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world unknown by @cutieodonoghue

His song is stunning, of course, and she can’t help but fall in love with it. It’s about second chances at love and recognizing hope for a future.

And the chorus, she swears it’ll be the sound of her heart beat for the next fifty years. It’s like he’s begging her to open up for him, begging her to be that chance for him.

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Teen Wolf picspams per episode: 1x01 Wolf Moon

“Come on, if I have to, I’ll chain you up myself on full moon nights and feed you, live, mice. I had a boa once. I can do it.”


From The Desk Of…

Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish

Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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changkyun x triple H lyrics

Simblr Either Or
  • (Put any number of numbers in my inbox and make me choose between: )
  • 1: good graphics or a good story
  • 2: straightforward gameplay or plot-driven gameplay
  • 3: benevolent playing style or malevolent playing style
  • 4: single active savefile or multiple active savefiles
  • 5: vanilla Sims or berry Sims
  • 6: human Sims or occult Sims
  • 7: CC or no CC
  • 8: photoshop edits or no photoshop edits
  • 9: CD or Origin download
  • 10: original-flavor Goth family or new Goth family
  • 11: 'perfect' gameplay or 'riddled-with-disasters-but-interesting' gameplay
  • 12: Sims [generation 1 thru 4] or Sims [generation 1 thru 4]
  • 13: [Sim A] or [Sim B]
  • 14: [Sim-OTP A] or [Sim-OTP B]
  • 15: an Either-Or of your choice [please specify]!

“Twitchy as Jesper was, with or without his revolvers, he was at his best in a fight, and she knew he’d do anything for Kaz.”