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Hi, for back to school, can you do more headcannons for the gang as students? Thanks :)

Back-to-school headcanon sale, excellent!  Now you’ve got your pencils, notebooks, sense of impending doom, and the knowledge of what Jehan’s war on math looks like, you’re set for the new year!

Though he won’t admit it to many, Enjolras always takes a lot of time the night before the first day of school deciding on an outfit for the next day.  Even better is if he bought a new outfit.  He doesn’t like feeling vain or overly focused on material things when there are so many more important issues to focus on and so many people that can’t afford the luxury of just getting new clothes for frivolous reason like that, but he can’t bring himself to stop.  When he was little his parents always took him back-to-school shopping and that always included a new outfit and it’s stuck.  He feels like he’s putting on battle armour when he wakes up that first day and is able to put on a carefully chosen outfit, like he’s ready to get all his supplies and head off and kick the world’s ass.  (He told this to Combeferre once on the first day of grade ten.  When they were sitting in the principal’s office.  Because their new History teacher had made a vaguely transphobic remarks and Enjolras had argued it and the teacher had gotten angry and, well, Combeferre couldn’t just leave Enjolras out to dry so he jumped into the fray and it just all escalated until Enjolras was standing on his desk, making an impassioned speech to a bemused, sleepy gaggle of teenagers and finally getting his ass hauled down to the office.  Combeferre gently suggested that perhaps Enjolras should just wear any old thing next year, if this is what it lead to.)

Courfeyrac was one of the first really openly queer kids in their school.  I mean he, along with most other people because he is not a subtle kid, knew he wasn’t straight since middle school at the latest but he never really felt like it was anyone’s business and he was having too much fun being friends with everyone to want to rock the boat too much.  But then he was chatting with Marius one day and Marius admitted that he didn’t think he just liked girls and it was killing him because he felt like it was this awful secret that he couldn’t tell anyone and he didn’t know what to do.  So, on a crusade to make Marius feel better, one lunch Courfeyrac got up on a table in the middle of the quad, the busiest part of the school, threw an enormous armload of rainbow confetti, and screamed “I’M BI, BITCHES!” while Joly and Grantaire stood behind him solemnly waving crudely made bisexual flags.  It was glorious.  All three of them got detention.  Marius never did come out during high school but it made him feel so much better that it didn’t even matter, Courf was thrilled.

Combeferre actually gets in trouble with the teachers more often than Enjolras does.  Mind, when Enjolras does he does so in a big way, but Combeferre is much more consistently in trouble.  “He’s in for the long haul, he knows how to pace himself, bless his deviant little soul,” as Courfeyrac puts it.  The reason for this?  He will not put his fucking book away.  He’s that kid that sits in the back of the room and has some novel or another spread open on his lap and he starts reading it whenever the teacher is getting repetitive, uninteresting, or has gone completely off-topic (non-interesting off-topic that is – Combeferre is the champion at somehow sending the teacher into tangents that last the entire class if they’re interesting).  Seriously, his backpack feels like it’s been filled with bricks because he normally carries at least three back up books with him since he’s more or less come to accept that at least one is probably going to be confiscated before the day’s over.

Joly has on-going anonymous conversations with multiple different people. Whenever he finds some little note scratched into a desk, or written in a library book, or scrawled in a toilet stall he has the compulsive need to respond in some way.  There’s one conversation in the farthest toilet stall of the second floor bathroom that’s went on for almost an entire year, curling all over the walls, before Joly and the mysterious other person who kept responding accidentally ran into each other when they both went to see if their pen pal had responded.  That was how Joly and Bossuet met.  Besides for that, there’s a freshman girl he’s been giving advice to through a loaner math text book, someone in a Shel Silverstein library book who responds entirely through doodles, someone he’s been arguing Star Trek TOS vs Voyager with through notes left under a science lab desk among others.  Musichetta’s getting worried about this strange human collecting.

Bossuet has his very own bed in the nurse’s office.  I mean sure, sometimes it’s used by other people, but if possible she tries to leave it free for him.  It gets the nice striped sheets and has the office’s one-eyed stuffed bear (Stitches) sitting next to it and has a nice view of the window; Bossuet is very partial to it, especially after spending as much time there has he has.  If he’s ever down there and finds it’s filled he just stares at the nurse with this look of complete betrayal and she just has to shrug apologetically and give him a lollipop (a purple one, he always takes the purple ones).  He also always chooses whatever type of “fun” bandage they happen to have that day as opposed the bland “skin tone” option.  If you’re going to give yourself a paper cut that nearly lops your finger off, you have earned a Sailor Moon band-aid, thank you.

