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I am a hoe for Super kidfics

That being said, in honor of father’s day because I have mommy issues, not daddy issues, I’ve decided to make you guys a list of my favorite fics featuring SuperCorp/SuperCat with kids and the occasional baby Supergirl.


Best of the Best by supertrashcompator

20 chapters, 30K+ words, completed Rated:M

SuperCat sans the Kryptonian powers. This was the very first Supergirl fic I bookmarked on AO3. Features Kara Danvers as the kickass taekwondo instructor(a retired Olympian), who recently opened a new studio just a short walk away from Cat Grant’s apartment. The kid in this fic is none other than Carter Grant who is a 3-year-old in this AU and totally in love with Kara before Cat is.

Aura by supertrashcompactor

8 chapters, 14K+ words, not complete Rated:G

SuperCat established relationship, features both Carter and a new little bundle of joy. When a Kryptonian pod crashes to Earth, Supergirl brings home a surprise for Cat. Fluff and adorableness ensue. Also, includes some fun nods to Kryptonian culture.


The Little Luthor series by swanqueenfic13

10 installments featuring a total of 11 chapters, 52K+ words, Each work is complete, Rated: G-T (Depending on the work)

AU where Kara is a preschool teacher rather than working at Catco, and has yet to come out at Supergirl. Lena has an adorable daughter and has yet to take over L-Corp. Also, features married Sanvers with an adorable daughter Jamie. 

Supergirl in Training by wtfoctagon

13 chapters, 53K+ words, not complete, Rated:T

THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC of all the fics. 

When Lorelai L. Danvers gets kidnapped from the future by Lillian Luthor, she does the only logical thing she can think of. She tracks down her mom Lena Luthor. In the future, Lena and Kara have married and had a child. This is super beautifully written. It’s got fluff and it’s got angst. The entire time you are rooting for everybody. I don’t much want Lorelai to go back to the future, but I know she has to. IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS, YOU SHOULD BE!!!!

Also, check out: Kids Will Be Kids by wtfoctogon

It’s a partner fic to go with Supergirl in training. It is also incomplete but is Lorelai and some other special superkids in the future where they belong.

The Fifth Wall by Black_Tea_and_Bones

8 chapters, 23K+ words, not complete, Rated:M

A fifth dimension break of some sort, likely an Imp, decides to toss Kara and Lena’s lives into chaos. After going to bed in different apartments on differents sides of town, the duo wake up, naked, in bed, together, in a completely new apartment. Only to be even more confused when they hear a child screaming for its mother from another room. Said child turns out to be theirs and according to all of the pictures in what appears to be their apartment, they are married. Just add in that everyone including J’onn and Alex believes the two are married (a spell that is broken more easily for some than others). As the two try to figure out what is causing the changes, what they assume is an imp causes more and more chaos. Not much is clear, but one thing sure is, the Imp really wants Kara and Lena to live happily together. A fantastic, cute fic. If you aren’t rooting for these two the whole time, I don’t know what you’re doing here.

The Lexington Chronicles by JediFighterPilot2727

12 chapters, 19K+ words, not complete, Rated:T

What started a one-shot for the author’s SuperCorp one-shot compilation series, turned into a multi-chapter fic. Most chapters are pretty stand alone. They revolve around the story of a little girl, Lexington, that Lena and Kara adopt from an orphanage. It is fluffy and sweet and the little girl is witty. Doesn’t just focus on her being young, some chapters focus on a college age Lexington. I highly recommend this.

you and me by bs13

7 chapters, 40K+ words, not complete Rated:T

This is an AU fic. Kara is not Kryptonian but still really amazing. After having a short affair with Cat Grant’s son, Adam Foster, Kara finds herself pregnant. The story picks up as the child is being born. This is a fix-it(ish) fic, the infant is ‘Mike’ a Mon-el replacement. Kara move into one of Cat Grant’s apartments in National City, to live with Adam who she is not with, just wants to have him near for his son. After taking the baby home, a stranger comes into her apartment, the stranger is none other than Lena Luthor. They start a friendship and are slowly falling in love. This is a hardcore slow burn, but it burns SOOOO good. 

Child of Our Golden Sun by LePetitCroissant

13 chapters, 35K+ words, not complete/chapters are standalone one-shots Rated:G

This is a future fic, where Lena and Kara are married and have had a son (Sawyer), eventually a set of twins are added into the picture. It is super adorable and they are such a great little family. There are also snippets including Alex and Maggie. Every chapter ends happy, and the author is AMAZING!!!!

listen closely and the stars will sing by celaenos

10 chapters, 84K+ words, not complete (projected for 14 chapters) Rated:T

Rather than Mon-El the Prince of Daxam being in the pod at the beginning of season 2, this fic features Mon-El Princess of Daxam, a sweet little girl that Kara takes in to raise. Taking on the name, Myka Danvers, the little girl is adorable and has an instant connecting with on Miss Lena Luthor. It doesn’t take long for Kara to reveal that both her and Myka are aliens, but it does take a little bit of time for Kara and Lena to acknowledge their feelings for one another. Also, features awesome Aunt!Alex and her partner in crime Maggie the coolest Sawyer falling in love.

