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The Store

So this is another thing for my grocery store reader fic again. PromptoxFem!Reader 
@wolfgoddess77 thanks again for the help! 
 Small trigger warning for sexual harassment at work and mild stalking. 

Prompto couldn’t help but let out a small sigh for the upmteenth time. He missed you terribly. This was the fifth time their lunch date had to be cancelled, though this time it was you who cancelled on him. Work had picked up and you wouldn’t be able to get out just yet. But by the time you could get off, he would have to start making his way back to the Citadel for training.

Noctis couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his friend. “Seriously, Prompto, that’s the fifth time in less than three minutes. Don’t you two live together anyway? You act like you never get to see her.”

“We haven’t really had much time to spend together lately, though.” Prompto pouted. “She’s been having to go in late to help with closing, so she’s still asleep when I get up to go to the Citadel for training. Her store closes at ten p.m., and then she has other stuff to do so she doesn’t get to go home until eleven, and then I’m asleep by that time. I tried to stay up late to see her, but she started feeling bad since I started making mistakes at training…” He couldn’t help but let out another sigh. He knew you meant well, but he felt like you and he were growing apart and that made him upset. He loved you! He wanted to see you and hear you. Don’t get him wrong, he’s happy he can cuddle you at night, but…

He missed seeing your smile, hearing your laugh, the way your eyes lit up when you were happy, how they would just sparkle…and he let out another sigh. He missed you.

Noct couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his friend, and flicked a french fry at him. “Then why don’t you just go visit her?”

“With what wheels, dude?” Prompto asked as he stared at his friend. “You know I don’t have the car since I jog to the Citadel as my warm up. The bus won’t arrive for another hour, she’ll be gone by that point, and even if she wasn’t, I have to get back to training in about forty-five minutes.”

Noctis let out a fake sigh as he stood up, placing some money down on the table. “I guess I have to do everything around here…c’mon, Prompto, let’s go visit your girl.”

Prompto let out a cheer as he followed his best friend towards the door and to his best friend’s car. “Woohoo! You’re the best Noct!”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Though I’m getting the feeling some of this has to do with you buying a bunch of sweets this time since Iggy isn’t here.”

“Here I am going out of my way to help you, and you doubt my selflessness?”

“If the shoe fits.”

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I needed Philkas fluff so I wrote some for myself 👏🏼😤 and I’ve decided to share the wealth