Grantaire has mastered the school nap.  It’s actually an art.  A really, really disconcerting art.  He can sleep with his eyes open.  He’s nearly given people heart attacks more than once when they’ve been standing by talking to him only to suddenly hear him snore despite the fact that he’s been making eye contact with them this entire time. Enjolras nearly murdered him once for this – Enjolras had been yelling at him for some remark or another, had been going on for a solid ten minutes, only for Grantaire’s head to slip off his hand and thump on the desk before Enjolras realized he’d been ignored this entire time.  Grantaire was woken up that time by being smacked over the head with The Great Gatsby. He also frequently sleeps through bells (meaning some poor kid that wants to sit in that desk has to prod the strange, sleeping kid awake because most of his teachers have stubbornly given up) as well as sleep standing up – and has been found in many a corner – or tucked in any convenient space.  Jehan once found him in one of the art supply cupboards.  They didn’t wake him up, just covered his face with little painted flowers and insects and closed the cupboard door again.

Bahorel graffitis something on the side of the gym building just before the school year starts.  Every.  Single. Year.  Let it never be said that he is an artistic man, but it’s usually very clear that it’s a comical re-imagining of the faces of various staff members, generally complete with school-wide inside jokes and encouragement for everyone to survive the year.  (Never anything inappropriate because there are wee ones attending the school and he refuses to sully their precious minds, he’s not a monster.)  No one has ever caught him in the act, and no one can technically prove anything but everyone knows it’s him.  Bahorel’s normal school year starts with him going to his homeroom long enough for him get called in attendance before his homeroom adviser nods for him to leave, we all know you’ll be called down in a few seconds, just make sure you find your locker on the way there.  So, sporting a shit-eater’s grin he’ll stroll off down to the office and sit in front of the desk grinning like a little shit while the principal makes a half-hearted effort to get him to confess even though they both know he’s got nothing on him, and then Bahorel’s finally allowed to leave again.  (His masterpiece is usually left up for the first week though, because it does undeniably boost moral – especially the one of vice-principal Javert though he wasn’t particularly pleased with how he was drawn like some sort of dog.) He did finally get nailed at the end of grade twelve though when he did an impromptu piece to ask Feuilly out to prom.

Feuilly helped set up and regularly attends an after-school homework club. It’s for anyone that needs homework help, or wants to give help, or is just stuck hanging around after school waiting for buses or pick-ups and feel like hanging out with a group of students then it’s open.  What with having a pretty unstable home life and not always a very solid support system at home, he’s had some real difficulty with school.  Especially when he was younger and didn’t have much motivation to focus on school, it definitely hindered him.  He has to put a lot of effort into his school work now and has managed to get himself caught up and is even pushing ahead in some subjects because he does love to learn, he just needed to be a circumstance where he could really settle into it.  So this club was to help himself by having a stable, consistent place to work, and to help other people who needed the same, or peer tutoring, or even just the knowledge that they aren’t the only one struggling.  It’s his baby and he loves it (it’s also how Enjolras met Feuilly, he was just so enamoured by the concept and had a bit of a crush on the person who set it up).

Marius always manages to go to the wrong classroom.  Frequently.  Like, not just one the first day (though lord knows he never manages to get to any of his classes both a) on time and b) in the right room) but on various days through out the year.  He always seems to either forget his schedule, or get confused about which bell has gone, or which day it is, or just be flipping through a German textbook and not be thinking about it until he suddenly realizes he needs to be out in the portable, not upstairs in Philosophy.  He’s walked into his math classrooom before lunch instead of after lunch so often that his math teacher doesn’t even look up anymore, just remarks “A little eager, are we, Pontmercy?” and leaves Marius to sprint down the hall to English.

Jehan passionately scorns math class.  Like Grantaire hates math, but Jehan scorns it.  It is a very active antagonism between them and math.  The cold, rigidness of inflexible, unimaginative numbers hurt their soul, according to them. They have told their math teacher this.  Their math teacher told them to sit down and fill in their workpage with actual numbers, not little pictures of crudely drawn, frowning daisies.  In order to protest this disgusting treatment of an artist, for one, and a human being for second (because no human should ever be forced though the torture that is probability in anything but an existential dread sense) they takes to writing his answer completely in long-winded poetry.  Their teacher can’t technically get mad because the answer is there it’s just takes a little bit more work to get to.

