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Mythbusters: Gangnam Style

Okay so I need to tell you all about the best thing that happened to me today

I’m sure many of you have seen Grant Imahara from Mythbusters. He was the resident robotics man. It may shock you to realise that it’s been something like 11 years since he was first on the show. This story has to do with his first episode and what happened today

Picture this scene for me: my family sits down to watch Mythbusters like we normally do on a Monday night. They need to make a robot for the myth and my sister, 8 years old at the time, perks up immediately. She’s been building and constructing things since before she could walk, legit taking apart and rebuilding her playgym deal. Her current phase had been battle bots, the robots that fight each other for dominance. She was getting super into robots and loved all the media she was getting about them

And then the Mythbusters needed a robot for a myth. So they brought in the champion battle bot builder: Grant Imahara. She looked at him on that TV screen talking about his job building robots

She, without a moments hesitation, said “you can make robots for a living?”

Her career was picked ever since

It has been 11 years and she is about to start her final year at university doing a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (i.e. robotics). She has consistently got high marks in all her classes and has a job lined up for when she decides to finish her education.

I saw that Grant was coming to Adelaide SupaNova this year and knew that we had to tell him that his very existence on the show was the representation my sister needed to make her set for life. Today, Saturday November 22 2014, I managed to tell Grant Imahara exactly how much of an impact he has on my sister’s life

He looked so awed when I told him, he even said it was the best thing he’d ever heard. He then wrote the message in the picture above for my sister, Athena

So this goes out to all the children in the world who look at their TVs to watch their shows and find someone in there who sets that spark. They do believe in you

You CAN make robots for a living

It’s the end of an era for MythBustersKari ByronTory Belleci and Grant Imahara are leaving the series. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman announced the fan-favorites would depart the show at the end of the Thursday, Aug. 21 episode of the hit Discovery program.