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The Volume 4 Kickstarter went live yesterday- and HOLY CRAP.

Within 24 hours we’ve destroyed our goal, and blown through a pair of stretch goals.  Volume 4 is now guaranteed for a print run, along with the previous Volumes available signed or in PDF form- plus new Bookmark designs have been unlocked and are on the way, along with a reprint of our posters, including the oft-requested Cast in Shadow poster.

And- so far- we’ve only announced the campaign to the Dreamkeepers newsletter list.

Where will things go from here?

It’s open season on the Volume 4 Kickstarter!  Jump in, watch our teaser commercial, choose a tier, and spread the word!  This is our chance to kick Dreamkeepers and Vivid Publishing into a whole new gear.

Let’s make something happen.


Last Wednesday, I bought this graphic novel on a whim of a webcomic called Nimona. I’d been hearing about it a lot, but had never gotten the opportunity to take a look at it. Upon reading, I realized I had, in fact, read the first chapter or so a year back, but lost catching up with it. 

I tore through it in a few days. And I was all like:

 Then I heard the creator of this comic, Noelle Stevenson, more commonly known on Tumblr as gingerhaze​, was going to be in Orange County doing a signing, so I had to go thank her in person for the amazing read. 

Now, I cannot fully convey how at home and comfortable I feel when I’m at a Con talking to artists and creators…..But of course, for ALL of the days for my normally super-extroverted self to be in a weird, introverty mood, today would be it. So, I’m not actually sure I said the words “thank you,” but hopefully the message came across by my bright red face, and nervous stammer. 

The only part that was sort of upsetting, was that the whole time I was there, I wanted to just tell her how much Nimona reminds me of the main character for the comic I’m working on currently. I wanted to say something about Aedan Lightbringer and her stubborn and passionate desires to be the best warrior ever in my comic REZ PLZ, and I wanted to feel like I’m trying to put my art out there in person - not just on the Internet. It was such a little thing, but when the time came, the words just wouldn’t come to me. Maybe I got psyched out by the girl who went ahead of me that was talking about her Kickstarter and her webcomic, which is just so much more than what I have, or maybe it was just my shyness from childhood creeping back up on me, but it was frustratingly unlike me. 

So when I left the bookstore, and got home, I sat down and was like: 

But after thoroughly depressing myself over writing this post, I’ve decided to look at it positively. It’s good that I want to share my art, and I’ll continue to work on my comic and work on talking about it with people in person. 

Besides, I’m not going to die tomorrow *knock on wood* and I’ll have plenty of opportunities to share my ideas with other artists in the future. And if you’re reading this, and you’re an artist/writer or have felt the same way about sharing your art with others, I hope this post helps you feel like you’re not alone and that you can overcome this hurdle if you just let yourself…help yourself

TLDR: Went to a Nimona book signing and it was totally awesome.

Josh Simmons Pre-Apocalyptic Book Tour

Get your copy of Black River signed and pick up a limited edition blacklight poster from Josh Simmons as he continues his tour. 

Find him in these southern cities next week:

5/25 Athens, GA Bizarro-Wuxtry

5/26 Atlanta, GA A Capella Books

5/27 Birmingham, AL Kingdom Comics (more details to come!)

5/29 New Orleans, LA Antenna Gallery, 7-10 PM 

5/30 New Orleans, LA Crescent City Comics


The Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order Crowdfunding Campaign has just started on Indiegogo! Grab a copy now!!!

By contributing to this campaign you will receive an incredible 156 pages graphic novel with a unique style, very close to painting.

You can pre-order your copy of the book on Indiegogo from today to June 17th.
Original drawings in various sizes and other rewards are available.

Go to the campaign page on INDIEGOGO

Every contribution is very much appreciated and please help me spread the world sharing this post!!!!



Part 1 of 3 (part 2 / part 3 coming soon)  of my final comic for Advanced Sequential Art.
It was a great class and I learned so much– I’m so glad I got to work on a really fulfilling comic at the end of it. For my final, I recycled an old idea I’d partially developed back in high school. The nine pages I’ll be posting is just the very tip of the iceberg of the overall story!

Really enjoyed getting to bring some of the techniques I usually reserve for fine arts drawings into my comics, and really trying out exaggeration of shapes in my characters. And having backgrounds in my comics!

Just a great experience with fantastic classmates with beautiful comics, a story that I really enjoyed developing and seeing where it went, and fun characters that I really enjoyed drawing.