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Black creatives and artists

Need yall again. I’m trying to host an artists mixer and panel. Basically you get to meet other artists, potentially collaborate, etc and then towards the end a panel will be held to help artists develop their craft.

I already have a black intellectual property lawyer on the panel to discuss copyright, protecting your work, etc. What other advisors or people/professionals would you want to see on the panel? Please respond and spread the word. Literally any response or reblog to spread will help.

(as you can tell im up to something that i hope i can reveal to yall soon!)


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honestly you’re all sO SO gorgeous pl s (ノ ´ ▽ ` )ノ*:・゚✧  sorry its taken me so long ;u;

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TBT! Found this in one of the facebook groups… One of the comments made me laugh: “was peroxide on sale in the bush?!” I can’t handle any of them with bleach blonde hair!

There is so much going on here I don’t even know where to start… Except look how cute little Rainy is!

Being infatuated with West and Glokta so long and I don’t even know the colors of their eyes and hair

Another thing I found Mr. Abercrombie handled extremely clever