graphic collateral


My project for my infographics class (presented in a poster at the top)!

We had to design a campaign using a theme, 6 icons of a person in that theme, and apply it to collateral. I decided to do inspirational women involved in technology, so I called my campaign “FEMTECH”.

Pretty happy with this one! The style is definitely not what I usually do, so it was a fun experience!

If you guys saw my icons from before while they were a work in progress, this is how they turned out, haha.


‘Collateral murder’ exposed US war crimes against Iraqi civilians – and Chelsea Manning got 7 years for revealing it.

America invades other countries, starts wars and kills everyone in their path. But when they fight back, they are called terrorists. What would you do if an army from another country destroyed everything you’ve built and killed your family members? THINK. America is the biggest terrorist of them all.


Here are some close-up shots of my collateral for my restaurant rebranding project with the photoshop mock-up on top! 

This is one of my favorite projects from last semester and I’ll be submitting it to DSVC for the Dallas National Student Show and Conference in April!