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“rank XII within organization XIII. larxene is the group’s only female member, and also has a very sadistic nature. she controls lightning, and uses it to thrash opponents with rapid attacks while also attacking them with her weapons: electrified throwing knives.” 


Self-Care Thread #IFSelfCare

Have multiple things going on at once!
Overwhelm your senses
Neutral TV show in the background
Play a game on your phone or
Read a book
Incense burning
A fan blowing
A podcast or radio goingA crucial part of healthcare. Both preventative in nature and a way of coping after the fact Inclusive Feminism (@IncFeminism on Twitter) just did a self-care thread on Twitter so we thought we’d share the highlights here! 

Image Description: Infographic titled: “@IncFeminism Presents: What Is Self-Care?” The background is sea foam green and there are white accents. The text reads: 

  1. Any deliberate action you take in order to attend to *your* emotional, physical, or psychological needs..
  2. A crucial part of healthcare. Both preventative in nature and a way of coping after the fact 
  3. Completely individual. There’s no right or wrong way to practice self-care.

Image Description: Infographic titled “Inclusive Feminism Presents “Self-Care Guide” The background is a pale teal with lighter polka dots. The infographic is divided into different sections: Physical Self-Care, Emotional Self-Care, Mental Self-Care, and Spiritual Self-Care. The text reads: 

Physical Self-Care

  1. Eat foods that make you happy/nourish you
  2. Drink a protein or nutritional shake
  3. Stay hydrated (get the Water Your Body App)
  4. Take needed medications
  5. Shower/bathe
  6. Engage in activities that feel good
  7. Get sleep and rest as needed

Emotional Self-Care

  1. Craft, color, pursue creative outlets
  2. Journal
  3. Listen to your favorite music
  4. Spend time with your pets or at an animal shelter
  5. Join a support group or see a therapist
  6. Practice positive affirmations
  7. Practice self-love

Mental Self-Care

  1. Read a book
  2. Take a class for free with Coursera
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Try a new recipe
  5. Try brain teasers
  6. Put together a puzzle

Spiritual Self-Care

  1. Act mindfully
  2. Meditate
  3. Attend a religious service (if that’s your inclination)
  4. Write a list of things to be thankful for
  5. Volunteer
  6. Move in nature
  7. Observe the stars

(All of the above are customizable and are about what you are able to do and what will help you feel your best!) 

Note: I’m aware that there is overlap between all of these sections, just like there is overlap between the different aspects of our lives.

Image Description: Background is of a pale person (only torso, legs, and feet visible) sitting clutching an aqua coffee mug of milk. They have on a white sweater and aqua socks. The headline reads: Inclusive Feminism Presents What To Do When You’re Feeling Down. Overlaid is the following text:

  1. Self-Distract!!!!
  • Have multiple things going on at once!
  • Overwhelm your senses (in a good, manageable way)
  • Neutral TV show in the background
  • Play a game on your phone or 
  • Read a book
  • Incense burning
  • A fan blowing
  • A podcast or radio going
  1. Plan little things to look forward to every day
  2. Find little moments of joy
  3. Spoil yourself in little ways (it doesn’t have to cost any money)
  4. Treat yourself like you would your best friend going through the same situation
  5. Find a Groupon for a massage (you could also find a massage school for deep discounts)
  6. Do a deep cleaning of your environment.
  7. Fix a cup of hot tea
  8. Keep a mood journal (MoodTrack Diary app is recommended and free)
  9. Do something totally spontaneous.
  10. Get away for a few days (go camping, stay with friends or family)

This isn’t an exhaustive list and this won’t cure anything, but I’ve found all of this helpful for my own mental health and for dealing with my severe chronic pain. I hope you found all of this helpful! Feel free to inbox me with any questions!


These are the upcoming 2018 series that we are accepting submissions for!

Most of these are identity specific Awareness Weeks. While we aim to include everyone on the site at all times, we’ve found that dedicating a specific space to discuss specific issues has yielded amazing and powerful results.

Submissions are open for:

  • Black History Month
  • Aromantic Awareness Week
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Sexual Violence Awareness Week
  • Deadline: January 3rd
  • Deadline: January 3rd
  • Deadline: February 1st
  • Deadline: February 1st

Interested in contributing?

