graphic nonsense

I swear to god, every time Sledge and Snafu interact I go from “friendship is so coooooool” to “wait, that- is that- no, okay, that’s definitely flirting. Wow, that is not subtle at all”

Look, I was fifteen once. I know what it’s like to flirt with a dude and think you’re being ~totally casual~ but then as soon as you leave your friend’s all “girl, we ALL saw what you were doing back there, tone it down" and you’re so embarrassed you want to die but then the next time you see him you’re immediately all HEY HI HOW ARE YOU OH HO HO YOU’RE SO FUNNY HA HA HA HA INSIDE JOKE CAN I BORROW SOMETHING AND THEN MAYBE OUR HANDS WILL TOUCH?

I’m just saying, I know.

I mean, not from personal experience. Secondhand, mostly. Whatever. Back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Just ignore this and look at Rami Malek’s face.

Cake. Let’s not even– Why are– No, come on. Cake. That’s ridiculous. The pie lobby is continuing to pretend that pie is good. I can’t– no.”

It seems that dropping my English major also meant dropping my ability to write an entire paper in one sitting without getting distracted by old Tina Fey interviews. I don’t even prefer cake, you guys.

7.22 From Queer to Eternity

“How could you leave me such a measly amount of money? Is that how little I mean to you?”
“Of course not”
“Then why?”
“Do you want to know? You really want to know? Because fifteen years ago when I wrote that will, that’s all the money I had

#this list will one day be an important look at my low-level depression circa 2011 #lol girl remember that time you made will and grace graphics? #shut up lisa bonet it’s time to pick up our robot child from space camp