SOLANGE HAWKINS. she/her. town superstar; eighteen.

  • The last time you saw Solange was quite the time for her. The members of S.H.E. and herself had gotten what might have been a deal with the one and only Kid Grantwood. Or maybe it was just a first look development promise, whatever it was, he got them in the studio and they’ve begun working on their music. 
  • So this means that she’s been working very hard since then to make sure that every moment the band steps out, they are  🔥 🔥 🔥
  • So Solange is still that binch with her sights on stardom. Basically she’s the Galleria Garibaldi of this girl group, and she’s not going to let anyone (yes that’s definitely including your snot nosed boys) get in the way of her best friends and her being the best. 


  • harmony and dylan’s bb; her cousins/her besties/ her bandmates/her everything
  • marcus matthis; dancing partner in crime. takes him everywhere.
  • rashon dunn; great friend, needs to wear a shirt in her presence
  • kaseem vern; another great friend, needs to not smile in her presence
  • ez hayes; basically postmates with a face
  • imani hartdale; she keeps them on point. hair on fleeky, nails done.
  • jax grantwood; he outdivas her. 
  • anthony jackson: that’s best friend, go best friend.
  • the babies of siobhan friends; they’ll get into s.h.e. concerts for free.

i took this photo about 6 years ago with a disposable camera. I didn’t think it was anything, just another picture of my friends, until my dear friend Kyle, said it was awesome.. yes, it took someone to say it was “awesome” to see the true potential. Whatever, its a weird photo, but it captured the moment.