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What's something each of the Amis tried for the first time in their 20s?

Everyone kind of assumes Enjolras knew himself well before his 20s - perhaps because he looks so young and sure of himself? but he actually didn’t really start exploring with his self-expression, clothing- and gender-wise, before his 20s.

Combeferre’s was traveling by himself. Thought country people at heart, his parents travel a lot and brought him along more often than not. He’d been to many different places with them, but when he was 23 he took a break from school and left by himself. it wasn’t always easy, and he was a little lost and lonely at times, but he never regretted it.

Courfeyrac wasn’t sure of his own orientation when he was younger; he’d never dated, not really, and knew he was probably ace, but he has no idea about romantic relationships. he was with someone else for a while when he was 20-21, but he wasn’t actually very comfortable with it and ended up breaking it off. he considers himself aro now and is pretty confident in that. he’s glad he had the experience since he made a good friend for life out of it, but the whole relationship thing felt a little unnecessary and he wouldn’t repeat it.

Jean Prouvaire moved to France from Martinique when he was 18, but he lived with a ton of roommates. It wasn’t always the best, though, and he often found it stressful, but he was scared of being lonely if he lived alone. After some years of it, though, he made the ‘leap’ and decided to rent a small studio by himself - after all, he could afford it. He filled it with objects from home, pictured of his family, and plants. He hasn’t left it since, and his own space has become very, very important to him.

I’ve mentionned it before, but Feuilly had never seen the sea or gone to the beach before he was around 24-25. Courfeyrac brought him as soon as he could, and Feuilly was so happy. He doesn’t really like swimming, but the feeling of the waves on his feet and the smell was all so new. He wore shorts and a tshirt (rather rare for him) and spent a good hour just sitting there, burying his toes in the sand and watching the sea, a bright smile on his face.

Bahorel got his first tattoo when he was 20! He also went skydiving for the first time. And bungee jumping. And air racing - oh, and learned to fly a plane. He still can’t ski, though. Winter for Bahorel is meant for sleeping and hot chocolate.

Surprisingly enough, Bossuet had never broken a bone before his 20s! His 20th birthday, actually, when he was walking down the street to got to his surprise brithday party and, uh, got his by a kid on rollerblades (who couldn’t stop) and ended up at the hospital with a broken leg. Bossuet also tried rollerblading for the first time in his 20s, when he was recovered, because he thought it looked fun.

Joly tried to dye his hair for the first time in his twenties. Pink, actually. He liked it - but most importantly, the kids at the hospital loved it. It fit with his scrubs!

Grantaire never had a pet before he quit school, when he was in his mid-20s. He was lonely, and depressed, and didn’t know what to do - he went to a shelter and adopted a dog that reminded him a little of himself. He has three dogs now, and likes to walk his neighbourhood’s dogs for cookies and homemade soup. <3

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headcanon: italian!grantaire; his first name is rafael so that's the primary reason his nickname is R. he's like tan all the time and wears a million sweaters and beanies in winter ("WHY IS IT SO COLD COURF WTF IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SO COLD") and he's like fluent in italian so he swears in his mother tongue all the time and it doesn't sound that bad when he really is saying the worst.

Oh my god I’m so into it. He’d be deeply offended at Italian chain restaurants as well. Oh oh I imagine he’d come out with amazing Italian idioms as well that don’t quuuuite make it when it’s translated

“Like cheese on macaroni (come il cacio sui maccheroni)” {crickets}


I loved you, and I probably still do,
And for a while the feeling may remain…
But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.
I loved you; and the hopelessness I knew,
The jealousy, the shyness - though in vain -
Made up a love so tender and so true
As may God grant you to be loved again.

- Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

E/R things that happen in the West End’s Les Mis
  • R almost constantly staring at Enjolras. 
  • In Red and Black, a similar thing happens to in the movie; Enjolras sings the line “Don’t let the wine go to your brains!” and glares at R. R then raises his bottle. 
  • Enjolras talks directly to R a few times. Each time, as soon as E looks away, R grins like an idiot and starts running his hands through his hair. 
  • Lots of E/R forehead touches (espcially after Drink With Me, of course, and Gavroche’s death)
  • v v cuddly E/R hug (I think this was just before their deaths)
  • At one point it kinda looked like Enjolras and Grantaire got so close to each others faces that they kissed…..

