Stay Strong

// Fandom: Satan and Me
Pairing: Graph
Title: Stay Strong
Summary: Centuries has gone by after Raph was gone…
Warnings: Sequel, read the first if you haven’t! Link to that will be in the a/n and character death
A/N: Dedicated to ayumichan46 and meandsatan because you both said I should write a follow up to this and I just didn’t tell you when I would uwu I swear back onto my normal writing plans after this. \

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Updated my Art Cycle image thingy to make it a little easier to read. Still lots of info packed in there with my sub par infographic making skills but ah well. 

Whenever you feel bad about your art ability, please remember this! Art improvement for many is a cycle, art blocks do not mean you are doing worse. You are just getting better at seeing your mistakes, which is CRUCIAL to getting better at making art!! 

(If you want to translate this to your native language here’s a blank!

Portuguese by sulamoon