Double the Trouble, and Twice the Fun by awkward_alien

4 chapters, 5K+ words, not complete (This is a super new fic), Rated:G

After he is arrested and put away for the rest of his life, Lex Luthor’s little sister Lena is left to take on the most daunting task of all: Motherhood. It’s what’s been keeping her from pursuing a relationship with everyone’s favorite Kryptonian, mostly because her new role is kept under wraps. This is just starting out, and it is ADORABLE!

Shadows of the Past by witchofink

9 chapters, 46K+ words, not complete, Rated:M

Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl has been keeping a secret for 6 years, the only people who know the truth as Clark Kent AKA Kal-El who helped her figure things out and Astra In-Ze, who was willing to trade J’onn’s safety for Kara’s deepest secret. When that secret runaway to be with her mom, Kara must figure out how to balance being Supergirl, a cub-reporter, and parenthood, not to mention trying to figure out her relationship with Lena. Features super-douche Mon-El, who gets kicked to the curb pretty dang quick. Supergood!

Experiment 13 by Rhino (Rhino Mouse)

7 Chapters, 12K+ words, not complete but slated to finish at chapter 8, Rated:T

Supergirl and Superman find an experiment in one of Lex’s old labs, something that Superman wants nothing to do with. The experiment is a little boy that is a Luthor/Super hybrid, a clone that is half Lex half Kal-el/Clark. Rather than let the country take him and potentially have him destroyed because no one has decided if a clone has basic human rights, Kara wraps him in her cape and flys him to a National City children’s hospital when Lena meets her and takes the steps to adopt the boy as she is his closest human relative. Fluff ensues that finds Co-Moms Kara and Lena who fall in love. 


The Littlest Supergirl by swanqueenfic13

9 chapters, 20K+ words, complete Rated:T

No relationship pairings in this one. Supergirl gets hit by purple Kryptonite which in this fic causes Supergirl to be transformed into a toddler. Features lots and lots of sickeningly sweet fluff, Cat and Alex take turns babysitting the newest little bundle, also a little bit of everyone’s favorite sass-master, Lucy Lane.

Baby Kara: The Kryptonian Menace by BeaMoraes and TowandaBRA

7 chapters, 15K+ words, not complete, Rated:G

After the DEO recovers a Kryptonian device, Kara messes with it and is turned into a much younger self, in fact, a 9-month-old baby version of herself. This is a Sanvers fic and I LOVE IT! It is super fluffy and super adorable. Also, it features most of the DEO squad.

It Takes a Villiage by swanqueenfic13

5 chapters, 13K+ words, not complete, Rated:G

After going off earth/dimension for yet another mission, Kara is returned via being dumped on Alex’s living room floor in the middle of the night. The catch? The Supergirl that is returned is not the one that left, instead, it is a toddler version of the Kryptonian, who is sad and confused. The icing on the cake is that Maggie is super down to handle a toddler. Alex on the other hand? Not so much. Add in Lena Luthor coming to search for definitely not her girlfriend and stumbling upon a tiny blonde Supergirl, who is definitely attached to the L-Corp CEO. 

Hibiki’s father is the single worst thing to have ever happened to Symphogear. Without him, I’m of the opinion that GX could’ve been at least more than passable. It’s main flaws would’ve been just bad pacing and an underdeveloped villain and those could’ve been tightened with some effort.

Both him and his subplot seriously bogged the entire season down. He was a cowardly scumbag of a parent who left his family while his daughter was at her lowest point in her life from being bullied and harassed because he couldn’t handle it. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does highlight some of the more glaring problems with his overall character and the way it affected the plot (for the worse).

Now I’m not saying that he can’t have flaws, of course not, but the way the narrative presents it leaves so much to be desired. He didn’t deserve his “redemption” and he certainly didn’t do nearly enough to warrant one.

I love this series to death like you wouldn’t believe, and I’m usually the first one to forgive a lot of its faults, but Hibiki’s father is the one thing I won’t. 

anonymous asked:

Supergirl character's and the true about them: Kara Danvers: Betrayed her aunt. Lena Luthor: Lived off the Luthor's alien-racist legacy. J'onn J'onzz: Abandoned his people. Alex Danvers: A drunken party goer. Cat Grant: Got rid of her son. James Olsen: Sponged of Superman's fame. Maggie Sawyer: Cheated on every girl she was with. Mon-el: Lived off his slave-owning parents legacy.

