I'm laughing

Connie gently cupped Kayla’s cheek as she stared into her friends eyes. their lips brushed against each other as a small smile tugged at Connie’s lips.
“We shouldn’t be doing this” kayla murmured.
“But i love you”
“How much do you love me?”

So I’ve just reached 2.4k followers and I decided to do a follow forever ‘cause yolo. I’ve tried doing ones before but about half way through I’m like “y the fuck am I doing this” before stopping soo it’ll be a miracle if I don’t stop again. 

But anyways thank you for 2,400 followers! And for putting up with me for so long. It’ll be my blog’s 1 year anniversary or birthday or whatever this January 8th so look forward to that. I’m sure I’ll be partying it up. Might even buy a cake :P <3

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Again thank you all for following me! I love you all! ^-^

Question Tag

tommyhilfingeryou tagged me


  1. Always post the rules

  2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

  3. Then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people.

  4. Let them know you tagged them.

My Answers:

1. Top 3 boy crushes

Jared Padalecki, Dan Howell and Finn Harries

2. Top 3 girl crushes

Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Fox and Barbara Palvin

3. Current favourite song

Closer- Kings of Leon

4. Last movie you watched

Hangover part III

5. Last person you kissed

I really don’t want to talk about it haha

6. What did you do today?

Oh, I had a really productive day, ate, peed, pooped and oh, spent the whole day on tumblr

7. what is your biggest regret?

Not saying what is on my mind

8. If you had to choose someone to marry today who would you choose??

Misha Collins, that would be hell of a day

9. favourite sex position?

I’m the most virgin virgin you can find I seriously do not know the answer to this question

10. how does Mike Wazowski poop?

holy shit, hm.. through his eye? I have no idea

11. what if god was one of us?

then I would have a million questions to ask Him/ Her

I tag:

(i’m too lazy to tag 11 people, I’ll just tag 4 #yolo)





My questions:

1- Do you believe in God?

2- Have you ever been in love?

3- What’s your favourite band?

4- If you could choose to live in a city forever what it would be?

5- What’s your dream job?

6- What do you usually do to pass time?

7- Favourite blogs?

8- What’s your biggest flaw?

9- 3 things you love about yourself

10- Dream URL

11- What’s the most important thing in your dream boyfriend/girlfriend?


I made a new video guys.
it’s super cool and i’m kinda proud of it.
So yeah, if you wanna watch it that would be kinda cool :3