graph: 358

1D Preferences #358: You two visit a cupcake shop...
  • Harry: "Okay, let's play a game," Harry begins, walking to the table with a sealed box tied with pink baker's twine. "Okay, I like games," you reply, raising an eyebrow and watching him carefully untie the string. "So, close your eyes and I'll feed you a piece of cupcake and if you guess the right flavor, you win," he says, giving you a dimpled smile. "What do I win?" you ask, shutting your eyes and covering them with your hands. "Erm...a kiss," he laughs, you can hear him opening up the box and you feel one of his hands under your chin. "Okay, here's the first one, try to guess the flavor," he says softly. You open your mouth and he places a small piece of cake inside and you lick some frosting off your lips. "Hmm..." you murmur, chewing thoughtfully. It tasted citrus-y and fruit-y with a bit of sweetness. Unlike anything you'd ever tasted before! "Wow, um...Strawberry?" He laughs and you open your eyes, looking at the plate. "Nah, it was Grapefruit, you lose," he says, sticking out his tongue. "But I'll give you a kiss anyway."
  • Zayn: "Oi! Zayn from that boyband, One Direction!" the older woman from behind the counter says happily, greeting you both with a smile. "You must be his lovely girlfriend!" You give her a small smile and nod, Zayn does the same. "Oh, my daughter loves you!" she continues, tapping her manicured fingers along the counter. "That's awesome," Zayn replies, eying the cupcake display case with interest. "Tell ya what," the woman begins, raising an eyebrow. "Her shift starts in fifteen minutes, I know she'd never let me hear the end of it if Zayn Malik was here and she missed ya. How about the two of you stay to meet her and the meantime I can show you how to frost cupcakes like a pro?" Zayn shrugs and looks at you for approval, you give a cheerful nod. Frosting cupcakes was way more fun than eating them! "Sounds good," Zayn replies, as the woman leads you both to the kitchen.
  • Niall: "I can't believe this is where you took me for breakfast," you laugh and rub your gloved hands together as he pulls the door open for you. He'd woken you up bright and early, promising a fantastic breakfast at a 'cool place downtown'. Cool place apparently meant Cupcake Shop that he had opened really early so it'd be just you two. "Well, cupcakes are good all the time, not just for dessert," he replies, following you into the tiny pink and brown themed cafe. "Your cheeks are really red, it's so cute," he says, unraveling his striped scarf. "Your cheeks are red all the time, it's SO cute," you reply, kissing his cold nose. "All righty, now, I'll get us both hot chocolates," he begins, giving the girl at the counter a small wave. "And they made a special batch of cupcakes for us." He pulls out a chair for you and heads to the counter, returning with two steaming cups of cocoa. A few moments later, the girl from the counter returns with a box of six beautifully frosted cupcakes. Some have "Niall", some have your name, some have the two of you's initials and some have hearts. They looks so pretty, you decide to snap a photo before you two devour them (to which Niall protests with a frown, he was super hungry as usual).
  • Liam: "This cupcake is yummy," you smile, licking some blue frosting from your lips. Liam laughs and sets his own half-eaten cupcake on a napkin. "What's so funny?" you ask, licking a dollop of icing from the chocolate cake. "The frosting dyed your lips and tongue blue," he smiles, handing you a napkin. "Aw, man!" you laugh and wipe at your mouth, frowning. "Aw, you still look cute though," he shrugs, taking a bite of his cupcake. "Yeah, but we're meeting the boys at the studio and I'll never hear the end of it!" you chuckle, taking another bite of the cupcake with a smile. "Let's bring them back some cupcakes to distract them, then," he suggests, polishing his off. "Oh, Niall will LOVE that," you nod, the two of you heading to the counter to buy a dozen,
  • Louis: "This is way too many cupcakes," you muse, watching as Louis returns to the table with a tray of six beautifully iced tiny cakes. "As a wise Niall Horan once said, "you can never have too many cupcakes"," he laughs, setting the tray down between you both. "Ooh, I want this one," you say, grabbing a pink and lavender iced vanilla cake dusted with edible sparkles. "Aww! I wanted the pink sparkly one!" he jokes, giving a pout. You stick out your tongue and watch him grab a blue frosted cake, taking a big bite. You lick a bit of frosting from the top, delicious! "You've got some glittery icing on your lips," Louis tells you with a grin. "I'll get that." He leans across the table and gives you a small kiss, his lips taking the frosting off of yours. "Looks like you got some pink sparkly frosting after all," you laugh, taking a bite of the cupcake. "And I got a kiss. Sweet deal," he replies, taking a bite of his cupcake.