yea some people have done shitty things but kara danvers is literally supergirl. lena luthor was a child and now she’s tried to cure cancer and is doing everything in her power to undo her family’s mistakes. j’onn j’onzz’s people were being slaughtered and now he’s a superhero. alex danvers is a government agent saving her city and fiercely protective of everyone she loves. cat grant is my feminist mom. james olsen left metropolis to establish himself and is a hero outside of the guardian and as the guardian. maggie sawyer well i dont rlly like her tha much but whatever. its called character development. mon-el, however, was a slaver and faced no consequences for it and is a misogynistic abuser whos existence is racist and homophobic. 

anonymous asked:

(1) hi im a lesbian and this is probably ridiculous but... i dress more "masculine" and have short hair so i always thought i was a butch lesbian and i felt fine like thats where i fit. but lately ive just had a major self esteem drop. i read this book and the way it talked about butch lesbians was awful. saying they're just like men or that they're ugly and stupid. like is that what people think when they see me? i hear what people say at school about the girls with short hair and it kills me.

(2) it makes me feel so shitty about myself and i feel like nobody will ever love me if i look this way so i should try looking more feminine. i know i worry far too much about what others think but i cant help it. sorry if this makes no sense

oh, anon, i’m so, so sorry. that sounds like a really horrible book, and my heart hurts for you & the things it told you. you look amazing; butchness is amazing; your comfort and confidence are amazing; you are participating in a long, beautiful history of butch lesbians & butch lesbianism, which is multifaceted and wonderful and an integral part of lesbian culture. for example (this is american-centric, for which i apologize; i live in america and most of my knowledge of lgbt culture comes from home, although i am working to expand my horizons as best as possible):

mannish women, as they were known in the early 20th century, were one of the first visible expressions of gay female sexuality in america. they absolutely fascinated the public. powerful, confident, commanding attention and respect, they won the hearts of their feminine girlfriends and caused many to marvel. blues singers during the harlem renaissance were at the forefront of this trend; they electrified audiences with their bulldagger flair and their lyrics, which often proudly declared their love for women.

“It seems I was born different. At least, I always thought so… From the time I can remember anything, I never wanted a man to touch me… Soon I began to feel more comfortable in boy’s clothes than in dresses.” — gladys bentley in an article for ebony magazine

mannish women were so common that songs were sung about them specifically (bd in these lyrics from the lucille bogan song “bd woman’s blues” stands for bulldagger, a specifically black term for a mannish lesbian):

B.D. women, they all done learnt their plan
They can lay their jive just like a natural man

during world war two, butch lesbians were a massively important part of the war effort. lesbians flocked to the women’s auxiliary army corps for many reasons, primary among them the fact that they provided an easy space to live among hundreds of women. butches found happy, fulfilling work and greater freedom of expression in jobs as grease monkeys, truck drivers, and welders.

the idea of butchness was firmly entrenched in the public consciousness by the 1970s, so well-known (and loved by the lesbian community) that many lesbians wore it with the utmost pride or poked fun at the prominence of the label.

shortly thereafter, the aids epidemic struck the world. there are countless stories of lesbians’ invaluable contributions to the relief effort. they worked as nurses, as warriors, as caretakers, as friends. many, of course, were butch.

and, today as much as always, butch lesbians are present, thriving, and absolutely incredible. like stephanie and julie, who were happily married at the san francisco zoo:

or alison bechdel, widely successful cartoonist and recipient of a macarthur genius grant (mom!) (there’s also a gorgeous song in the musical based on her memoir sung by a young version of alison bechdel about the time she saw a butch lesbian in a diner and was absolutely awestruck by how beautiful she was and the recognition and happiness that moment inspired):

and the absolute entirety of meg allen’s photo project, named butch.

your self-esteem drop isn’t ridiculous and it isn’t your fault. it’s the product of a society that expects women to be a single way and hates — absolutely hates — when they don’t fit perfectly into that predetermined box. as a butch lesbian, you overflow in more ways than one, and society isn’t happy about that. unfortunately for society, it’s going to have to suck it up and deal.

because you are amazing. again: you are amazing. you are existing as your genuine self and in a way that brings you comfort and happiness and you are confounding the expectations of everyone who would seek to restrict you as you do. you are the present continuation of a long, rich, complicated, beautiful history of lesbians who defy gender norms. it is yours, and it looks good on you.

butch lesbians aren’t ugly or worthless. they’re strong, brave, handsome or beautiful (depending on which term they prefer), loving, and good. you are all of these things, i promise. there will always be people who disagree, but they are nothing compared to the truth of who you are. people will love you and look up to you; i know that i personally feel a little jump of excitement and adoration whenever i see another butch on the street, a thrill of joy that we are here with a healthy dose of oh god she’s cute. all wrapped up in warm, overpowering pride. that’s your inheritance, and that’s your legacy.

be proud. you are something so good that you scare them. anyone who is worth anything will see you for the person you are. you will be loved, you are loved, you are loved. i wish you well. ♡♡♡♡♡