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‘Supergirl’-’Flash’ musical could be magic

I’m really looking forward to the ‘Supergirl"-“Flash” musical crossover. Partly because I like musicals. Partly because I like both shows.

And partly because the first-season “Supergirl” episode that featured the Flash was magical. Melissa Benoist (Supergirl/Kara) and Grant Gustin (Flash/Barry) have a spark that was epitomized by a scene in which Barry races off to get ice cream cones for Kara and her pals.

“When they’re not acting or flying or punching, [Benoist and Gustin are] singing,” Adler said. “When they’re sitting in their chairs and waiting to act, they’re singing.”

“The minute we got Melissa, we were like, 'Oh, we should do this,’” Kreisberg said.

The musical episode will feature “mostly pre-existing songs,” said Berlanti.“I love the American Songbook. I am a big fan of Frank Sinatra stuff, so you might hear some of that.”

And he’s hoping for “at least” one original song.

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Imagine Cisco picking you up for a Pokémon Go date <3

“So are you ready? Because this is going to be awesome!” Cisco beamed. “Yes I am. Let me just go get my jacket and my phone.” you said and walked towards the hanger. Cisco moved quickly in front of you saying “Nonono! I’ll get your jacket! Go get your phone” he seemed eager to help and be a gentleman so you went to your room and took your phone out of the charger. Cisco stands the exact same spot you left him in a minute ago. “Hey Y/N?” “Yeah…?” “Which one is your jacket?” he asked looking confused at the hanger and all your jackets. You grinned and pointed at the right one. Being the gentleman he is he took the jacket and went over to you to help you get it on. 

“Holy shit Cisco did you see the Electabuzz?” he looked up from his phone and stopped dead in his tracks. “No way. Are you serious?” he almost ran over to you in seconds. Still in shock of seeing the rare Pokemon you almost didn’t notice how close you were standing. He looked down on your phone and saw the Electabuzz. One of the rarest Pokemons. “It’s right there. I have to get it Cisco! What if I miss or it runs away?” you looked at him in panic and he looks up slowly. “Y/N. This is what we have trained for. I know you can get it.” You nod slowly. You  drag the pokeball towards the Electabuzz. Cisco moves closer to see if you hit it. And you do. “Cisco I got it. OMG CISCO I GOT IT!” You turn to look at him but he’s already hugging you. “You did it! I knew you could do it.” He spins you in the air and you feel happiness explode from your chest. Catching the Pokemon isn’t even the best part. It’s doing it with Cisco and him being so happy for you that he swings you around. 
He puts you down slowly so you stop face to face, nose to nose. He leans in slowly and you do the same. For the second time happiness explodes from your chest. 

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Grant and Candice look so uncomfortable on the set of filming. It looks like it’s just a job for them. They don’t look like they’re having fun at all. They are supposed to play this iconic couple but on set it looks like two actors told to hit their mark and try to sell the chemistry they don’t have. I hate how the show has a bias to Westallen because they are canon but they forgot to make sure to write them properly and have natural chemistry. This is Stephen and Katie ALL over again. They failed with Lauriver and they are failing with Westallen. I hate the shoehorning on this show so much!
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Perfect guy 😍😍😍
Kevin Smith - Timeline | Facebook
Kevin Smith. 2,703,406 likes · 169,390 talking about this. This is the Facebook page of Kevin Smith and SModCo. SModCo is this:


The geek lord himself Kevin Smith was given one of my pieces as a birthday present in August as a birthday present from a work friend who got in touch with me! I was promised a picture of Kev with the piece as a thank you bit he’s beans busy lately, he seemed to have just forgotten about it!

Then today Kev streamed live from is bedroom today to show everybody his new rescue dog and lurking in the background, was my piece. At the end of the video he was wrapping up telling everybody that he was getting ready to go to Canada to do his episode of “The Flash” and his attention was drawn to it. 

Kevin brought the camera over to it and picked it up and showed it off. He described it as a “genius Flash piece” and “so gorgeous”. He didn’t know my name off hand but our mutual friend Will who got this form me for Kev, text him right away after the video went live to let him know and posted my name all over the comments section! Top man!

It was an honour and such a surreal experience! Having mega star seeing your work, much less even having it in their bedroom and even more less LOVING it. I’m super chuffed by this whole situation and I’ve never forget it! 

Anyways I just wanted to share this with all you! If you want to see it yourself the video is in the link above and if you scroll to about 8 mins 40 seconds, thats when he starts talking about it.

Thanks everybody for all your likes and support!  

P.S. Here’s the original design!

Need some Flash buddies for my webcast⚡️

Hey guys! Some of you might know for the past couple weeks I’ve been hosting a webcast on Smiletime called “Fangirl With Lilly”. It’s been a hit so far, I’ve had a great time chatting with you guys about all things Flash! This week I’m looking for some new faces to join me!

On FGWL we will talk spoilers, speculate about s3, share our fav Flash moments and you can even show off your fan art! You can video chat or just text in the chat box if you’d feel more comfortable that way! To hang out hop on Google Chrome, go to , sign in with Facebook, then look for my channel on the main page! I’ll be going live Saturday 9pm et⚡️

If your interested just message me! I’m gonna tag some ppl who might be into this but EVERYONE IS WELCOME💕

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Ok… I might be reaching but in the picture where G has a bottle of water.. Did he just get CP a bottle of water.. because she has the same water and I know there are lots of bottle water but it looks the same plus in other pictures G has a drink (coffee?) and not water..

OMG your right!! And this is now what I believe to be true.