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Concept: the story of Les Mis in the style of the History of Japan. You can do it. I believe in you.

France is an country by the sea filled with poor people and it’s ♪♫ beautiful ♫♪

In the year negative a billion, France might not have been here. In the year 1815, it was here, and you could walk to it, and some people died in it

Ding dong, it’s the Revolution, and they have ideas from the future. Like really good laws, and ♪ crazy guillotines ♪. Now you can make a lot of dead aristocrats really really quickly. That means if you own the guilloine, then you can make a lot of equality, which is something everybody needs to survvvvive. So that makes you a revolutionary. Also things get a bit out of hand, Bonaparte happens, Louis Phillipe happens too

we do not here pretend to furnish a history of the French Revolution

“Please try this new monarch,” he said.
“No,” said everybody.
“Try iiiiit,” he said.
“no,” said everybody again, quieter this time.

Meanwhile in Toulon: 

“Hi Javert,” they said.
“Hi 24601,” said Javert.
“Can you call me something else, other than 24601?” said Valjean.
“Like what?” said Javert.
♫♪"How about Maire Mad’leine?“♪♫ said Valjean.

Knock knock, it’s the ABC. Yes, they’re here to take over, they just wanna bring you some cool shit. Like democracy, and freedom, and ♫♪ Enjolras ♪♫. So that’s cool. 

Grantaire wants to help at some point but Enjolras is like ♪"Listen I trust you for once this is very important okay don’t fuck this uuuup"♪
And Grantaire said, ♫♪ How bout I do, anyway? ♪♫

Then, when the barricade was done, the National Guard downgraded to a fuckton. Did I say downgrade? I meant upgrade.
And the ABC says, “Can you maybe chill?”
And the National Guard says, “How ‘bout maybe you chill?”

Then everybody died, except Marius, who pulled a sewer inspired  ♫♪ post-rebellion survival miracle ♪♫ But then the miracle wears off, he’s sad in the Musain but everything’s still pretty cool I guess. ♪♫ Bye. ♫♪

The Campsite Rule

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by Scotty6

Grantire catches Enjolras cheating. If you’re looking for heartbreak this is it.

Words: 812, Chapters: ½, Language: English

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concept: enjolras and grantaire apartment sitting and babysitting for someone for a while and they realize how much they love domestic life and enj goes all !!! with how good taire is w kids

So, this a little different from what you asked:

“Shhh, we’re not gonna tell Uncle Enjolras, are we?”

Enjolras pauses at hearing Grantaire say his name and quietly tiptoes to the edge of the doorway. He peeks around the corner, remaining undetected. Immediately his eyes register two little green handprints on the middle cushion of his overstuffed cream sofa. Knelt in front of it are his husband Grantaire and their niece.

He and R are babysitting Marius and Cosette’s daughter for the weekend, while they went on a much-needed trip away. The look on Cosette’s face before they left gave Enjolras the impression there was an ulterior motive for having them watch their kid. He suspected it had something to with the fact that they had recently shared with their friends that they didn’t think they were going to have kids. This had led to them becoming the go-to babysitters for their friends.

They had planned a fun weekend and earlier in the day Grantaire had set up a little painting station for their niece and she had been making tiny masterpieces all evening with her uncles. They had decided to end the night with a movie before bed and while they were cleaning up in the living room, Enjolras was preparing the snacks. He had headed back to the living room to ask if anyone wanted any toppings on their popcorn. Enjolras’ attention was brought back to the situation before him with a tiny quivering voice asking,

“Is he going to be angry with me? I don’t want him to be! I like Uncle Onj-ass.”

“No, no. He’s not going to be angry at all,” Grantaire responds. He then takes his hand and presses a large red handprint on the sofa that completely covers the two little green ones.

“See, now we can tell him that I got paint on the sofa!”

