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Les Miserables, Grantaire.

Well, the sky’s turning purple above the community centre and I’m sitting in a circle, telling my secrets to strangers. And they say I’ve got a problem, but I don’t know that I’ve got one, because you never know that you’ve got one until someone comes along and spots one.

They say it’s the hardest step but it’s the first one of many but my feet are stuck to the ground and I can’t seem to take any. I could tell them I just came for the free cup of tea and the biscuit and make my way towards the door but I don’t think I can risk it.

I had my first drink when I was fourteen, and I knew that I was in trouble because I woke up the next morning with my face down in the rubble. And everyone was drinking singles, I poured myself a double; I just needed a little bit more.

And now I’m sitting here with my name badge and I’m listening to the same sad stories about their old dads and making all the same bad turning’s at their crossroads and drowning all their sorrows without any lifeguard around.

The sky’s turning dark as we step out into the car-park, and I’ll see you all same time, same place next week. But before we go our separate ways there’s just one thing I’d like to say, “Is anybody up for a drink?” (x)