#PaulRevere’s ride, cotton textile version of #GrantWood’s famous 1931 painting. Commissioned by #AssociatedAmericanArtists for #RiverdaleFabrics & produced in 1952, 10 years after Wood’s death. In #ArtforEveryHome, fascinating @nyugrey show about initiative launched in 1934 to produce affordable art & design #GreyArtGallery (at Grey Art Gallery)

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Siobhan found herself walking the steps up to the front steps of the Grantwood house, a bag of leftovers in hand for the family. It’d been her mother’s request, Kid’s mom was a huge fan of her cooking and well, so was Kid. And given he was leaving soon, she thought maybe giving him some comfort food would be enough thank you for what he’d done for her this last week. Sure, he’d annoyed her for a lot of it, but he’d also been there for her. So Siobhan pressed on the bell, waiting for an answer. @kingkidgrantwood