graphic desginer

RsGraphicsBd is a Digital image editing service provider company worldwide from Bangladesh.we have an expert designer team and they give service 24 hours 7 days maintain three shift around 24 hours. RsGraphicsBd is Graphics desgin Agency worldwide.Our services is Web Design and development,Clippingpath,Masking,Retouching,Photo editing,Shadow making,Reflection shadow,Natural Shadow,Neck-shots/ghosting,Image Manipulation,Illustrator,Raster to Vector,Logo Design and many others services—

Astrology Zine taking submissions

@astrologanize and I are working on an astrozine titled “Cosmic Latte”, which is dedicated to the community of young students of astrology and will feature articles by astrology students for astrology students, containing such things as

  • advice columns
  • transit reports / horoscopes
  • celebrity horoscopes
  • interviews
  • book recommendations

Since we want this zine to represent our community, we will be taking your contributions of astrology-related…

  • art, graphic desgin, photography,…
  • articles, poems, advice, …

you will receive credit, of course!

Send anything you want to share with other astrology students to:


we will probably be looking for more staff members too, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in joining :-)




A playlist for fellow TF2 fans. Mic spam this list or listen as you spend three dollars on keys and open crates with 10 cent items inside. Perhaps even do nothing but taunt repeatedly as the bomb gets close to the hatch. A mix for the glorious bastards out there that make TF2 the most hilarious community.

Shame I couldn’t include any Renard remixes, but I don’t want rapists on my playlists.