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Sooo I'm watching POTC with my friend and can't help think that Will and Elizabeth are Marius and Cosette

Now I’m imagining a Les Mis/POTC fic. Captain Grantaire helping Marius save Cosette from Captain Enjolras and his cursed men. Captain Grantaire’s compass that always point toward Enjolras because he is his heart’s desire.

A Captain Enjolras who thinks he is doing everyone a favor by stealing buried Aztec gold and giving it all away but then realizes that the curse is real

Commodore Javert (and Governor Valjean) sending the entire royal navy to search for Cosette bc we can’t have our Euphrasie consorting with pirates, ok Jean? Yeah I gotta stop these

DUUUUUUUUDE. First of Grantaire for Jack Sparrow is effing genius omg! And Enjolras once was a respectable privateer but the injustice of the BEIC led him to piracy (the nice kind, not the “let’s butcher everyone kind” cause E is not about that)

And he’s trying to help the people by stealing English and Spanish merchants but he fucks up so baaaaad with that Aztec treasure! And I don’t know if it finishes angstily or not, I’m gonna say no because I’m always a slut for happy endings, there is a big smooch during the very last battle when everyone thinks they’re going to die at the end everyone is uncursed, E & R run away together because pirates and PIRATE BOYFRIENDS, FIN

grantaire who speaks out every meeting and calls enjolras out all the time but one day he’s not feeling very good, maybe he had an panic attack the day before and is low on energy or he’s sad and he doesn’t call out or anything and enjolras says “oh, grantaire, don’t you have anything to say today?” In a snarky voice and grantaire just snaps and storms out while enjolras runs after him

  Drink with me to days gone by
Can it be you fear to die?
Will the world remember you when you fall?
Can it be your death means nothing at all?
Is your life just one more lie?

Enjolras was scared. Throughout all of the preparations, his faith never wavered. During the battle during the day he fought alongside the men he now considered his brothers, but he did not feel the gravity of what he was doing. He had killed a man, and now his friends were dying, and it occurred to him maybe Grantaire was right, maybe trying not to care was better than fighting for the truth. No, Grantaire never truly succeeded at cynicism, he was a skeptic to the core. Enjolras needed to believe he was giving up his life for something, so he shook his head. There was hope for a better future, and he could not give up now.

Enjolras was more scared for his friends than for himself. Jehan, the boy with the words that could paint a mural in one’s mind, was already gone. Enjolras dealt with his death by killing his prisoner, the police officer he’d not known well. He didn’t kill him directly, he let one of his soldiers do that for him, but either way the man was dead. Both men were dead, Javert and Jehan. Enjolras heard the shots. He tried not to think of what might happen if they lose, which seemed more and more likely by the second. Marius was already wounded and had not been a big part of the rebellion anyway, so he’d likely survive. Combeferre, though, remained fighting, in spite of his speech on saving mother’s their sons, wives their husbands, and children their fathers. Courfeyrac stayed as well, as did the rest of the A'B'C. Enjolras did not yet know if they had died, for he took cover in the Musian after the ammunition ran out. He was unsure which would his friends take better; prison or death. For him, there was no contest. Death would be a better way to go, compared to living like a slave for the rest of his life.

Suddenly he was cornered. “He is their leader… Let us shoot him on the spot.”

Enjolras recognized the National Guardsman, who before shooting, said “It seems to me I am about to shoot a flower.” They had grown up together, both only sons born of wealth. The man did not appear to recognize Enjolras, and he was grateful for it. Enjolras knew what was coming, yet he was still scared to die alone. He had planned the rebellion with his friends, it only seemed right that they be there. Though Enjolras knew he had no control over his own death, he wished to form an act of defiance. He did not wish to show it, but he feared to die.

Across the room, still laying on the table with the bottle in his hand was Grantaire. He had woke minutes before, hearing Enjolras admit to killing the artillery man. He tried to get up, succeeded, and crossed the room. This was his chance, he thought. His chance to prove to Enjolras he was worthy of being something, though hat he wanted from Enjolras was still, in these final moments, unclear. Still, the admiration and love Grantaire had for the other man came out a yell, not at him, but at the army out to shoot him.

