“You know, everyone might be celebrating the fact it’s Kid’s birthday… but I’m going to take some of this as if they were celebrating mine.” Sabrina said, playfully as her feet dangled off of the kitchen island. January 1st, it marks the beginning of the new year. It also marks Kid Grantwood’s birthday, and her own. So it only made a great day that much greater. “Happy birthday to me.”

“Let me tell you,” Mariela said, two bottles of Dom in her hands as she’d left Kid Grantwood’s party and was now headed home. “If you missed the party tonight, you missed the party. You might as well just move out of Rosewood.” Mariela said, as she clicked the two bottles together. 

i took this photo about 6 years ago with a disposable camera. I didn’t think it was anything, just another picture of my friends, until my dear friend Kyle, said it was awesome.. yes, it took someone to say it was “awesome” to see the true potential. Whatever, its a weird photo, but it captured the moment.