sometimes i think people are a little too harsh on the musical theater fandom, but i just saw alexander hamilton x grantaire fan art on my dash and now i know exactly what shakespeare must have been feeling when he came up with the line “hell is empty and all the devils are here”

bahorelly  asked:

A day in the life of Bahorel? Headcanons or whatever you would rather do!

I’m gonna do headcanons, but I’m making a list of things I want to write on the plane because I can never sleep on planes and I’ll add this. Also I have far too many Bahorel headcanons because he’s my bae

  • Ok so Bahorel is actually a morning person. He’s one of the very few amis that actually get up from 8-10 am. this means making a nice healthy breakfast. Also, he spends a lot of time with choosing his outfit and sometimes does makeup. 
  • With the getting ready, he spends at least 10 minutes trying to make his man bun perfect and grooms his beard. 
  • He makes omelets for breakfast, he loves eggs in general, but he loves omelets.
  • Once it’s lunch time (11:30 - noon) he meets up with friends (Feuilly, R and Eponine, Cosette, depending on the day). He always orders a salad as the starter course but then chooses some type of meat as the main course.
  • If it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, Bahorel spends hours 1-4pm at the gym/on a run. This is kinda his personal time where he listens to music and just does his thing. He pushes himself, but only if he enjoys the exercise. He also has a playlist on Spotify that is Beyonce, Angel Haze, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, etc. (also there’s some One Direction in there)
  • 5-8pm are a time he relaxes. The amis and co. might come over or he’ll visit the amis and co. He sometimes goes to help Cosette get ready for a date, or Cosette will come over to play with his hair. (she has a pinterest board of ideas she wants to try with his hair and Jehan’s). He loves movie nights with the amis and co. the most though
  • He goes to sleep around 9-11pm, because he’s a responsible person, unlike some of the amis *cough* enjolras *cough*. He has a fairly large bed, either a full or a queen. He likes to sleep with the window open.

Did you know Bahorel is amazing and I love him?

Aki and the rain don’t get along… And I got sad all day because of that.

So… I truly am working on finding a style and look i feel good to draw them and yet I fell back at drawing R… sketching a cute Enj while sick.
The one in the background is supposed to be Ferre…
And the adorable mug, needless to say, is a gift from Jehan.
And yes again, Enj has a scarf with the French flag colours.

Will I ever draw someone else? Let’s hope so!!

I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.

grantairely  asked:

tell me a magical story!

When the witch says “I can make you this spell, but it will cost you your name,” she doesn’t hesitate.

Instead, she says “Which name?”

And the witch smiles. “Most aren’t so clever as to ask. For that, I’ll let you choose which of your names you give me.”


“My child, my child,” says her mother when she brought home the spell, when she heals the little sister who was close to death. “What did you give up for this?”

“Nothing I didn’t choose to give.”


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We all know that Enjolras was on the barricade to fight for Liberty

And we know Combeferre was on the barricade to fight for Equality

And we know Courfeyrac was on the barricade to fight for Brotherhood

But Bahorel was on the barricade to fight for the right to exist beyond ‘class’

But Feuilly was on the barricade to fight for children without anything else

But Joly was on the barricade to fight for those choosing between medicine and food

But Jehan was on the barricade to fight for the right to live fully

But Bosset was on the barricade to fight for freedom of the future

And Grantaire was on the barricade to fight for his friends, the goodness in life