Can't do both - Batjokes

This is just a scene that popped into myhead, based on one of Jokers lines in the movie. Sort of an abrupt start, but my first attempt at anything Batjokes

Summery: A new villian doesn’t think the Joker is doing a good job as Batman’s greatest enemy, he’s here to steal that title and show Batman what a real greatest enemy is.


“you have a choice Batman, stop the bomb, or catch your greatest enemy. You cant do both” and on que Hush released his grip on the Jokers suit, throwing him off the building, plumetting down to the streets while the timer on the bomb counts down.“No!” Batman screamed, he jumped right into action, leaping out the widow after Jokes without hesitation. He fell towards the Joker seeing the train of his coat kicking up in the wind.

As he got closer the batman wrapped one arm securely around the Jokers middle, pressing him close to his body. The Joker put his arms around Batman’s neck and held tight as Batman’s grapheling hook shoot out towards the building, snagging the side, forcing them into a swinging motion instead of falling “Bats! What about the bom–”

A large explosion blew out their ears, the building errupted in flames and debree, citizens on the streets below screamed and ran, sirens blared as large cement blocks crashed into cars and rained down upon the city. Batman was trapped in a storm of falling rocks and glass. He could feel the impact of the rubble through his armored suit.

He felt the Jokers head push against his chest. trying to hide his exposed body against the armored knight as rocks crashed into his back and head.

The sky scrapper was coming down, with nothing to hook onto the grapheling hook loosened and the duo began freefalling. Batman put his arm over the Jokers head, turning his body to take the blunt of the impact, losing his grip on the green haired man he skids across the cement, both thrown apart from one another. Fire and rock falling in a deadly storm.

When Batman finally stopped crashing across the cement his body was sore, weak, hurting. He forced himself onto his hands and knees, groaning. “J-joker..” he gasped out “JOKER!” He yelled louder, realizing his first attempt wouldn’t be loud enough, not in this chaos.

Batman stood up and limped across what could only be described as a battle feild. He dodged what rocks he could, but even the pebbles were falling hard enough to feel like bullets. He finally found the other man, laying with his back against a large chunk of wall that he must have fell into. There was a lot more red to the Joker, blood stained his clothing and smeared on his face. He was unconcious but breathing or at least trying to through the unsettled dust around them.

He ran up to Jokes, lifting the pale man into his arms, darting with him. All around them they are surrounded in clogs of dust, he cannot hear anything apart from the destruction and ringing in his ears. He fins blindly, hoping he’s going in the right direction as the boulders falling all around them get bigger, heavier..

The smoke is filling Batman’s lungs, he’s feeling dizzy, out of breath, he keeps staggering “h-help..” his voice is rougher then ever before. He keeps walking until a large impact against his back causes him to lose balance. He falls onto his knees, then forward over the Joker.

He can’t force anymore energy, his muscles feel like noodles, his body bruised and head feeling like it was going to explode. He tried to open his eyes, but it was no use, slowly sliping into unconciousness.