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send me a ship and i’ll tell you

who’s the cuddler: neither of them are huge on cuddling tbh, but they’re in pretty much constant physical contact. (fitz loves holding hands, ward will casually rub fitz’s back during meetings etc etc)

who makes the bed: fitz likes things neat and orderly. but he hates making beds, so he sweet talks ward into doing it. 

who wakes up first: sometimes fitz forgets to go to sleep, and ward will find him on the floor in the lab the next morning and carry him back to their room.

who has the weird taste in music: well, ward has every disney soundtrack known to man soooo

who is more protective: fitz is actually super protective of ward, and he doesn’t really appreciate ward trying to protect him.

who sings in the shower: neither of them. grant will occasionally act out movie scenes in the shower though.

who cries during movies: if one of them gets started crying, then they both get going, and they can’t stop. it’s ridiculous. this is why no one invites them over for movie night.

who spends the most while out shopping: fitz tends to shove a bunch of stuff in the cart without looking at prices, while ward sneaks the unnecessary things back out.

who kisses more roughly: grant douglas ward. (fitz will totally get into it though don’t get me wrong.)

my rating of the ship from 1-10: i really prefer fitzward as a bromance, but i can enjoy it no matter what. i’ll go with a 7 or 8.

thank you :3

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send me a ship and i’ll tell you

who’s the cuddler: I see ward as the cautious cuddler. like, he’s always the one to initiate it, but he’s so hesitant about it. it’s adorable.

who makes the bed: skye’s actually really meticulous about making the bed. it’s a leftover habit from the orphanage- they always had to make their beds as soon as they got up. ward will offer to make the bed, but skye ‘accidentally’ beats him to it every time.

who wakes up first: ward. skye is a night owl, and likes to sleep in as late as possible, whereas grant is up at like 5 am to work out.

who has the weird taste in music: grant will literally go from full on indie hipster trash to nickelback and three days grace in two seconds flat. skye thinks it’s funny.

who is more protective: ward for sure. 

who sings in the shower: both of them actually. grant sings disney soundtracks quietly to himself, while skye belts out whatever is stuck in her head at the moment.

who cries during movies: does it involve animals? ward. does it involve found families? skye.

who spends the most while out shopping: they’re both pretty good about not spending too much tbh. 

who kisses more roughly: dude they both kiss pretty rough. i’d say skye is more likely to initiate the rough kissing though 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: look, i love skyeward. at one point, i’d have said 10. at another point, i’d have said 0. but right now? in canon? after he kidnapped her and she shot him? like a 2? at best?

thank you!!

There is a part of me that believes that

Lincoln is working with the no eyes man and he was sent to befriend Skye and to convince her that the team will never accept her like he would and so he tells her that he has other inhumane friends/a community and she agrees to leave with him and he takes her to the no eyes man instead.

Also the skyeward part of me believes that their paths will cross when she is off with Lincoln and Ward gets bad vibes from him; but Kara tells him that he can’t go back to being that Grant Ward who runs after Skye and dedicates himself to her; so they go their own way. But after a reporting of a quake nearby he keeps tabs on her and Coulson seeks him out because they need his help to get Skye back because they have found out that Lincoln is part of this organisation and Skye is in danger and Ward tracks her down easily because he’s been keeping an eye on their movements and well you know how it prob goes on from there. 

Brett’s description of Ward-

Dalton teases “a different kind of action,” in that “I’m not riding motorcycles and punching everybody every episode. But I’m still moving things forward. As we can see, this guy has a skill set that’s insane. He’s the biggest Swiss Army knife in the world, so we’re seeing him do things a lot.” X

-is just so accurate. I was just thinking recently how Ward as a character, the reason he’s been able to pull off this lone ranger/no alliance routine all season, is the most dynamic. 

What I mean by that is that Ward had the widest array of skills and abilities in the series. Like May is the best combatant, but Ward is almost on par with her (compared to everyone else we’ve seen May fight, he came the closest to beating her.) 

Ward’s the best at espionage since Romanoff according to Maria Hill and easily sees through Bobbi’s disguise despite having never met her before and Bobbi’s skills being established as great at deception. And that’s not even getting into how he tricked a lie machine that tested 96 variable and was made so Natasha couldn’t beat it. 

He’s not a genius like Fitzsimmons, but he displays an incredible ability to plan ahead, observe, and altogether be shown to be highly intelligent. 

He’s probably the best marksman in the entire series- he told Trip that he made a shot from over 2000 yards, that’s would make him one of the top five long distance shooters in the real world (look up longest sniper shots if you’re curious.) 

He has so much knowledge of bombs/ammunitions that Fitz even calls him for advice on Akela’s eye bomb. 

We know he has incredible survival skills through his time in the Wyoming woods. We know he has a high pain tolerance to the point of not reacting to dislocating his own thumb. We know he can speak 6 languages. We know he’s a certified and accomplished pilot. We know he’s really good at reading people. We know he’s a master at escaping- from slipping his handcuffs in 2x06 to evading SHIELD in 2x07 to easily slipping his bonds in 2x10. I’m probably even forgetting some of his skills to be honest.

No one else on the show even begins to have this many skills in this many areas- and that’s not even getting into the fact that he’s 31, like 20 years younger than May/Coulson. It’s just mind-blowing if you think about it. 

  • me:Yo I'm not even gonna watch AOS it's getting into stuff I don't care about and the main homie is gone what's the point, I'm not even gonna watch the mid season finale psh
  • me after watching the midseason finale:damn it now I'm interested and invested and I even want a Ward redemption arc wtf I thought I hated him and maybe trip can become a new super rad inhuman o k a y