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👻 👻 👻 👻 SUGAR COATED DAMAGE  👻 👻 👻 👻

“Sugar Coated Damage” is a comic book that reveals an ever twisting abstract story,that dives deep into thoughts and comes back to the surface with an uncertain confidence that being damaged or causing damage in any way, may or may not be nicely awful. It is more or less a psychedelic chain of events that transform and fuse together without any good reason.

Paperback first edition, 52 pages, measures 23 x 17.5 cm, risograph printed with black soy ink on recycled fine paper.

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but remember from here on in
history has its eyes on you

Look at those posers



Black and blue.
Endlessly useless.
Indecisive. Weak.
That is what I am.

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Twenty Six

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 7349
Warnings: Foul language

Pepper smiled as she alighted on sleek white heels and let the front of her gown drop when she leaned in and placed an air kiss on Loki’s cheek. “Loki, I hear tell you’re making trouble for our Lauren?”

“Preventing it, actually, while winning the heart of my beloved.” He took two steps back, bringing her with him and clearing the doorway while looking Pepper over. “Stunningly radiant as always.” He tilted his head in acknowledgment of her way with clothes.

The dress was a long sheath, leaving her arms bare. It started out white at the wide boatneck before darkening rapidly into a deep red from her knees to the hem floating just off the ground.

“I’m flattered you think so. I missed your opinion.”

“What in the hell does that mean?” Stark snarled as he stepped from the helicopter.

“Exactly what it sounds like. Loki has excellent taste.” Pepper patted Loki’s arm.

“Since when!” Tony demanded.

“You think I tell you everything?” she quipped.

“Evidently not,” he pouted.

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