge fan of the Enterprise. Voyager is way cooler.”

“Scott, for god’s sake, it’s the Millennium Falcon. It’s from Star Wars, not Star Trek. And everything about what you just said was wrong, by the way. There’s nothing special about Intrepid-class starships, not when you consider the many-”

“I was kidding, Stiles.” Scott yawns again. He pats Stiles’s hand on his shoulder and keeps reading. He’s awake enough to tease Stiles, but too relaxed to actually engage. It’s less fun, honestly.

Stiles mutters something about Scott driving him nuts before he goes back to his own comic book. He keeps his arm around Scott as they both read on in companionable silence.

Have you ever wanted to make a Webcomic or Comicbook but didn’t have any ideas? Have you ever had a great idea but no way to illustrate it? How would you like to be part of a bigger project that could solve both problems?

What is Four Planets Comics?

  • Four Planets Comics is a small comic collective, in a sense. We are creators gathered together to fufill one purpose; turn stories into visual novels. Sequential illustrations. Graphic novels. Comics. 

Why did FP start?

  • About a year ago I, Skylar Owner of FP, applied and interviewed with multiple comic collectives, and publishers whom either ignored me completely OR rudely turned me away, called me talentless and that I should come back in 5 or so years when I’m better. I found these things repulsive and degrading, not only to my efforts but to my skill as an artist. I started this collective to give artists whom were turned away same as I was a chance. A chance to prove that they are skilled, and dedicated. A chance to tell those who’ve written them off wrong. 

What is the goal of FP?

  • In the short term I would like to get artists and writers together to create comics. As things pick up and we are able to I would like to branch out and give the creators the opportunity to distribute physical copies of their work, give back to the community by donating to organizations, and paying our creators (this may take quite some time and support). 
  • Long term I would like this company to grow large enough to become a publisher for many many genres of comics and be able to become a host for many different creators. 

How can I join FP?

Become an interplanetary officer by following these two easy steps! 

  1. Read each one of these rules, and understnad that they are taken with the utmost seriouness. 
  2. Next, fill out and submit this application!

That’s all. Please if you can reblog this and spread it around it would help a lot. We are going to be accepting as many applications as possible, so apply while you can!
Field and Valley Graphic Novel Collection
Feast of Fields by Sean Karemaker and Fir Valley by Jason Turner: two graphic novels from the West Coast

Cloudscape’s latest Kickstarter is live!

This time we’re offering two books by two Vancouver creators: “Feast of Fields” by Sean Karemaker, a surreal memoir of his mother’s childhood spent in an orphanage in Denmark, and “Fir Valley” by Jason Turner, a supernatural mystery set in a West Coast town.

Check out the link above for more information and to order one book, or the other, or both!

Quick note for UK based New Mutants fans

That this month sees the release of the Eaglemoss’ Hachette Partworks Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #84, which includes

  • New Mutants Graphic Novel (First appearance of the team, and debuts for Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Dani Moonstar and Sunspot)
  • New Mutants 18-21 - Bill Sienkiwicz first issues, including the extraordinary “Demon Bear Saga” and “Slumber Party” (which features the team debuts of Warlock and Cypher!)

Hardback, digitally remastered and £9.99

Available from some newsagents too (I got mine at WH Smiths!)

Civil War...

I’ve been reading people’s reactions to the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. I just realized something: 

There are people out there who don’t know how the Civil War story line ends.

If you read the comics, you probably know what happens right at the end of the Civil War story. If you are constantly on Tumblr or Wikipedia like us, there are dozens of ways to be exposed to spoilers. But still: There are lots of people who watch the Marvel movies who don’t read the comics.

The Civil War comic book sold 341,856 copies (issue #2). The collected graphic novel edition sold 122,597 copies in Diamond comic book stores between 2007 and 2014. It probably sold a lot more than that through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I can’t find actual numbers. Civil War is still the third best-selling superhero graphic novel on Amazon today.

For comparison, the movie Captain America : The Winter Soldier sold 31,795,174 movie tickets in the U.S. (It sold almost three times that if you include international markets.) When you add up the Blu Rays and DVD, The Winter Soldier sold 3,121,395 copies on home video.

So, in total, in the US, 554,453 (Half a Million) people bought the comic in a comic book shop, and 34,916,569 (35 Million!) people paid to watch the last Cap movie. For every 1 person who bought the comic, there were 63 people who watched the movie. 

Regardless: A lot of the people who walk into the movie theater on May 6th will be completely unspoiled. They will have no idea what they’re in for. That makes me really excited, and here’s why:

The ending of this movie is going to DESTROY people.

Imagine you went to see the Winter Soldier movie for the first time, and you somehow avoided all the spoilers, so the soldier’s true identity was a complete surprise. Exciting, right? 


That’s nothing. There is a thing that happens at the end of the Civil War movie that is going to blow people’s minds. I don’t think the general public is prepared. I don’t think we as a fandom are prepared. Hell, I know what happens, and I don’t even think I’m prepared to see it acted out on the big screen with real actors and orchestral music and everything.

If you don’t follow the comics, please do whatever you can to stay spoiler-free. Do not google the wikipedia article. Do whatever you can. Because this movie is going to be Amazing.

I was reading people reactions on Tumblr: “It’s all focused on the characters’ relationships”, “They’ve given us a movie that looks like fan fic!”,  “Ha, ha, it’s Stony versus Stucky!” And at first I thought: Well…. They’re certainly not wrong.

And then it Hit me: We Are Not Ready. We are not emotionally prepared for what happens next.