grant making foundations

Nerdfighters, booklovers, and TFiOS Tumblr community, I need your help.

Background: My family owns a coffeeshop. In our coffee shop we have a very special charity menu. Each of the drinks on this menu has a specified charity, and we donate a portion of the proceeds from each drink to it’s charity. For example: The Gingerbread Man (gingerbread latte) goes to Toys for Tots and The Surfrider (green tea frappe) goes to the local chapter of The Surfrider Foundation.

Issue: I’m trying to convince my mom to add one more drink to our menu. The Wish Granting Factory, a Hazelnut Mocha, with the donation going to The Make a Wish Foundation. My mom’s main issues with this are the long name and the fact that she doesn’t think many people would get it. That’s where you come in. The more notes this post gets, the more demand I can show my mom, and the more likely it is to make the menu. 

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Thank you.