I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new.
—  lyrics from Someone New by Hozier

Tales of Alethrion: Thug´s Life

Thug´s Life was our stretch goal, a comic, for our last Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion. We will reveal a chapter everyday this week with a new chapter. It is about Mira who you saw in The Reward face Wilhelm in a deadly battle: ( ).

This is about her before she faced Wilhelm and how she turned into a thug. She started out wanting justice in the world and wanted to become a police guardian of Draloque. Enjoy! Return tomorrow and read chapter two!

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#(not exactly the most glaringly obvious parallel & what not but) #absolutely ecstatic that killian #and emma (duh) too #went from oh-so-subtle hints about their feelings to each other #to straight up ‘YES YOU’RE SOMEONE THAT I CARE ENOUGH TO LIVE FOR ALRIGHT’ #it’s the confidence in each other’s feelings that absolutely slays me #*falls over* #(goodbye you can find me in the nearest trashcan)

I think I have a little obsession with Evan Peters 👽😻🙊


wildest dreams

You’re the light that keeps the darkness at bay.

New painting because I have a lot of feelings about Captain Swan living for each other and being each other’s light and helping each other stay on the right path.

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George Shelley is so cute omfg 😍❤️🙈