Er mer gerd freaking out I got this thing a little over a week ago on an Amazon Prime Day deal, then the proprietary blades totally blew (and at $10 a pop?! HAHAHAHAHA), had to wait until my warranty-voiding and significantly cheaper/better-in-every-way industrial vinyl cutting blades and blade housing came in the mail. Aaaaand after just now figuring out why it kept double cutting the outlines of the graphs and completely mutilating them on every test run I did, I have my first (mostly) successful ~*~machine-precision cut~*~ concertina card! Lil bitty baby babby Gaussians! Throw up in my mouth that thing is adorable, could not would not cut those tiny-ass lines by hand. My Xacto game is strong, but it ain’t THAT strong.

Still have a few more things to figure out, like how I’m gonna go about making these things colored (and also cuttin’ and colorin’ ‘em on strips of 18″x24″ bristol board instead of 8.5″x11″ cardstock), also packaging. It’ll be a lil bit before I can start selling them ‘cuz I leave for the Bridges Math Art Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland, a week from Thursday and I have two homeworks and a final to pull off for complex variables before that, God Help Me. (…But I made a 33/50 on my retake of the exam I had a mental breakdown during that lead me to take an incomplete in the class because of that shitstain harassing me. High fives errybody, that’s about what I’d made on the two exams before that if memory serves, this class is fucking hard, I have conquered residue theory and Laurent series good enough to not-fail.)

Anyway, now I’mma replace the blade in this thing cuz I think I killed it just judging by how much assisting I had to do post-cut with my Xacto knife and then I’mma just sit here and go crazy and work on homework while it cuts cuz it ain’t exactly Speedy Gonzales (at least not with double cutting it and going slow enough that it doesn’t butcher everything.) I AM VERY EXCITED.

when i went to faberry con last year i was in a real low point. my therapist would later make me draw a graph of my feelings from that time and it was just…wow. anyway, i went to south and had a mostly good time but i didn’t really have a lot of good things to talk about. 

south was really the impetus for me to get my shit together. i wanted to have good things to say at fabcon5.

well, i did it. i got on meds, i got a job, i moved into my own place, i went to counseling, and then graduated from it. I’m nearly done with my master’s degree. I’m doing pretty good, i think.

fabcon pushed me to be less of a downer this year. so thanks friends.




Today was intense. Got back to the hotel earlier than ever but it feels later…
First the fan brunch, thank you @zukadiary! We came fashionably late due to not finding the right metro stop but we got there. And there was a huge giveaway and we greedily grabbed VHS tapes and Graphs and programmes. Got The Wind of Buenos Aires FINALLY thank you so much whoever donated it, and two different Can-can programmes and some other Nonchan stuff and a Foursome which came in handy, more about that later.
Then the last Chicago show. I’ll admit Zunko is good. Her Billy is not as naturally charming as Mine’s or Mariko’s but more overtly cynical and manipulative. A great performance. Wataru is not as hilariously spot-on as Mizu but still more energetic and fun to watch than Wao. I was surprised to see Komu, I thought Tani got the last 4 shows but apparently they decided to play fair and do 3 each. She was in such excellent final night spirits, taking her time and having a ball on stage, much better than Thursday! After the show a lot of people stayed and clapped and cheered but they refused to come out again.

Then the stagedooring, which also felt weird to do in broad daylight. Zunko came first hurrying by with a hat covering her face again. Nobody bothered her. Then Mine closely followed by Mariko so we were too distracted by Mariko to stop Mine and ask for an autograph but at least we said thank you. Mariko went by quickly again but this time we noticed she stopped to talk to some fans after she’d passed the crowd by the stage door so we went after her to ask for her autograph. We had our new Foursome featuring Who is Bad? and asked her to sign that, which impressed her. We weren’t thinking about taking pictures at all but the probably fan club person who was with her offered to take photos. Our mobiles were still turned off from the show so it took a while to start them up and get the cameras working and our hands were shaking and the fanclub person said we were dokidoki and Mariko said daijoubu and then we actually had a small conversation with her in Japanese about coming all the way from Sweden to see her and having seen Chicago before in Osaka. I’m still not sure it really happened, it’s just beyond my wildest dreams.

Then we stayed on a little longer and got our programme signed by Mori Keaki and Hoshina Yuri and just said thank you to Mizu again before heading off to Mitsuya Nao’s concert in Greenwich Village, which was fun. And since we were already next door, we went into Stonewall Inn for a beer as well.

so, per this Anon’s request, I’m unveiling a few graphics :)

I make posters for stories I like when I have free time. I made this after reading Daisy by @soobadnoonecanstopher

This is for Irreversible, I made that a long time ago but since I’ve been struggling like mad to write another part for it, I forgot about the poster

This one’s for Trust, who’s second part is in the making

the rest of my graphs are cover stories to books I’ll never write, so there’s not much to it :) I’ve never had someone request a poster therefore I’m a tad new to it, but feel free to request one if you want :))

anonymous asked:

darling you lit your match like a last indulgence / and the house burned around you same as our love / but if two plus two equals four / and the universe is just complex equations / then maybe theres a number to undo what the fire wrought / i’m drowning in graphs, black scrawls filling my eyes / till all i see is your figure in the window burning / and maybe what is gone is never gone / and maybe time is just a loop on a program bringing you back - ash


My cousin has a horrendous 7th grade math teacher and he’s lucky I can help him out with this stuff because one bad math teacher fucks you up for the rest of high school. Got you feeling like you’re inadequate as shit and too ‘stupid’ to do it when it’s really a bad instructor messing you up on important fundamentals like algebra, graphing and all that. I don’t always like how he acts but he doesn’t deserve a bad education. 

Data Migration Progress (WIP)

Xenoblade Chronicles X - FrontierNav Update (2016-07-23)

Link here as always.

The graph visualisation is pretty much done now. You can navigate most of the content just by clicking around similar to the map visualisation but at a much lower level. This’ll help when adding new pages and linking them up.

Most of the graph consists of individual subsets similar to consellations in the night sky. Though currently that’s wrong since ideally, all nodes (except the “game” node) should have a parent, whether it’s the “game” node itself or something else. That way you can go from the “game” to any other node just by following a path.

For example: From the game, you can see all the missions, from that you can find a mission that requires an NPC which needs an item which you can find at a location but to get there you need to do another mission where you need to find an NPC which needs you to talk to another NPC… etc.

I’m now going to migrate all the current data to this new format and have page links be automatically generated based on relationships (i.e. the graph).

Once that’s done and I’ve removed all the redundant data, it’ll be ready for release. And I can finally work on new features. Finally.