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So my friend has been dealing with bullies and she’s always told me to ignore it but I finally got involved and stood up for her and punched a kid in the face. It was wildin’ Anyway...I could imagine richie and Eddie being in the same situation (bonus points if Richie is the one being bullied) my soft bOYS

first off, well fucking done for standing up for your friend! many people wouldn’t have the guts to do something like that so bravo!

- imagine richie doing something really stupid to piss henry bowers off

- like he graphetied his locker after school and henry just lost his shit when he saw ‘blow your dad, asshole, love your favourite loser’ scrawled in big letters on his locker

- he’d pick his moment, find richie during lunch, and drag him towards the bleachers as richie was making his way to his friends lunch table

- “you’ve had this coming, tozier, and now you’re really gonna get it!”

- honestly, before any of the others showed up, henry would beat the ever loving CRAP out of richie, he’d have a black eye, his lip would be split, his nose bleeding, bruising on his jaw, it was bad

- the other losers would have seen henry cornerning richie and eddie would be the first one running after them don’t fight me on this

- the second he saw richie lying on the ground, his face all bloody, with henry gripping his shirt and throwing another punch, eddie would just go insane

- he’d kick henry straight in the stomach and then jump on him, fists flying and just screaming at him

- bev and stan would get richie off the ground and somewhere safe, all three of them just staring in shock as eddie went nuts

- bill, ben and mike would have to pull eds off of henry, kicking and screaming and the three boys are actually STRUGGLING

- “eddie, calm down!”


- once they got eddie to calm down enough to let him go henry would stumble away, clutching his broken nose and busted face and eddie would just yell after him


- richie would be so shocked that eddie just did that he would barely react when eddie ran up to him and hugged him, stroking his face and asking if he’s okay, turning back into worried eddie and already pulling out band aids and antibacterial wipes for him