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Reasons We Know Mike Loves Ginny
  1.  He talks (and probably thinks) about her all the time
  2.  He can’t keep his eyes off of her
  3. He called her ass perfectly pear shaped
  4. He can’t watch her dance without him
  5.  He always comes through for her
  6.  He respects her as a ballplayer
  7.  She blows him away
  8.  He would totally play golf with her
  9.  He offered to go to dinner with her mom
  10. He defends her
  11. He teases her
  12. She’s his rookie
  13. He call her when he needs someone to talk to at night
  14. He knows she loves grape soda
  15. He knows she hates cilantro
  16. He loves her horsey laugh
  17. He loves her feminista rants
  18. He loves how she cuts him off
  19. He nailed her cleats
  20. His Kill Bill Sirens go off when other guys crush on her
  21. He supports her
  22. He listens to her
  23. He gives her great speeches
  24. He knows that she hums Katy Perry’s firework, off-key, when she stretches
  25.  He only wanted to spend his “last” night in San Diego with her
  26.  He let her chase him
  27. He plays better when she pushes him
  28.  He gives his all to help her get a no-hitter
  29. They breathe and work in sync
  30.  He the first one at her side when she falls
  31. They’re lonely kindred souls who just want to be loved
  32.  She’s his legacy
  33. She’s where his heart and home is
  34. She’s everything

These two give me Richonne Deja Vu, just hitting me with all of the deep feels! 

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Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cocktail)

3 oz Plum Sake
0.5 oz Vodka
3 oz Grape Soda
1 dash of Cherry Bitters
1 Pizza Bite (Garnish - don’t let this fall in the drink!)

Cowabunga! Take a break from fighting the Foot Clan and settle into your sewer with this TMNT drink. This cocktail combines plum sake and grape flavors, with a touch of cherry. And of course, what TMNT post would be complete with without some pizza? Check out the Geek & Sundry Vlogs channel for more Turtle videos and geeky drinks.