• Philip hates the cold. Like, really hates it. He tries to stay out of it as much as possible and wears thick jackets when he can’t avoid it. So one day when he’s slept over at Lukas’s after a midnight booty call and Lukas has to do some chores on the farm, he offers to go with.
“Can I borrow a jacket?” He asks, already sniffling from the cold air coming in from the open window.
“Ah, yeah,” Lukas nods, rummaging through his closet for his warmest one. He pulls it out: a denim jacket with a thick wool lining.
“Thanks.” Philip shrugs it on and cuddles up in it. It fits him around the middle just fine, but the sleeves reach almost to his fingertips. He rolls them up to his wrists and looks up at Lukas. “We going?”
Lukas nods, fighting a blush. We almost wishes that Philip would have just kept the sleeves as they were. The term “boyfriend shirt” flashes across his mind briefly, and he can’t help blushing now. When Philip asks about it, he blames it on the cold.
• The first time Lukas meets Philip’s mom, it’s an accident.
She’s standing outside the Caldwell-Torrence house smoking a cigarette. She’s been making slow but steady progress in rehab, and the court has granted her a visit with Philip. Of course Gabe and Helen had wanted to supervise, so she’d come out to the country for him.
Lukas was not informed of this. He guesses that Philip had only recently found this out too, which is why he hadn’t told him. He came over to ask if Philip wanted to go for a ride, which was just sort of an excuse to drive out onto the woods and make out a little. Maybe talk about their lives and share a bottle of whiskey.
He startles when he sees the slight woman wavering on the porch like she’d be blown over by the wind at any moment. And, because she bears little resemblance to Philip himself, Lukas figures she must be some guest of his foster parents’. He walks up the steps and gives her a polite nod, rapping sharply on the door. As he bounces on his toes, eager to be invited in from the cold, the small woman wanders over to him and flashes a warm smile.
“Hi,” Lukas says, eyes flicking back to the door for a moment.
“Hi.” she parrots, finishing her cigarette and stamping it out under her boot. “You must be one of my son’s friends, right?”
Lukas’s eyes widen. “Your so - you mean, you’re Philip’s…”
She extends her hand. “Mother, yes. Nice to meet you…?”
“Lukas.” He responds, pulling his hand from inside of his pocket to meet hers. Then he remembers that Philip said he’d told his mother about him and continues stuttering. “I’m his - well, uh, I guess you know. I was just coming over to see him, I didn’t know you were going to be here.”
“Yes, Gabe and Helen wanted it to be a surprise. I just slipped out for a quick smoke while Helen called out for pizza.” She tucks her sweater more tightly about her, and Lukas softens at the fact that she seems to be as affected by the cold as Philip is.
Speak of the devil; the door finally swings open and there he is, floppy-haired and bright-eyed as he looks out in alarm at the sight of his mother and his boyfriend seeming to be having a casual chat on his doorstep.
“Mom,” he says, shutting the door behind him and joining the two. “Hey. This is, uh, Lukas.” He jerks his chin onwards the taller boy, who reaches out to rub his arm for warmth.
“Yeah, we just met.” She grins, leaning in towards her son and giving him a gentle elbow nudge. “I like this one.”
He looks from his mother up to his boyfriend and allows himself a shy smile.
“I do too.”
• Sometimes Philip brings his camera with him when he and Lukas hang out. He’s always taking pictures when Lukas least expects it, and won’t show him no matter how much Lukas pesters him to. One time, when Philip is downstairs getting them drinks, Lukas decides to feel around underneath Philip’s bed. Every guy hides his porn and stuff under there, right? Lukas is just curious…
He stumbles upon a shoebox. Bingo. He slides it out and tugs it up onto his lap, carefully unfolding the flaps to reveal…
“Envelopes?” Lukas frowns, turning them over to see that they’re pictures developed from their local drugstore. He opens the first one, not even knowing what to expect. Nature? Bike tricks? But why would he need to hide those away?
The first picture he finds is one of himself - leaning against his bike with his helmet tucked under his arm. He’s looking off into the tree line, seeming to be laughing at something Philip had said.
He’s never seen a picture of himself like that - not stiffly smiling for the camera or posed at all - just enjoying the moment and being captured within it.
The next one was shot from a bit closer up. He was looking straight at the lens, though didn’t seem to know he was being photographed. Checking again, he sees that he was actually looking a bit above the lens at the photographer. He remembers this day. He and Philip were sitting on the dock eating lunch, their feet idly splashing in the water. He’d looked up in the middle of a story about how this kid in his class had hurled during the pregnancy video in health class last year and there was Philip with his camera. He snapped a quick shot and darted away from Lukas when he’d tried to grab at him, ending up pushing him in the lake with Philip yelping and holding his camera high above his head as his legs were submerged in icy water. They’d gone back to Lukas’s house after that, Philip calling him an asshole as Lukas tried to make up for it by lending him dry sweatpants and warming up his feet with his own.
Lukas begins quickly flicking through the rest of the envelope and they’re all pictures of him. At the farm. At the station. On the bus. One of him during class with a cocked eyebrow and a raised middle finger that makes him laugh.
Philip comes back, propping the door open with his hip. He shifts the coke cans and bag of potato chips to one arm as he uses the other to shut the door. Lukas tries and fails to hide what he’s looking at, but Philip’s cheeks tinge pink and Lukas knows he’s been caught.
“What are you doing!?” Philip yelps, scrambling to set aside the snacks on his way to snatch the pictures from Lukas. Lukas smirks, pulling Philip down on top of him when he gets close enough. Philip begins to protest until Lukas’s arms snake around his waist, roping him in for a long, slow kiss. Philip defeatedly bunches his fists into Lukas’s T-shirt, enjoying the feeling for now until he gets the chance to chew him out for snooping.
It won’t do any good in deterring him, though. Because even as they kiss, Lukas is sneaking a picture Philip took smiling next to Lukas’s sleeping face into his inner jacket pocket.
• For some reason Philip gets really flustered whenever Lukas randomly picks him wildflowers on their walks, so on their first anniversary, Lukas buys him a bouquet of roses.
He’s never seen Philip smile so wide.
• Oh yeah, they go on walks. Usually deep in the forest, where they can hold hands and spill their guts to each other, quietly treading on leaves and pine needles.
• Lukas gets sick in the middle of flu season. He’s basically bedridden, unable to eat solid foods due to his sore throat and huddled up with a pack of tissues that make the tip of his nose red and raw. He texts Philip that he won’t be able to hang out today and flops back onto his pillow, falling asleep almost instantly.
He wakes up to a bed clean of old tissues and a box of new lotion ones, wondering vaguely in his sleep-hazed mind what small woodland creature had come in and done this. Said small creature appears in the form of his boyfriend, carrying a bowl of hot soup and smiling softly.
“Good. You’re awake. You should eat this.” He squats next to the bed and blows on a spoonful gently, raising it to Lukas’s lips. He takes it into his mouth tentatively and is pleased to find that it is clam chowder, his favorite. He eagerly finishes the bowl with Philip’s help and blows his nose a few dozen times before becoming sleepy again. Philip pats his head and tells him to rest, that he’ll be back in the morning. As he kisses Lukas’s forehead goodnight, he swears he hears a half-asleep Lukas mumble,
“I love you.”
• Philip seems to be using up more money than necessary for lunch every day. When questioned, he definitely doesn’t tell Gabe that he and Lukas are stockpiling for a trip to the city.
He and Helen find out after minimal detective work, saying nothing when he says he’ll be spending the night at a friend’s house the next weekend.