graph metal

A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde opens today!

Planned in anticipation of the centennial year of the 1917 Russian Revolution, this exhibition brings together 260 major works from our collection, tracing the period of artistic innovation between 1912 and 1935, and highlights breakthrough developments in the conception of Suprematism and Constructivism, as well as in avant-garde poetry, theater, photography, and film.

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[El Lissitzky. Proun 19D.1920 or 1921. Gesso, oil, varnish, crayon, colored papers, sandpaper, graph paper, cardboard, metallic paint, and metal foil on plywood. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Katherine S. Dreier Bequest]

  • metal artist 1: (has no guitar, drums, bass, anything, just murmurs into the microphone with reverb on and records himself vomiting and farting but hes doing it in the ruins of an abandoned norwegian church)
  • metal archives: this is metal yeah. like dark-ambient inspired shit. i like it. very kvlt
  • metal artist 2: (in a metal band, wears tight t-shirts though, hasnt killed a man yet)
  • metal archives: sorry man. cant do it. youre not metal. see. youre... -JUST off the metal graph. sorry man. cant do it. (under breath)fuckin fairy