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New X-Men Vol. 1 #135

New X-Men: Omnibus HC

Art by: Frank Quitely, Tim Townsend and Chris Chuckry

dragondash98  asked:

This isn't really a typical question, at least how I feel in regards to it, but I read Grant Morrison's run on X-Men and I know while most fans disregard it.... he does bring up a fair point. Magneto was, and if you think about it still is, a mutant terrorist who threatened the world countless times over and his whole plan reeks of Nazi undertones.... so though people say it's out of character for Erik... is it really as long as he gets what he wants?

Aside from the fact that it ended up being retconned that it wasn’t him, people AT THE TIME were decrying it as out of character. As for him threatening the earth all the time, eh… maybe, except there are still character lines that they shouldn’t across especially BECAUSE of their backstory. Stories don’t exist in a vacuum and there are greater implications that can apply to these things. There’s something to be said about methodology where he’d probably be able to justify in his mind mass-murdering people with a tidal wave or magnetic pole reversal or some crap… vs. literally sending people to gas chambers.


Morrison Era New X-men Jean Grey for Marvel Heroes game. Let it be known that Jean Grey started the trend of functional street clothes as a bad ass uniform at the beginning of the 21st century! This is my second favorite Jean Grey costume next to her Phoenix costume and this looks fits in perfectly in the modern world of the All New/Marvel Now universe. If only the adult version of Jean was able to come back to the world of comics… 


#whitequeenwednesday, origins edition from ‘Murder at the Mansion’. 

“I had $400 in a savings account. I decided to start from the bottom”.

Probably one of my favorite arcs of Grant Morrison’s run. 

I know this has been retconned a few times now…but this is probably my favorite version of Emma’s origin story.  It captures so much of what I love about the character, her drive, her resiliency, her enormous grace under pressure and pain.  It also does a lot to establish the differences between Jean’s and her’s relationship to Scott during this time and why, despite it’s tawdry start, she really has been so much better for him than Jean.  And of course, there’s also the enormous guilt that she still feels about the death of her students…a notion that’s exploited during the ‘Torn’ arc in Astonishing and her reactions to the registration act in Civil War.