The Syrian Regime’s Barrel Bombs Kill More Civilians Than ISIS And Al Qaeda Combined

I first saw this graph when Yasmeen (y2es) schooled someone, who responded to horrific images of the abandoned truck in Austria that contained the corpses of 70 refugees by trying to emphasize that “…thousands of refugees are trying to escape the war in Syria, women are trying to escape the rape and abuse of IS and men are running away out of fear of IS.”

Aside from the rampant regime apologia I’ve sadly gotten used to seeing, it’s so damn cruel to see so many people in my daily interactions, who actually understand that Assad is a monster, still harbor such a skewed perception of the regime’s brutality.

Yasmeen said it all, but I thought this graph was really telling so I wanted it on my blog, front and center.

Meshing a heart yields a set of points withing the region. Together with the joining bars they make a graph. This is Euclidean, pretty dense and connected, meaning that every point vertex is (in)directly connected to any other. Inhere exists a curious subgraph which doesn’t disconnect the points and which has the smallest total of edge lengths among all possible connected subgraphs. It’s called the minimum spanning tree.

Happy World Vegan Day to all the wonderful and inspiring vegans out there. Every day this movement becomes larger and stronger thanks to the tireless work of dedicated, passionate activists.

Whether you simply lead by example through living as a vegan, bring vegan cupcakes to work, donate to a local organisation or attend every activist event you can fit into your schedule, you are an essential, invaluable part of our growing movement for animal liberation.

Thank you to all my fellow vegans and let’s all take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come so far. As a single, simple example of this, the graph attached to this post shows the rise in Google searches containing the word “vegan” from 2004-present.