• me: time to take a shower and think about fluffy things
  • also me: did Grantaire see Enjolras' smile? did he see it? did he realise that he was making Enjolras smile? that he, R, was making Enjolras SMILE? did he died with that idea in mind and that happiness in heart?
  • again me: but what if he didn't? what if he was convinced that Enjolras took his hand with pity, just because he couldn't reject him? what if he was convinced that he was spoiling Enjolras' death? did he feel that he hadn't the right to die with the sun, him, the shadow? what if he was regretting his actions, not because he was going to die but because he suddenly thought that Enjolras didn't want to get shot with him, the drunkard, the useless one?

Grantaire and Enjolras are that couple that elope and no one knows they’re married until almost 2 years later when Courf asks R about going out with one of his friends to get over his crush on Enjolras and he’s just
“.. I’m married?”

Enjolras just has a “;)” as his soulmate tattoo
He’s always wondered how someone can literally say an emoji but then Grantaire comes in to a meeting one day like
“Semicolon Right-parenthesis @ you blond dude”

Enjolras literally wants to die

  • enjolras: grantaire stop complaining
  • grantaire: sorry, I let the whine go to my brains
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • marius:
  • cosette:
  • éponine:
  • gavroche:
  • combeferre:
  • courfeyrac:
  • feuilly:
  • bahorel:
  • joly:
  • bossuet:
  • musichetta:
  • jehan:
  • montparnasse:
  • jean valjean:
  • fantine:
  • javert:
  • thénardier:
  • mdm thénardier:
  • azelma:
  • bishop myriel:
  • grantaire: *cough* I mean what

Imagine Enjolras realizing he has feelings for Grantaire and, as usual, not knowing how to communicate them but knowing that he has to make some big romantic gesture.

So he figured out that Grantaire likes to go to this open mic at the Musain, and he figures that will be the perfect way to confess his feelings. But, being Enjolras, he can’t do things halfway, so he also learns how to play guitar so that he can play the perfect love song that really demonstrates how he feels about Grantaire.

And so all of Les Amis are at this open mic night and Enjolras gets called and everyone is surprised but no one moreso than Grantaire when Enjolras straight up dedicates the song to him.

And of course Enjolras gives this big, dramatic speech about realizing his feelings and how Grantaire is amazing and Grantaire is sitting there just fucking dead and blushing so deeply as Enjolras keeps saying these goopy, sappy, ridiculous things about him.

And then JUST IMAGINE Grantaire’s face when Enjolras finally wraps up his ridiculously long speech and turns back to the audience and is like, “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

  • me *writing happily a "permets-tu?" on my hand*: there there it looks cool!
  • a friend: ohhh what does that represent?
  • me *thinking about how deep was the love of R for Enjolras to have R die with him without hesitating one second because he didn't wanted his life without Enjolras even if he wasn't sure of his initiative being welcome and how emotional it is that he and his love and admiration are finally accepted by the man that had always just seen in him the worst and neglected him because he was just too cynic and how beautiful it is that Enjolras finally saw R like a proper brave person and how astonishing the symbolism of this scene is*: notHING aT aLL

Pure blood Slytherin Enjolras writing home and telling his family about his Ravenclaw boyfriend who he’s bringing home for break

They all assume its Combeferre but no

They get scruffy mud blood Grantaire who Enjolras steps off the train with holding hands and smiling like that boy is the only person he’s ever cared about

Concept: We sit together in the back of a cafe with our friends. It’s cozy and tucked away from the main road. We stay late into the night and talk over drinks and food; we talk about the world, and our world, and we enjoy each other’s company. One day, we’ll change the world, you say, but until then I’m content to ask you to drink with me.

Okay but Grantaire knows wandless magic fucking fight me

he doesn’t show people because boi is a mudblood and is just “fuck they’ll think I’m lazy :/” so he just uses his wand or whatever but thing is is that he can’t really… do magic with a wand for some reason? It just doesn’t come as naturally? He has to really focus to get it to work properly and thats apart of why everyone thinks he’s just not really that talented at it

But the moment he accidentally does it where everyone can see while trying to save Enjolras or push him out of the way from something dangerous everyone is literally just


Because Grantaire not only being able to do wandless magic but also being able to react so quickly and precise to A: get someone away from danger as swiftly as possible and B: to not hurt them in the process

Everyone is just shocked by how fucking powerful R actually is and Enj is probably sitting there just ?!?!?!?!? While R looks like he’s going to have a panic attack


Latest Enjoltaire video as I started reading the brick and all the feels are hitting me hard :))))