During 2018, we’ll feature 3-7 posts from various contributors for each series.

Posts should be between 800-2500 words, and should touch on identity specific representation in YA, or your experience in the YA community. (They do not need to center around this, however.) Your post will go through light edits or a collaborative workshopping process.

Send your post as a Word or Google doc to Please include a 2-5 sentence bio about yourself including links to your blog, Twitter, website, or tumblr. Any links you’d like to use should be included as hyperlinks in the post. If you’d like to include a headshot or other images please attach them to the email– do not embed images in the document!

We do not offer monetary compensation of any sort, but are usually happy to help you out in other ways if we can. Just ask!

Deadlines for each series are listed above. Please note that the deadlines are different for different series!

A Few Words of Advice:

We are open to posts from people in any part of the book community: readers, writers, librarians, teachers, editors, agents, publicists, etc. We will consider any topic that is related to LGBTQIA+ YA, however please be aware that we try to avoid repeating similar takes on identical topics. The more specific you can be, the more likely we are to accept your submission.  (Consider checking our website for posts that we’ve featured on these topics in the past to get a feeling for what we’ve already published. You can use our search function to track down specific posts or use our tags to the right-hand side of the website.) We will take posts on the similar/same topic, but the posts need to be specific enough to you and your experience that it doesn’t feel like a repeat.

Don’t be afraid to be critical of books! If needed, we will edit back the criticism if we think it’s too much.

If you have a couple topics in mind, you can also email with your ideas, and we can narrow it down to what post topic would work best.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email!


Thank You for your Lovely Support!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I’m so honoured to have such a supportive community of both followers and fellow theme makers ;u; This is meant to be the TRUE thank you post for sticking with me throughout my two busy junior college years. I barely posted any themes or pages at all; I lost quite a lot of followers (Either that or tumblr cleared literal thousands of spambots/ inactive accounts)…

… but YOU!! YOU WHO ARE READING THIS ON YOUR DASHBOARD RIGHT NOW!!! Firstly, I want to apologise for my inactivity, but secondly, also give you a wholehearted thank you for supporting me, and never giving up on me. I’ll do my best not to disappoint you this year!! I promise you!!! \\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶////

And finally, to anyone and everyone, potential followers or otherwise, have a great year ahead full of happiness, love, and success!! (^人^)

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Hi! Do you know some good psds/templates/picspam etc for making mock blogs for extra part of character audition? Thanks

So I’ve never done a mock blog before, or ever made external things for an audition before, so I don’t have any go-to things that I already know of off the top of my head. So I instead just started thinking about what I’d do if I were to make extra things, and here is just basically a dump of templates/insp ideas that I’d probably take a look at/consider using. 


Inspiration from


  • Make a playlist (8tracks is great)
  • Make regular gif moodboards (ex1, ex2, ex3)
  • Make a page for headcanons
  • Make a character video

Those are just some of the stuff I’ve come across. If you’re in the need for more inspiration, I know most of the rps where people are actively making graphics and whatnot for their auditions usually have some sort of inspo tag that the rpers can put their creations in. So if the rp you’re interested in does have a tag like that, I’d check that tag out if I were in need for some inspo. 

And on a sidenote, I also have this tag on my multifandom that I put pretty/nice gifs and edits under to look back on whenever I want to make something or need some inspo, so if you’re like, desperate for inspo, you can also check out my tag there. Most of the examples for the inspo part are posts that I have in that tag. Anyways, I hope you found this helpful, lovely!

nostalgia: a mix of 90+ songs by girl groups and female soloists that will take you back to the late 2000s/early 2010s.


8282 - davichi | chitty chitty bang bang - lee hyori | genie - girls’ generation | nu abo - f(x) | i go crazy because of you - t-ara | sweet dream - rainbow | shanghai romance - orange caramel | breathe - miss a | so hot - wonder girls | love is move - secret | huh - 4minute | go away - 2ne1 | you & i - iu

listen here

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you can see the seam where you blended rowena's head into the body. maybe manips aren't your forte

I appreciate the attempt at constructive criticism, anon, but here’s the thing…

I didn’t actually do anything. This is a legitimate picture of Ruth that I cut out. I didn’t put her head on another body. I didn’t blend her neck in anyway.


Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.