If ya think Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t added their own love lock to the Pont des Arts, you’re mistaken my friend.

And then Enjolras didn’t sleep at night because: “Grantaire what have we done? That bridge is already saturated with padlocks and they say it affects the stability of the brige! Oh my god we’ve destroyed a landmark, Grantaire! It’s oUR FAULT!”

(And then the city removed all the love locks. Enjolras could finally sleep soudly again)

I have feelings about Bi!Marius

This boy is such a romantic when it comes to guys. He is walking down the street and just appreciates men. For a while he thought he was gay, but then he met Cosette and was like, gosh she’s amazing.

He had a crush on Courf as a kid, but he grew out of it. He actively supports Courfeyrac’s relationship with Combeferre. He’s their cheerleader.

After meeting Cosette, he starts to realize that he always liked girls, he just preferred guys. Cosette realized the same thing, just opposite. She had been dating Eponine for some time but they split up.

He and Grantaire have multiple matching buttons, all of them bi puns. Their ringtones for each other is ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

He’s not big on protests, he feels out of place most times, but he does like Pride Parades. He’s normally quiet while there, not holding posters or anything, but he loves the energy.

He falls for every character on tv. No matter the show, he wants to marry them all. He and Cosette made a list of what actors/actresses that they would date. It’s roughly 3 pages.

Long story short, Marius is a bi boy who needs to be protected.  

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Elise, do you have any headcanons about Bahorel right after he left law school? I've just left it too to fulfill my real dream I realized recently, but even my best friend says it's not possible to come true. I know they don't want to hurt me, but still I feel really lonely now with almost no support and it kinda sucks.. Sorry for bothering you, but I look up to you, you're such a lovely person deserving the best in life. I hope everything goes well for you

Bahorel does law school the way I did maths for the first 18 years of my life: poorly and with a distinct lack of motivation to get better at it.

Law just seemed like the thing to do at the time, you know? Law makes you look employable. But Bahorel just isn’t a white collar kind a guy. And that’s coming from a guy who loves collars.

Bahorel is social! Bahorel was born to go from place to place, make friend with everybody he meets and fill up a whole bar with his roaring voice. He wasn’t made for Law.

When he ditches law school, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Sure, he wasn’t going to lectures that often to begin with, but it was still a relief. He does a couple of side jobs here and there, helping people move out, playing the bartender for a couple of nights a week, coaching some people at the gym. He likes that, tending the bar. He gets to meet people.

That’s how he meets Feuilly and Grantaire, rolling up their sleeves as their about to start a brawl. Bahorel joins because a) brawl and b) the other guys were looking for it. It gets him fired, but at least he’s made two new friends.

A week later, Bahorel attends his first ABC meeting.

I feel like indulging myself ;

Enjolras woke up earlier than Grantaire, by necessity if not by personal choice. Grantaire made a sleepy sound when she got up, her hand reaching out for her still-warm pillow, but her eyes stayed close and when she found nothing but air where Enjolras had been a moment before, she only curled up on her side and squeezed the blankets around her. Enjolras, who had thought herself above such sentimentalities, lingered near the bed, just a few more moments, observing Grantaire as if she’d been transformed in a whole new person suddenly.

She hadn’t, of course; it was absurd to think that because Enjolras had heard her moan and plead the night before, flushing profusedly when Enjolras found the right places to kiss, that there would be anything different between the Grantaire from today and the one who had followed her home the night before. Still - Enjolras thought, and then stopped, almost uncertain. The unknown had never scared her, but this was so far from all she had imagined herself doing of her life, that agitation seized her.

Had she truly a lover, now? A mistress? Was that what Grantaire was going to be to her? And, if so, what did it mean about Enjolras? Was she a mistress too? Or was she to consider herself fully a man, now that she’d crossed the last barriere, taking a woman to bed with her?

“Enjolras,” muttered Grantaire, her voice muffled by the blankets. “You are tempting me, and that is unfair of you; must I keep sleeping or come to you? Must I beg again, seeing you like that, hovering over me as gracious and fierce as Artemis, to convince you to come back besides me? You must tell me here what there is to say; i have a billions words for you, they’re all from Lesbos, stolen from the lips of a great poet who knew how to love better than most, but you know worshippers don’t choose, they mereley follow and -”

Enjolras, hesitating between fondness and amusement, decided not to choose; she decided not to think too much either. She sat back on the bed, let Grantaire blindly grab her fingers, and with a heart beating perhaps just a tad too much, she bent over and pressed her lips against Grantaire’s forehead, smiling against her skin as Grantaire hummed silently.

