graphic edition


“i want that you know the history of Cain and Abel, they was brothers… And one day Cain kill Abel , he pull out Abel heart… Oh but little boy you have to be careful or will you become Abel” 


3x17, I always thought this scene was a little bittersweet. Regina is trying to ignite Emma’s magic by getting her to rely on her instincts. But Emma’s instinct has never been about saving herself. It’s always to save other people. Always. It’s so easy for her to run to the defense of others, but when it comes to self-preservation. It’s. So. Hard. So quick to protect her heart but not her life. It’s only when she’s about to hit the bottom of that cliff that she rises up on this beautiful structure cobbled together with broken pieces of something else. It’s poetic and lovely and says alot about Emma Swan.