Enjolras goes up to the counter and orders “enough drinks for my group of friends to last a siege.” The baristas lean over the counter to look. Enjolras and company have constructed a barricade out of the chairs and tables. That is against company policy and they are asked to leave, but it takes awhile to extract them all. Enjolras and Grantaire may still be hiding in the bathroom.

les mis modern au where Enjolras has to say “don’t let the vines go to your brains” because Grantaire, Courf and Bahorel are always ALWAYS coming up with new and wild ideas for vines and there’s just no stopping them

Bonus: Bahorel with a blonde wig saying “be serious” to Grantaire, who replies “I am wild” just before doing something very dangerous and reckless and most likely hilarious (cue Courfeyrac acting hella dramatic and worried in the background)

All the Amis take pictures of R when they’re with him and send them to E. E’s favorite is when Bahorel sent him a picture of sleepy R napping on his arm while watching a movie.

Okay but a modern day Grantaire would be obsessed with Oscar Wilde

Both of them loved old greek gods and mythology

Both of them were bi

Both of them were pessimistc and skeptics who did want a better world but didn’t believe in (most) people enough to trully be able to believe in it

Both of them were sarcastic assholes but super funny and kind to those they loved

Grantaire would love Oscar Wilde so much okay

theladyragnell asked:

What about an Amis Galavant AU?

Ha! I kept your question for last because, it was just - SO HARD TO ME for some reasons. I’ve got a hard time associating the (utter, perfect) silliness of Galavant with les mis. But hey, I thought I should really try so! (not quite following the Galavant plot, tho, just… putting them in the Galavant world)

  • Introducing the Legend, the Myth, the Hero, Bossuet - or Laigle - or Lesgle - people aren’t quite sure of his name, exactly, the most popular, beloved, and unlucky Knight in all the land; see, something is always happening to Bossuet, and generally that something isn’t that great… for him. But awesome for the people around him; When he goes somewhere, or does something, planets seem to realign to make sure that the consequences are good for everybody that is not Bossuet, and that’s pretty much a constant (though exceptions have to be noted. Grantaire actually has noted them. He is, after, the one who sings songs about the Hero Bossuet. He tries to make them as mocking and incomprehensible as possible, and they always just end up fond.)

and this……….actually sort of turned long, so the rest under the cut! 

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ok but kindergarten art teacher!grantaire plsplspsl

  • Grantaire who’s crazy about kids, they’re like humans but they’re not shit
  • Grantaire who needs a part time job because rent ain’t gonna pay itself and well what’s fun, requires a minimum of effort and relatively well paid? He gets this job in a nearby kindergarten, he has two classes a week and he LOVES IT
  • He always ends up covered in paint somehow, even if they’re drawing with crayons
  • The kids drawings and inner worlds are fascinating and he keeps taking notes for future references
  • They once made an assignment that was all “draw out the lines” to shake things up. Half of the kids drew in and out the lines. Grantaire was so damn proud because YES. This is what I’m about! Express yourselves kids, don’t follow the binary laws!
  • Grantaire who looks a bit like a mess and worries other teachers because “Look at that guy with the beanie who shaved with his feet”. But he’s actually really nice once you talk to him? He gets really pumped talking about the last activity he had with the kids? He’s kind of charming? Oh shit
  • Grantaire who also shows art to the kids, Van Gogh in particular because it’s colourful
  • Grantaire who get literal fan art from the children and pins them to the walls of his flat. He shows them to absolutely everybody : “Look at what my kids did!1!!!”

Unite all the houses and we’ll fight as one

This took AGES. And I reached SAI’s layer limit twice.However, here it is: Les Amis in the Hogwarts AU. I am still not sure where to sort some of them.

From left to right:

Front row: Enjolras (Slytherin), Grantaire (Gryffindor), Joly (Ravenclaw), and Bossuet (Hufflepuff)

Back row: Bahorel (Gryffindor), Combeferre (Ravenclaw), Courfeyrac (Hufflepuff), Jehan (Hufflepuff, but they forgot their tie. ‘Forgot’.) and Feuilly (Gryffindor)

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"farouche" translations: “stern” (Wraxall), “wild” (Hapgood), “savage” (Wilbour), “fierce” (Jolivet and FMA), “unflinching” (Rose), and “madly serious” (Denny....).

THANK YOU for saving me from breaking out all my copies :P 

Aaah , Denny. MEMORIES. :P 

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Grantaire noticing that Courf has a crush on Ferre and teasing him one day like "One of my friends saw Ferre taking his shirt off in the bathroom. He said Ferre has an eight-pack. He said that Ferre is shredded ;) " and Courf blushing to the 50 shades of red

Grantaire just keeps them coming :

“He’s so well-knit he could help you against the winter cold”

"It looks like a xylophone”

“So toned you’d break a tooth on it”

“Not the kind of 8 pack you can drink”

“It’s ridiculous, it looks like a GI-Joe’s”

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I'm like 100% sure that enjolras is like the biggest cuddle monster octupus ever in the mornings ok

Oh I wouldn’t call him an octopus. I’d call him a fucking weed. Vines. Ivy. He twists his limbs around Grantaire’s (“You steal the covers, so really, the fault is none but your own”) so much that the poor man can barely move, no matter how he tries to wiggle his way out. Enjolras’ hold tightens a bit more every time and R can’t protest because he’d be swallowing a mouthful of hair. The joys of big spooning.

“I have to take a leak, you radiant leech!”