“Long live the Republic! I am one of them!” Grantaire shouted, and suddenly knew what it was he wanted from Enjolras. Not love, or at least not love alone. He wanted faith, wanted to be believed in the way he believed in Enjolras, but he knew he likely wouldn’t get. He was one of the Republic’s citizens, for Enjolras often spoke of how the lover that is France held no man barred from her. In the Republic, prisoners could get second chances, skeptics could become believers, and it was all about to end in a single instant.

“Take us both with one blow!” Grantaire shouted once more, his still drunken state not allowing him to speak quieter. Enjolras took him in, thinking how at last his thoughts had been answered. Though he was thinking more in the terms of Combeferre or Courfeyrac, someone who he genuinely had enjoyed rather than been annoyed with, it seemed fitting Grantaire would be there to witness his undoing. Enjolras took in the man, ugly yet just as scared as he, and thought beauty is not everything. The poor are often ugly, yet the France he believed in would openly welcome them. Grantaire took in Enjolras’s beauty at the same instant, and asked gently “Will you permit it?”

Enjolras smiled and held Grantaire’s outstretched hand. These men so much contradictions of each other died, ones smile left on wine-stained lips, the other’s barely there. Enjolras was pleased to have a friend in these final moments, and he felt a small surge of affection, almost love, as his hand pressed against Grantaire’s.

Grantaire’s faith left Enjolras no longer fearful as the eight bullets pierced through him. Enjolras’ show of affection made Grantaire’s death literally falling in love, struck down by the bullet towards his feet.

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Les Amis during a thunderstorm + powercut (also see: Enjolras falling asleep on Grantaire and Grantaire being unable to move bc Enjolras might wake up; Bossuet trying to light candles with matches, to everyone else's discomfort; bonus points for Montparnasse arriving halfway through completely drenched)

Enjolras isn’t a fan of there being no power. He has Stuff To Do and Tweets to Write but he supposes it’s a fantastic excuse to get together and hang with friends… Shame he’s so sleepy and R is so comfy…..
Courf is in his element in thunderstorms. He has blankets and snacks all set up and ready. If he had it his way he’d be on the balcony shouting “wooooohoooo” until he caught a cold from the wet rain. Luckily he doesn’t have it his way and has to settle for listening to the falling rain surrounded by his favourite people. Not a bad settlement at all!
Ferre explain to everyone the science behind thunderstorms. Counts how many seconds there are between the rumble of thunder and the strike of lightning and joking that if they try the TV one more time they’ll get struck.
It’s all well and good for Joly until Ferre made that joke!!! Now he won’t sit near anything electrical.
Bahorel is scared of storms pass it on. He’s making the most of Courfs amazing Soft blankets and happy his friends are making noise so he can pretend the roar outside is nothing more than a bit of wind.
I reckon feuilly and Jehan would be sat in a corner telling each other ghost stories that all start “on a night… Such as this one…” And slowly draw more of them in until it’s one big spooky story fest.
That’s when feuilly is just saying “And with a loud BANG they turned and saw a ghostly figure in the doorway” when there is a loud BANG and montparnasse is in the door way, all silhouette. Dripping wet. Bahorel screams the loudest, but even enjolras wakes up to give a little shriek!

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What do you think would happen if the Thenardiers showed up at a meeting looking for Ep and Gav?






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If you're still doing the fact meme, I'm curious about the do-gooder post and the Musichetta post. :)

Sure, I’ll take questions as long as people want to send them! (I’ve just been away from my computer most of today - person who sent me the Grantaire + friendship ask, I promise I’ll respond to you too!) Did you want directors commentary, or just an isolated fact?

Fact (Musichetta post): Grantaire doesn’t actually know for a fact that Bossuet and Joly are romantically involved with each other, but this doesn’t stop him from implying it really hard whenever he has the chance. 

Also, I kinda wanted to get a lioness on a cheese-grater joke in here somewhere with the Leaena reference, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it. (It probably would have been overkill anyway.)

Fact (mmm watcha say): I believe deep in my soul that Grantaire would love memes. Whatever the 19th century equivalent of memes is, Grantaire loves them. He probably tries to pretend that he is too cool and aloof for 19th century memes, but he isn’t.

He isn’t.