Enjolras just has a “;)” as his soulmate tattoo
He’s always wondered how someone can literally say an emoji but then Grantaire comes in to a meeting one day like
“Semicolon Right-parenthesis @ you blond dude”

Enjolras literally wants to die

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How about Les Amis slowly joining the Marius Protection Squad? '(*゚▽゚*)'

Continuation from this :

  • Enjolras: You’d think that Enjolras would be the hardest person to convince to join the Marius Protection Squad™  but he’s actually one of the first to be converted. Enjolras may not agree with Marius’ opinions but he has a lot of respect for him for being able to speak his mind. Enjolras will fiercely defend anybodies right to free speech, Marius’ included.
  • Combeferre: Encourages Marius to speak more freely after he noticed that the last time they *ahem* “Debated” (Read: Combeferre shut down Marius’ Napoleon loving ass) that Marius had been hesitant to contribute since. Combeferre kindly gives Marius books on “The Art of the Friendly Debate” As a kind of peace treaty.
  • Bahorel: Honestly, the first after Cosette and Courfeyrac to join. Bahorel overhears Courfeyrac say the words “Protection squad” and it feels like it’s his life’s destiny to be in one. 
  • Feuilly: Took a while to convince. Feuilly doesn’t have a lot of time for people who play devils advocate, and for a while that’s what he thought Marius was trying to do. One day though Feuilly came across Marius sewing up a tear in his trousers and they started to bond over shared experiences involving money (or lack thereof). 
  • Jehan: In love with the concept of a protection squad. Jehan goes 300% into it, making Marius flower crowns, banners, writing him the occasional friendship poem to make him feel loved. Needless to say that Marius is flustered and blushing and whenever he sees Jehan his little heart gets so excited and !!!!!
  • Grantaire: As always, when Courfeyrac tried to convince him to join, Grantaire was the most frustrating little shit you could ever imagine. Mainly because teasing Marius was just too fun to give up so quickly (”And he makes it so easy, Courf! Look at the hat he’s wearing!”). But Grantaire being Grantaire needs friendship to survive- and yes; That includes Marius’ friendship. He worked hard at turning his teasing into playful compliments instead (with the occasional ribbing) and when Marius was having an off day, Grantaire would come over to watch horribly sappy romantic movies together.

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hey elise im currently running a 102.1F degree fever and i was wondering if you have any things about grantaire taking care of enjolras to help me feel a lil better? thanks xx

  • Enjolras insists on taking public transports during winter, which means his immune system is confronted to a swarm of germs it’s not ready to deal with and naturally, that results in him getting a horrible fever
  • Grantaire: “I knew Apollo was supposed to be hot but that’s taking greek mythology a tad too far”
  • Enjolras cannot exactly snap back at that, because it would hurt his skull with the grace and melody of a thousand bass drums going to town on his brain, so he many grumbles
  • He also can’t talk, because his throat hurts badly, so he arms himself with a slate to communicate
  • Everybody loves the slate system because the dick drawing economy increases drastically
  • Luckily, Grantaire is good at deeply with winter illnesses. He makes one hell of a kichen soup. Well. He knows how to open the carton, but the thought is there.
  • Enjolras still holds the bowl against him like Grantaire made the chicken stock himself
  • Grantaire also gives him his oversized hoodie to keep him warm, and Enjolras looks adorable
  • It’s hard to look pissed off and grumpy when your red nose basically glows in the dark. Grantaire has so many pictures on his phone he runs out of data

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Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” (Leonardo davinci quote, I believe) R and Jehan share an apartment and this is painted onto one of the walls

Things that feature in Grantaire and Jehan’s apartment:

  • Painted skulls (Grantaire claims they’re fake) (Jehan claims they’re not)
  • Bead curtains that have designs when they’re still
  • Actual moodboards with stuff pinned, collages, magazine cut-outs
  • Painted inspirational quotes on the wall they’ll have to pain over once they want to leave the apartment
  • Edgar Allan Poe themed mugs
  • An impressive nail polish collection
  • A mess of loose sheets with either poems and doodles on them, literally everywhere from the bathroom to the cutlery drawer
  • Potted plants with a knitted cover over the pots
  • An eternal lingering coffee smell
  • Cheap ass jewlery belonging to Jehan that Grantaire borrows a bit too often and never puts away properly
  • Lord of the Rings Extended versions boxset collector edition
  • All of Tolkien’s books. Twice.
  • A ukulele, a pan flute, a regular flute, a traverse flute and a guitar

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Grantaire & bedroom for the askmeme? :)

How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

He is the worst at getting to sleep without any *cough* assistance. Up and down, maybe a glass of water would help, oh crap now I need to pee, tossing and turning…that said, once he’s asleep, he is asleep, and won’t be woken for anything except dead silence after a prolonged barricade attack.

What are their pyjamas like?

A run-of-the-mill nightshirt if he can be bothered to actually change into bedclothes.

What do they dream about usually? 

He doesn’t usually remember his dreams, though he sometimes wakes from them with a vague sense of unease and loss.

How neat/tidy is this character? 

He claims that the mess that his lodgings are in is actually a carefully organized chaos. He’s lying. It’s just chaos, and it takes him like five minutes to find anything.

How affectionate is this character? 

Terribly so, but he doesn’t want you to think he cares too much, so he tries to act as though he’s not. Operative word here is “tries.”

Okay but Leverage AU

Enjolras - Nathan/the brains; used to work for the “good guys” who protected companies from fraud with an insurance firm… until they fucked him over. He knows how the corporations function and hates every bit of it, but with his new “business venture,” he’s helping the little guy. He’s a master strategist and is using the skills he developed as an insurance investigator to flip the tables on these big business assholes.
Grantaire - Sophie/the grifter; a would-be actor and artist (and also art thief) who comes off as woefully untalented on a stage but is able to assume nearly any role during a con. He’s charming and flexible and generally nonthreatening to targets, and he not-so-secretly loves that look of horror on their faces when they realize they’ve been duped. He has some history with Enjolras- most of it flirting with a side of larceny.
Combeferre - Hardison/the hacker; major geek for all things tech and SciFi and responsible for any and all computer needs for the team. He used to hack bank accounts for fun, but this puts his skills to work in a much more rewarding way. He’s exceedingly intelligent, but sometimes he gets way ahead of himself and ends up with his foot in his mouth when he gets nervous while out in the field.
Courfeyrac - Parker/the thief; safe cracker, cat burgler, pickpocket, and more than a little nuts, he’s known for being eccentric, impulsive, and maybe a but dangerous. He started off with some trust issues, but this team is his family now. He is exceptionally confident in his skills as a thief and acrobat, but he tends to get a bit anxious when the con takes a turn and he has to improvise outside his comfort zone. He’s smarter than he thinks, though, and comes out on top most of the time.
Bahorel - Eliot/the hitter; a hand-to-hand combat and weapons expert as well as former hitman for hire. He usually plays a supporting role and shows up as the “back-up” whenever needed. He hates guns (says they’re unfair or something) and will use his fists to settle things whenever possible. He’s more than just brawn, though; he cooks and sings and is nearly as good a grifter as Grantaire.

Enjolras x Reader: I Won't Say I'm in Love

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own Les Mis.  Other than that, enjoy!
“Come on, Y/N,” Grantaire prompted as he took a drink.  “There has to be someone you like!”

“No, not really.”  Yes there is.  But I can’t tell you because you like him too.

“Yeah, sure.  I’m going to figure it out eventually, though.”  I sincerely hope not.  You laughed into your drink.   You set your drink down just as a hand landed on your shoulder.  You turned just as Enjolras sat down next to you, flicking a curly lock of hair out of his eye.

“I’m surprised neither of you have blacked out yet.”  You laughed as you downed the rest of your drink.

“Ye of little faith,” Grantaire smirked at Enjolras over the rim of his glass.  “And where have you been?  No one’s seen you all night?”

