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Lil’ rainbow-themed monarch butterfly sticker I created for iMessage sticker app Made With Care. This pack is designed to raise awareness of endangered species living on our planet - monarch butterfly being one of them. Sticker.Place collaboration for Earth Day.

All proceeds will be donated to WWF.

The signs as hipsters
  • (Check sun and rising)
  • Aries: always wears flannel, enthusiastic about craft beer
  • Taurus: takes pictures of food, has everything on vinyl
  • Gemini: writes avant-garde poetry, can play like 20 different instruments
  • Cancer: collects vintage clothing and antiques, has an indoor garden
  • Leo: coffee connoisseur, sells handmade jewelry on Etsy
  • Virgo: makes references no one understands, has lots of small but meaningful tattoos
  • Libra: goes to music festivals, very serious about instagram aesthetic
  • Scorpio: psychology major, does everything ironically
  • Sagittarius: has an expensive bike, always saving up for road trips
  • Capricorn: graphic designer and app developer, wears Ray-Bans
  • Aquarius: did everything before it was cool, seeks out and donates to obscure charities
  • Pisces: takes pictures of sunsets, has an extensive collection of oversized sweaters

A large portion of water is consumed through food production so, Flow is an app designed to help monitor the amount of water we consume based on the foods we eat. It is styled as an addendum to a traditional nutrition or fitness tracker to consolidate many uses into one app.