Les Amis as Sims because I have nothing better to do with my time

(yes they’re all named Jean)


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Athena do you have any head canons or anything about Les Amis being ace? Specifically ace Marius? Also, i love you a lot

*Abba voice* Cauuuuse it’s trueeee- I do, I do, I do, I do, I do~

  • Marius getting flustered and uncomfortable when his friends begin to talk about their sexual shenanigans. For such a long time he think’s it’s just because he’s inexperienced or just hasn’t “met the right person yet” in order to feel that way. That’s what older people tell him when he tries to explain.
  • But then he meets Cosette, and oh my word he is so in love, and so entranced by her. But he still doesn’t feel that feeling that Courfeyrac is always talking about and he’s starting to get upset with himself. He doesn’t want to mess things up because Cosette is everything to him and he doesn’t know how to explain what he’s feeling to her, he himself doesn’t understand it completely
  • One meeting, Enjolras is focusing on LGBT+ erasure and Jehan pipes up about the exclusions often faced of people on the Asexual spectrum, going on a small tagent.
  • The small rant enraptures Marius with the force of a thousand suns and he finds himself practically grabbing Jehan by the collar and dragging them over to a corner to ask a million questions
  • Jehan is patient and honestly also feeling very humbled that they can be an Ace-mentor™ for Marius. They explain that there is a difference between romantic orientation and sexual orientation, and how “You just need to meet the right person” is a BS micro-aggression and erasure. 
  • “Jehan- I… I think I might be ace?” 
    “Oh, my sweet summer child. I’m so proud of you. Have a cupcake.” 
  • When he’s finally ready to come out to the rest of his friends they’re all so happy for him. Combeferre provides Marius with additional reading to do, Enjolras is a staunch defender of him whenever Marius is having self doubts (”Maybe I am just being silly, you know?” “Marius, trust me. I will not hesitate to tell you when you’re being a fool. This is not one of those times.”) Courfeyrac makes him a bedazzled shirt with the ace of spades on it and Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet of course cannot stop making puns in celebration
  • Coming out to Cosette is a whole other hurdle. But he loves her and she loves him and like any healthy relationship they need communication to survive. Cosette doesn’t say a word whilst Marius is explaining. She patiently lets him stumble over his words for the good part of an hour. 
  • When he finally stops for breath she pulls him into the warmest and softest hug he’s ever had and thanks him for trusting her and for being so open.
  • “So- so you’re not going to break up with me?”
    “Why on earth would I do that?”
    “I just thought…”
    “Marius, I love you.”
    “You do?!”
    “Yes, and that’s the end of it. Now come back to bed. We still have 3 more episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch.”
He moves like the scarlet flag he stands in front of,
Fluid, graceful movements filled with cause and passion,
Wild and restless unless pinned.
The winds sweep past him like a caress,
Dancing a dance only they know the steps to.
He is a cloudless sky and his radiance blinds you.
His speech is a hymn, his voice lent from angels,
A weapon more powerful than you have ever encountered.
You fight as he traps you with a siren’s song
And spins silk and light with words alone.
You are cutting strings with the sharpness of your tongue
But the echoes of his light still remain deep within you.
He’d taste like absinthe, you think,
Scorching your mouth like acid and fire,
Setting your body ablaze with a single concentrated shot.
He turns to you and his words
Lodge themselves like pills in your throat.
His every expression drips sweeter than honey from your lips.
Gunpowder perfumes the stench of rotting flesh at your feet.
As you stumble through the destruction,
There’s no longer a difference between blood and metal,
To you, it’s all the same heavy copper assaulting your nose.
When you take your place next to him,
He is unscathed and he smells of hope.
His palm is a comforting weight against yours
Like he himself, defiant and purposeful,
Warm, where the wine has deprived you of all warmth.
You ask for permission and his smile makes your heart swell.
It’s almost enough to drown out the searing hot pain
As the bullets tear through your chest.

Prometheus’ Hymn by N.T.

So, I tried my hand at poetry. I probably broke a hundred rules but I think I did okay. It’s probably overdone already. Nevermind, I’ll work my way up to originality.

Funfact: It’s the same order in which your senses fall asleep.

