Compass - A Broadchurch S3 AU Story - Chapter 4 - “Don’t Fuss!”


“Compasses break.”

- Alec Hardy, Broadchurch Series 1

Fandom: Broadchurch

Characters: Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller, Daisy Hardy, Fred Miller, Tom Miller, Beth Latimer, Paul Coates, other Broadchurch characters

Summary: It is the spring of 2016. DI Ellie Miller yet again has to face a new boss. A story inspired by set pictures of Broadchurch S3 and my own spoilery ideas for possible plot lines. (Hardy x Miller)

Tags: angst, hurt/comfort, drama, family, friendship, possible romance, dad!hardy, fred fluff, mentioning of sexual assault

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Excerpt from Chapter 4 - “Don’t Fuss!”

A mocking caw at his ankle tore him away from ideas he shouldn’t entertain. The beady eyed seagull blinked at him and cocked its head. It took a lopsided leap closer to him and called out again.

Hardy stared at the plump ball of feathers and disease.

It took another hop and pecked at his trousers.

“What the…,” he squeaked, utterly unmanly, and jumped a foot back.

The seagull followed him, red-rimmed eyes fixed on his leg. Hardy squinted down his trousers and found what had attracted the devilish bird’s interest. Unbeknownst to Hardy, half of Fred’s muffin was sticking to the cloth covering his shin. That solved the mystery where it had disappeared to during the morning’s breakfast commotion.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” he cursed, shaking his leg without much success.

Thank you to @draco9236 for your invaluable input. Thank you to @ktrosesworld and @thedeliriumtennants for flailing and correcting the mistakes. And thank you to my dear @hazelcmist - you make me a better writer every time!

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