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Okay so this has irked me for a while - the first picture is some original artwork for the Artemis Fowl graphic novel, done by Giovanni Rigano and Paolo Lamanna. I like it and all, and it brings some of my favorite characters to life, but it’s just…. REALLY, REALLY INACCURATE. Holly’s supposed to have an auburn crew cut, a hooked nose, and dark skin (which is actually one of the very first things we learn about her in book 1, come on now). Artemis’s eyebrows look bigger than his eyes. And I’m not even going to get into Butler’s head-to-body ratio. Of course, no offense to the original artists, but this is how their characters are described in the book, and I was a bit disappointed in how the graphic novel of my favorite book turned out.  So I took it upon myself to kind of……fix it, as it were.

What do you guys think?


quick little piece i actually did for the Kings of Conversation holiday special episode coming up next week BUT I COULDN’T HELP BUT TURN IT INTO G’N’G BECAUSE THAT’S STILL WHAT KOC IS IN MY WALNUT BRAIN

ANYWAY happy holidays!!!

anonymous asked:

Is your former teacher aware that you live off of art now?

nope! not sure she would care, either. BUT i did get a kind of petty sort of “IN YOUR FACE” moment my senior year @ this teacher, though

she actually retired when i was entering my senior year, and she was replaced with a teacher that was coming in from another school. this teacher was really nervous, and couldn’t quite find a footing. she was afraid she would make the art department look bad

i was one of, i think, 3 advanced art students??? and she told us “do whatever you want, pick a subject from this, interpret it, it’s fine” because she was just stressed with the workload

at the end of that year, our school was placed into something called the “art conference show” which showcased and rewarded students in the visual arts from 8 different schools. in that show i won best in painting, students’ choice, and best of show. i had to get interviewed. it was absolutely terrifying

but the new teacher was so relieved, she thanked me. and that teacher that told me i had absolutely no future in this field stayed in town so i know her hearing about it wasn’t something she could avoid


if you have an art teacher that’s supportive right up until you mention you’re serious, take no shit. go behind this teacher’s back, and work. and work and work. there comes a point where you can learn faster than what’s being taught. do the assignments, get work done, and then advance yourself. if you’re in high school, you don’t have to rely on their blessing to advance.