“Just out and about,” He waved it off, and you suspected that he wasn’t telling you everything.  “I was actually wondering if I could borrow Grantaire for a moment.”  You nodded.

“Be my guest,” Grantaire grinned and followed Enjolras out of the room.  Before he left the room, he turned around and gave you the thumbs up.  You waved, ignoring the pain in your chest.  You weren’t alone for long, however; Courfeyrac sat down and put an arm around your shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” He told you.  You downed the rest of your drink and put the glass down.

“About what?”  He sighed and looked at you.

“Y/N… I know you like him.  It’s okay to admit it.”

“What are you talking about?  I don’t like him like that.”  He sighed again and pulled his arm away.

“When you stop denying it, I’m here, okay?”  You didn’t answer and you heard his footsteps fade.  The seat was soon occupied again, this time by Grantaire.  He looked a little deflated, but he was smiling.

“How’d it go?”  You asked.  He shrugged.  “Oh, Grantaire.  I’m so sorry,” He waved your comment away.

“No, don’t apologize.  But I think he wants to talk to you.”

“Me? Why?”

“I don’t know,” He said, though you didn’t believe it for one moment.  “He’s still out back.”  When you didn’t move right away, he shoved you out of your chair.  “Go!”  You glared and smacked him upside the head before heading out back. 

“Enjolras?”  You called out in the dark.  You didn’t get a direct answer, but you could hear some faint mumbling around the corner.  “Hello?”  You called again as you slowly walked towards the source of the noise.  You turned the corner and bit back a laugh.  Leaning up against the wall was a crudely made mannequin in a shabby dress.   And pacing nervously in front of it was Enjolras.

“No, that sounds stupid.  I’ll be a laughingstock if I say that to her,”

“Say what to who?” You asked.  He jumped a foot off the ground and whirled around.

“Y/N!” He yelped.  “Uh—I—I—uh,” He flailed his arms as his face turned bright red.  “Hi,” He finished lamely.  You laughed,

“What’s all this?”  You asked.  He stiffened and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Uh… I was practicing.”  You crossed your arm and raised an eyebrow.

“Practicing for what?”

“Uh, well…oh God.”  He mumbled.  Then he took a deep breath, and straightened up.  “Um…I like you.”  You sucked in a breath.  “A lot actually.  But I didn’t think you liked me back.  At least, not until Grantaire told me.”

“He told you what now?”  Enjolras’ eyes widened, and he paled.

“Oh my God, he lied to me.  I’ll kill him!”

“No, no!” You stopped him.  “He…he wasn’t lying.”  He stared at you.  It felt so good to finally say it out loud.

“Really?” You nodded.  “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Well, I knew Grantaire liked you, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”  He smiled and fondly laid a hand on your cheek.

“You’re too selfless,” He laughed as he kissed you softly.

“They kissed!” Gavroche shouted from the window.  Cheers and groans rose into the air as coins were passed between friends.

Thanks to the anon that requested this one!

OTP Tag Meme

I was tagged by @kylorengarbagedump . This should be fun!

1. Enjolras X Grantaire from Les Miserables

2. Ron X Hermione from Harry Potter

3. Katniss X Peeta from The Hunger Games (I also ship Katniss with Madge)

4. Natasha Romanoff X Bruce Banner in The MCU (FIGHT ME)

5. Jim X Pam from The Office

6. Glinda X Elphaba from Wicked

7. Finn X Rey from Star Wars (AGAIN FIGHT ME)

8. Anakin X Padme from the Star Wars prequels (these two will never not make me cry)

9. William Murdoch X Julia Ogden from Murdoch Mysteries

10. Kylo Ren X Me A self-help book

11. Jaime X Brienne from Game of Thrones

I tag @knightsoforgana , @mevahvistumme , @marswueste , @cloudianriddles

i love that les mis quote where grantaire’s like “who has been unhooking the stars without my permission” because 1. it’s poetic and pretty and 2. it implies that, were someone to defy all laws of the universe and unhook the stars, they would have to run that idea by this fuckin drunk-off-his-ass rando and make sure he gives them the thumbs-up on it