Two little brown eyes scrunch up in contemplation, clearly debating between wanting to tell the truth and wanting to not disappoint her uncle. Eventually, with a heavy sigh, Little Miss Pontmercy replies, “Ok…”

Enjolras smiles to himself and creeps back to the kitchen to get the popcorn. When he comes back a few minutes later with a tray containing popcorn and drinks, he pauses before he turns the corner and tries to prepare himself to be convincingly surprised for what he was about to see. Turns out, he didn’t need to practice, because when he enters the living room, he is greeted with two happy smiling faces coming from his husband and their niece who are sitting on the two end cushions on the sofa with a completely unmarked cushion in-between them. Quickly masking his surprise at the lack of complementary colors on the sofa, he smiles and a little too enthusiastically says, “Oh! Did you save this seat for me?” as he heads towards the middle cushion.

“NO!” they both shout at the same time. Enjolras stops abruptly while trying to hide an amused grin forming on his face.

“I mean…” starts Grantaire. “You usually like to curl up on the chair when watching TV, so I figured that’s what you would want to do. 

“Actually, I usually like to curl up on your lap,” Enjolras responds.

“You could sit there!” The young one offers. “Or on mine!” She continues. Subtly is not something four year-olds possess.

Enjolras pauses and then heads to the overstuffed comfy chair. Once they were all settled and the popcorn had been divided out, Enjolras casually says, “Oh, by the way, I was thinking of doing some vacuuming in here on Sunday. We haven’t done a detailed cleaning in here for awhile.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” responds Grantaire.

“Yeah, I was thinking I could take the cushions off the sofa and do a thorough vacuuming of the whole thing,” Enjolras continues.

Silence follows. Enjolras turns towards the sofa and is greeted with two pairs of wide-eyes and one large hand covering a tiny talking mouth.

Enjolras looks Grantaire in the eyes, breaks into a big smile, and says, “Busted.”

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Okay, so, when you have time because uni. Please consider. Grantaire in an amusement park. More than a little intoxicated. The ferris wheel serves alcohol, and he somehow got in that car. Rollercoasters are a nightmare. Pls.

To be fair, they’re on a night out and the fair is back in town, how do you NOT expecet disaster? Enjolras, Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet are on a double date (though unofficial for Enjolras and Grantaire, though who are they kidding). Enjoleas and Joly are the sober ones to bring everybody home. Let’s just say the coco punch was a lot more potent than usual, it wasn’t intentional or anything. Joly even got tipsy “by accident”, but those Manzana lolipops were too tempting

So they’re on the ferris wheel, going up up up (a bit too up to Joly and Bossuet’s liking, though their intoxication makes it easier on them) while Grantaire is up and pacing, looking at the view of Paris


*glare from Enjolras*



See What Could Be (Part 8/?)

Verse: Les Mis/Percy Jackson Crossover. Modern AU, Greek Mythology AU

Pairings: Enjolras/Grantaire, Combeferre/Courfeyrac, Joly/Bossuet, any canon PJO relationships

Rating: Teen and up

Summary: All Grantaire ever wanted was to be normal, but he’s always seen too much for his own good. Now, he’s gotten himself in the middle of a world filled with gods, monsters, prophecies, quests, and the hottest guy he’s ever met. Grantaire’s taken great care not to believe in anything in his life, but fate and the goddess Aphrodite may just have other things in mind. (Read on AO3 here) [Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56 and 7]

A/N: You would think with writing this fanfic that I’d be up to date on happenings with the PJO series, but you’d think wrong. I literally just found out that next week Rick Riordan is dropping a new series, The Trials of Apollo, and while obviously nothing in this fic will be changing to represent any updates to the PJO world we know and love, you should still buy the book (preferably from a local bookstore if you have one in your town) to support the author whose work I’m shamelessly using for my own (not-for-profit and covered by parody laws) ends.

A half dozen campers with a variety of Greek instruments stood in front of the fire pit, leading the rest of camp in a song, and Grantaire distractedly noticed that while the tune seemed familiar, the lyrics—“Old Geryon had a farm—seemed off. He didn’t pay much attention to the song, however, instead staring raptly at Courfeyrac. “Enjolras’s Cause,” he repeated. “You mean, the Cause that Les Amis de l’ABC works towards, right?”

