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Chris Evans x Reader Moodboard requested by Anon

By now the stigma surrounding periods should be something you didn’t have to worry about. Much less be embarrassed about it, it was a natural function. Granted it was a painful and infuriating one. But a normal one at that. 

You thanked your lucky stars that Chris wasn’t the type of guy that shied away from the gory details and dealt with your mood swings like a pro baseball player. When he was home to witness your ‘Week of Red’ he’d gather you up in his arms, pop you down on the couch with Dodger and go out to fetch your favourite cupcakes. While the hot water bottle soothed the cramping in your lower stomach.


Grant, Candice and Keiynan cuteness before filming
(a very spoilery scene, proceed with caution)

On this day in 1864, President Lincoln signed the Yosemite Land Grant, protecting the Mariposa Grove and Yosemite Valley – an area that would later become Yosemite National Park. It was the first time the government protected land because of its natural beauty so that people could enjoy it. Thanks to John Muir’s passionate writing to further protect the delicate ecosystem of the High Sierra, Yosemite became our nation’s 3rd national park 26 years later. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Basiago.

I wonder if this was scripted–this little kiss Mon-el stretches up to give her to end the scene. Like, do they get directed to do things like this quick peck or the kiss on the check previously in the episode, or is it just Chris x Mel having great chemistry and working really well together? The karamel relationship feels so real because of the attention to detail we’ve seen in each of their interactions, and I’m sure that the credit goes to Chris x Mel for that. I often take for granted what it means to have this relationship ship seem so natural and real–that it means Chris x Mel have a strong, natural chemistry as people and as actors, and they really care about their characters’ relationship portrayal. All these small interactions they have really authenticate the relationship. I love these two, and I love them togther.

I want Neil to be sitting on the couch while talking to Matt and Andrew just silently enters the room. He sits down and drapes his legs over Neil or something and Neil doesn’t react and just lets Andrew play with his hair or his fingers. Matt gapes and Neil doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking about Exy strategies.

How the different D&D spellcasters discover their magic

Wizard: I studied this shit from texts and scrolls and earned the power of the arcane.

Sorceror: I was born with a unqiue gift, I dont need to study like wizards.

Cleric: I devoted myself to the church and have been blessed with spells from my Diety because of my devotion.

Druid: my bond with nature grants me boons of power.

Bard: funny story really. See, I was plucking the old strings here and suddenly I went from being on fire with my performance to my audience being on fire…go figures my music is magic.


#friendly reminder that cat grant read horrible things about herself #words designed to hurt seemingly sent from someone that could actually hurt her #and her first instinct was to trust kara #to believe that there is no way kara would tell her off (in an email no less) after all they’ve been through #that even after the way she’s treated kara there is NO WAY kara would say such terrible things #no way that a kara of sound mind and body would want to cause her (or anyone) pain #and her second instinct #was to find hard proof that it wasn’t #the cruel email might have been sent to cat #but the target was always kara #kara’s job kara’s reputation kara’s relationship #and what does cat do? #she protects all of those things instantly #without kara even knowing

[Darkened photo of dead flower on the path. White words read as follows. Pink words overlay the white to reveal a hidden message as folllows.]

How much
do we not see
because we assume
we’ll see it again?

How do we see again?