grape slushy




Grape slushie slime by polarslimez on Instagram


It’s like a grape slushie~🍇  (source)

by mintyslimey 

you can keep your calendars. let me live in moments. slow motion close ups on the big movie screen. 

don’t need a week or a day or an hour. just need 5 minutes of watching you dive in the ocean under a grape slushie sky. rollercoaster skip in my heart when you drive a little too fast. tilt-a-whirl airplane landings. catching lizards and oranges in your grandmother’s backyard. that slant of sun shining just right through the clouds, lighting up the laundromat dust until everything glows ethereal. seeing our shiny night skin reflected in dirty bar mirrors and finally feeling human for once.

when everything is more and less than real. if you think too much, if you try to hold onto it, then like a dream it slips back into the sea.

let me live in a gift shop post card, in motel art perfection–a sunset beach, a desert night, a city skyline, a mountain range. the same pictures in every camera roll. call it overdone, call it cliche. you can keep your truth, your conscience, your authenticity. i’ll trade years on earth for seconds in heaven. 


1) Rachel writes into all of her professional contracts that Kurt gets final approval on all of her looks. All of them - red carpet, costume, or otherwise. The clothes, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, and the makeup. She simply won’t allow herself to be photographed without his stamp of approval on what she’s wearing or how she’s styled. It’s gotten to the point that people call Kurt for approval before they even bring things to Rachel for hers.

2) When they get drunk, Kurt and Rachel work on their untiled musical about their experiences in the glee club. It’ll never get made, considering they can’t remember it in the morning. Also because the set list (drunkenly scrawled on the label of a wine bottle) so far includes:
- Grape Slushie in My Underwear
- Sad Clown Hooker
- It Tastes Like Pink
- Brett Smells Homeless

today is going to be the best day of my life because not only did my slushie machine arrive, but so did the five gallons of slushie flavors even though they were supposed to arrive more than a week apart. i wonder if my starfish likes grape slushies. 

anonymous asked:

I had a dream you wanted me to make everything purple (like a filter does to a picture) and I used my phone to do it by waving it in the air then you found a coupon for us to get a slushie from some random store for a dollar and somehow we got separated so I never got a slushie

I either ran away because I realized that if everything is purple then all the slushies would look like grape & it’s not worth accidentally eating a grape slushie OR I went back to my dream house with my two dream slushies laughing bc I didn’t have to share

Gif 19 || Closed

“Dammit,” Leafling grumbled as she tried to blot the grape stain on her white top, there was a reason why there were no drinks allowed in the library, stupid teenagers. Giving up she tossed the rag across the small room, checking down her shirt she cussed again the grape slushie soaked through her new bra too.

“Fuck it all,” there was no way she was going to walk across the entire library like this, spotting a ratty old hoodie she sighed. Unhooking her bra she paused, this was a risk, everyone always mistook the closet for a bathroom. Gritting her teeth she quickly took off her top.