Day 100.  Day 100. Totoro didn’t lose any weight but he’ll keep trying!

Time to get back to working on my film but I’ll be doing a new Totoro every week as I just can’t say goodbye to the little guy either. Thank you to everyone for being so encouraging throughout this project and I’ll be replying to your messages over the next couple of days!


Milly Advertising Rebrand by Sagmeister & Walsh

“MILLY (by Michelle Smith) wanted to rebrand their advertising and communications to reflect the attributes of their new collections: edgy, irreverent, bold and colorful. When Michelle established the MILLY brand it gained fast recognition for its retro & vintage inspired looks merging American silhouettes with French atelier style. While Michelle has kept emphasis on impeccable details and high-end custom fabrics, the style has shifted towards bolder and more fashion forward looks. We worked closely with MILLY on a rebrand campaign that reflected this evolution. We kept the existing logo mark but evolved it through animation and placement. Whether the logo grows flowers, freezes over in ice, or is painted onto a woman’s body; each application can reflect the themes and inspirations of the most recent seasons clothing line and patterns.”

Sagmeister & Walsh is a NYC based design firm that creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and themselves.