“I cannot stay,” she murmured. “But i have no doubt you’ll make do with this place while I’m gone.” She took a short breath, wondered if she was making the right decision and then, she brushed her Grantaire’s hair out of her face and she added: “feel free to come tonight. I know Joly and Bossuet, at the very least, will only be happier to have you by their side.”

eerie crests les mis au

goddamn it. i couldnt just leave this alone could i? (im sorry it just. fits so damn well i had to get this out before i forgot it)

enjolras: malek. listen! i know malek is described as chill and enjolras is. definitely not chill, but! they’re both beautiful passionate boys who love their friends so shhhhh (enjolras is described as like. breathtakingly beautiful tho. “like marble” i think is was it says)

grantaire: dallas. okay. but. sad drunk artist hopelessly in love with beautiful boy (literally. in the the novel, the only reason grantaire is even with the revolution is because of enjolras. it says that enjolras is the only thing grantaire really believes in). also he’s described as being “not particularly nice to look at”

eponine: poppy. I don’t have a lot of reasons for this tbh? they’re both kinda salty/sarcastic, but also extremely passionate and loyal. though i could also see poppy as musichetta! (esp since no one else is musichetta so. she just doesn’t exist in this au i guess)

marius: parker. not sure why? idk marius and eponine are best friends and so are parker and poppy. I guess that means that poppy’s in love with parker is this au? marius is silly and sweet and a bit dramatic (seriously like. the first time he meets up with cosette, he almost does a 180 on his stance with the revolution, just because she’s cute and he’s like “oh shit i cant die NOW.” like. calm down kid)

cosette: sara. i know that logistically, sara and parker would never be in love, but i like to pretend that poppy was in love with both of them in this au so at least it works on some level. tbh….i don’t remember a lot abt sara, but cosette is sweet, adventurous, and a hard worker. also they’re both blonde and have great fashion sense so win/win

gavroche: hazel! hazel is the only little kid and i wanted to include her so. cute but dangerous little pup who knows a surprising amount of politics

joly: tyler! I haven’t actually read the book, so I don’t know a lot abt joly, but i know that he’s logical, kind, brave. (tbh most of the reason i picked him as tyler is cause joly’s dynamic with bousset reminds me of tyler and blake)

bousset: blake. which brings us to this! bousset likes to fight. he can be a bit reckless, and a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he means well.

combeferre: ari! combeferre is described as intelligent, passionate, and “an advocate for societal and scientific progress”

courfeyrac: phoebus! courfeyrac is described as having a “warm and radiant” personality. he is lively and a bit dramatic. he’s also very good friends with combeferre, marius, and enjolras respectively

feuilly: ben! feuilly is clever, loyal, and bright (literally all the barricade boys are described as loyal like. c'mon hugo, learn some other character traits) there’s really not much else about him, other than the fact that he makes fans for a living, and that he’s an orphan so

musichetta: paulina!! i take back what i said earlier cause i forgot polly! both beautiful, incredibly caring woc who would do anything for their friends. also? in the book, musichetta is really close with joly and bousset (idk if that works in this scenario but whatever)

sidenote: i really want someone to be jehan but. idk if anyone fits them? they’re like a poet, and they’re kind of shy, but also described as being fearless (i guess ari could’ve been jehan as well? i just wanted them to be combeferre so that they would still be with phoebus)

i guess that’s pretty much it? I couldn’t find anyone to fit any of the adult characters really, so i guess those’ll just go uncasted for now. Hope you liked it tho! sorry if i left anyone out!
also, im extremely exhausted. ive been doing this for like and hour and a half now.

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do you have any portuguese Grantaire headcanons? I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT and i love it. even tho i dont know a lot about portugal or portuguese people

I actually headcanon him specifically as Brazilian! and I actually don’t know a whole lot about the culture, the country, or the people either, but here’s a general list of things I love thinking about:

  • He speaks Portuguese first, and then either French or English, depending on where the AU is set. Because of this he does things like curse, leave little sticky note reminders, and think aloud in Portuguese.
  • He moved from Brazil to (America/France) for college, so he has a ton of influence of his culture in his daily life.
  • Grantaire makes really kickass traditional foods. He loves cooking in general, but his favorite things to make are always the foods he grew up with. Sometimes he does fusion food which is always an adventure, and he subjects Joly and Bossuet to eating everything he makes.
  • He’s not religious, but he still loves celebrating Brazilian Carnival for the fun of it because he remembers the festivities being absolutely captivating when he was growing up.
  • He can sing! In general his voice is like deep velvet that resonates within people’s bones. But when he sings in Portuguese it’s a whole new level of attractive (specifically for Enjolras)

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Here is some things for your brazilian grantaire : Grantaire preparing a dinner for les amis with feijoada and caipirinha, sometimes he screams ''MINHA NOSSA SENHORA'' (something like ''OUR HOLY LADY'' idk, grantaire doing brigadeiro to watch movies with enj, sometimes he sings garota de ipanema, he likes so much samba and pagode.

yes to all of this im in love