Finally here’s the watercolour painting that I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks! Of course this painting is based on the quote “Who has been unhooking the stars without my permission, and placing them on the table in the guise of candles?” from Les Misérables. How many stars can you find hidden in this painting?

I’ll Take Your Money and Your Power but Destroy Your Way

Chapter 4: Merely A Tactic
Pairings:  EnjolrasxGrantaire
Words: 13472
Written By: @vivalamusaine and @sunnyjolras
Fic Summary:  When the King chooses one of his servants to be his new spouse, a revolution rises in the castle walls. ExR Fantasy AU.
Chapter Summary: 
“But that is what we can do! It’s so simple!” Courfeyrac said in barely contained excitement.“What about this is simple?” Grantaire asked with narrowed eyes.“I know!! We can!! It’s just!! It would be!!” Courfeyrac was close to breaking his whisper and Grantaire looked around the room anxiously to make sure they weren’t being overheard or watched.“Courfeyrac, for the sake of the Gods, calm down and breathe before you speak next.”

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Whenever Enjolras is getting overly worked up and excited talking about his Ideal World and Change and Shit, R just breaks out into Don’t Stop Believing from Journey and it makes Enj very mad

anonymous asked:

Hii!! Love your account, and I'm pretty new to this fandom, so do you think you could possibly make some modern names for Enjolras and his whole crew?? (Having great difficulty remembering names) that would be amazing!! <3

Now here is a list:

  • Enjolras: Blondes Get More Revolution
  • Combeferre: Cool Nerd
  • Courfeyrac: The Teletubbbies’ Sun Baby
  • Grantaire: The Edgelord
  • Joly: Feels good. Feels organic
  • Bossuet: the Punmaster / Bald Eagle
  • Jehan: Persephone meets Byron
  • Feuilly: Cinnamon Roll
  • Bahorel: Beefcake and Cupcake

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Not your secret santa but I'm here to wish you a good day and say that I hope that you have the best Christmas you can. Also what do you think of Christmas sweaters and the les amis ?

Hey thank you there Nonny!

Okay so

  • Combeferre wears a lot of sweater anyway, it fits with his Hot Librarian look. But around Christmastime he wears more and more festive sweaters. He starts out really subtle- a light beige sweater with a little pattern of snowflakes on the collar? something like that.And throughout December they get more and more extravagent- by the time Christmas rolls around they are veryvery colourful and pretty
  • Courfeyrac loves!! All!! of!! them!!! (basically one december starts he looks like a walking christmas tree, with all sorts of ornaments)
  • Grantaire mainly just wears the same hoodies he always wears when it’s cold until one of jis friends wrestles him into a nice Christmas sweater- he appriciates it
  • Jehan loves them but he goes for strange ones. Like…. A sweater with a skull decorated with misteltoes strange. But at least he’s enjoying himself!
  • Bahorel likes pink glittery ones :D
  • Joly only likes really soft and non-restrictive clothing, so he’s wary of most Chritmas sweaters. But he has a yellow one he really loes!
  • Enjolras tends to ignore Christmas happening- like he’ll buy gifts and all but he has Things To Be Doing. But he has a few Christmas sweaters he wears to the Les Amis holiday party and they are his favourite!! He loves how happy his friends are to be seeing him have fun
  • Bossuet- he really loves the idea but he keeps losing his. Or burning holes in them. Or lending them to omeone and then forgetting… He just has the worst luck. But he always ends up burrowing one of Musichetta’s :D

aux-barricades  asked:

I read your tags and it's funny because I love Grantaire's part in the German version of "Drink with me" but I don't like it at all in Spanish hahaha

Omg really? Idk I don’t like the german one because in other languages it’s worded in a really beautiful and poetic way, and the vulgar word choice in the german one seems kinda out of character for grantaire? Why don’t you like the spanish version :o

victor hugo at some point: LISTEN im gonna take this character and relate him to gay greeks as much as possible while also adding character traits, then im gonna take this other character and talk abt how gay he is for that one, while also comparing him to gay greeks, and the second one is gonna tell him that he only believes in that character while he is cynical about everything else,,,,  then to top it all off,,,,, theyre gonna DIE while HOLDING HANDS.

some literature fuck: so,,, what your saying is,,, Theyre Straight