Courfeyrac nodded. “Right. That’s what started everything.” He gave Grantaire a searching look. “How much do you remember about what we told you about the Mist?”

“Um, it’s a veil that separates demigods, gods, magic, etcetera from mortals, right?” Grantaire asked, frowning. “But what’s that got to do— ”

“Patience, young grasshopper, I’m getting there,” Courfeyrac said comfortably. “Yeah, so the Mist is what keeps mortals from knowing about the gods and from seeing magical creatures and the sorts of things that would be hard for them to wrap their minds around. But gods and demigods can also manipulate the MIst, to create illusions and trick mortals.”

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I just finished reading Captive Prince and I must report that it has ruined my life

The pose in the top left doodle is inspired by one of @saltroclus‘s drawings, which are amazing and make me cry ;u;

It just occurred to me that in an alternate version of the musical, Turning could easily be Grantaire’s accusations to Enjolras after they survived the barricades.

Imagine the two of them, somehow spared from the hail of bullets Hugo described, returning by night to the scene of the barricade to pay respects to their fallen friends. The bodies lined up in the street, from Combeferre to Gavroche, making Enjolras numb with grief and guilt.

Enjolras: Who will wake them?

Grantaire: No one ever will. No one ever told them that a summer’s day can kill. They were schoolboys, never held a gun–

Enjolras: Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun!

Grantaire: Where’s that new world now the fighting’s done?

Well, having read the book, there is obviously a lot of subtextual content about the dynamic between Enjolras and Grantaire. I agree, I think it is one of the more interesting character dynamics of the piece, but unfortunately we didn’t get to talk about it all that much. I think Aaron and Eddie wanted to have a lot of “bromance” between Marius and Enjolras, so I think they both put a lot of focus into each other’s characters. I remember thinking of talking to Aaron about the subject as we started filming, and as I was about to talk to him he was interrupted by someone else, and then suddenly I understood. That was the perfect example of what the dynamic between us should be. And I realised that actually NOT talking to Aaron about it at all was the perfect way to create that subtextual thing between Grantaire and Enjolras. And actually, I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Not even Tom. I just kept it a secret and thought that if people can read into it, great, and if people don’t notice it, that’s also fine because it’s not the main focus of the student plot. I still don’t know to this day if Aaron even knows about the whole E/R relationship, but it doesn’t matter, because I don’t think Enjolras should.
—  George Blagden (when asked about how he approched the E/R relationship during filming)

Enjolras is an only child. No older brother to give the “if you’re going to date, here’s what you need to know, 1. If you hurt them I hurt you” talk. So, a few days after Grantaire and Enjolras sort their shit and start dating. Grantaire gets pulled into Courf and Ferres apartment, sat on the couch. Ferre clears his throat and pulls out his notes while courf pulls out ferres laptop, places it in front of R and starts the 32 slide presentation.

“How to date Enjolras : A Guide”

Grantaire and Enjolras and the rest of the Amis are in high school or middle school or whatever the equivalent of secondary school is but at some point they basically go to an art gallery and R thoroughly enjoys it for obvious reasons but then gets to the shop and he’s like 12 so he buys a mood ring even though he’s told “those don’t work you know” by Enjolras (R responds with a scowl as he puts the mood ring on the counter and pays) and “I don’t care if it turns my fucking hand green, Ferre, I’m wearing it” he continues to wear it every single day of his life. Up until the day where him and E have been together for a couple of years, and R comes into the kitchen of their apartment to find Enjolras making coffee and baking croissants for breakfast and he’s just like “fuck” he’s so in love so he goes to propose all unplanned (which is totally and quintessentially him lbr) and realises he doesn’t have a ring to propose with. So he takes off the mood ring he has worn every day for 9 years, and gets down on one knee. Now it’s Enjolras who doesn’t take it off.
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