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Tadanori Yokoo. Tejas-Bhumi (Fire that is Earth), Akasa-Bhumi (Air that is Ground), Prthivi-Manuja (Earth that is Human Beings), Ap-Bhumi (Water that is Ground), Irana-Devaloká Manuja Bhumi (Wind that is Heaven Human Beings Ground), Akasa-Devaloka (Air that is Heaven), Prthivi-Bhumi (Earth that is Ground), Ap-Devaloka (Water that is Heaven), Prthivi-Devaloka (Earth that is Heaven)Shambhala Series. 1974.

Tonight designer Paula Scher (L) joined curator Juliet Kinchin ® for a discussion of her years designing album covers for Muddy Waters, Cheap Trick, and more. “It was not about music. It was about creating an image of a band,” Scher said. “I hated it when the musicians wanted me to interpret their music, because I believe that’s impossible. A lot of the covers I made were based on conceptual ideas." 

While joking about her least favorite album cover she’s designed (Boston’s iconic eponymous 1976 record) Scher acknowledged that for better or for worse, "Graphic design is not ephemeral. The images you grow up with last forever.” See Scher’s work in Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye before the exhibition closes on Monday.

[Paula Scher and Juliet Kinchin in Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. January 14, 2016. Photo: Gretchen Scott]