grant hunter

I just had to draw Martin, i loved him since his first scene on The Flash.
He deserved to come back to his family. You’ll be missed, Grey.

Honestly, if you’re not watching Agents of SHIELD, I’m not even mad at you anymore.  I just feel sad for you.  It’s quite possibly the best show on TV right now and it IS the best comic based show on TV right now.  The writing, the acting, the various plotlines.  SHIELD has been killing it for the past three years.  And either you didn’t get in when it all started (so catch up!  Netflix!) or you were one of those whiners who didn’t get exactly what they wanted in the first half of the first season so you quit watching.

Your loss, guys.  Totally your loss.

DC's Badass women
  • Queen Rhea (to Cat): I'm going to kill her.
  • Cat Grant: Oh dear, I'm not that easy to kill.
  • Sara Lance: Hey, that's my line!
  • Cat Grant: Well, it's mine now. Go save history, chop chop.
  • Sara Lance: How do you...?
  • Cat Grant: I'm the Queen of all Media and Supergirl's mentor. She doesn't know how to lie.
Agents of SHIELD AU where it's the same but Robbie Reyes was there from the start
  • *Robbie and Lincoln are in the Quinjet. Daisy is sleeping to the side*
  • Robbie: and Daisy?
  • Lincoln: Yeah.
  • Robbie: When?
  • Lincoln: Few days ago, before the whole raid on Gideon Malick's fortress. Why you ask?
  • Robbie: Nothing. Just needed to confirm to myself.
  • Lincoln: *chuckles* Not jealous or anything, right?
  • Robbie (lying): Hell no, I was just asking.
  • /
  • /
  • *Robbie slams Grant Ward to the wall. This is in season 2, when Ward was in custody*
  • Ward (provoking): Go ahead...prove to everyone that you're just a monster. Prove to Skye she was wrong about trusting you.
  • *Robbie lets go of Ward*
  • Robbie: You're lucky everyone wants you alive. I promise you...if you ever put the team in danger again...I'll personally drag your ass to hell.
  • Ward: Sounds lovely.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: I don't know when of us is going to die.
  • Robbie: Eh, I already died. Not too scared, to be honest.
  • Daisy: *glares at him*
  • /
  • /
  • Hunter: My ex-wife, she was a raging she-devil. One time-
  • Robbie: Metaphorical devil or literal devil?
  • Hunter: Why you ask, mate?
  • Robbie: Because I've met the actual devil so I should know from first-hand experience.
  • Hunter: *stares, dumbfounded*
  • Trip: ...bro, you are weird. Cool but weird.
  • /
  • /
  • *Fitz is trying to open the Monolith*
  • Robbie: Damn it man, get away from there!
  • *Robbie tries to push Fitz away but Fitz pushes him back*
  • Fitz: Get away from me!
  • Robbie: Dude, I'm just trying to help-
  • Fitz: You wanna help, Robbie? How about you open a portal to whatever is on the other side!
  • Robbie: I told you, it doesn't work like that! I need to know where I'm going-
  • Fitz: Then you're useless!
  • *pause*
  • Fitz: I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said-
  • Robbie: Nah, it's cool. I get it. Don't worry man...we'll find a way.
  • Fitz: You haven't given up on her like everyone else?
  • Robbie: Not yet. I mean...I'm living proof that you can come back from anything...even from death.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: So there's me, you, Lincoln, Joey, and Elena.
  • Robbie: A.k.a. Yo-Yo.
  • Daisy: Exactly. Time to put this Secret Warriors project to the test.
  • Robbie: You know I'm not Inhuman, right? Me being part of the team is technically cheating.
  • Daisy: Shh...the less the public knows, the better.
  • Robbie: Yeah but what kind of Inhuman can melt their face off and possess objects like a demon?
  • Daisy: You never know. I mean...the Hive lives inside people's corpses and Andrew Garner turns into a bluish monster thing.
  • Robbie: ...fair enough.

Honestly my favorite scene from season 2 of The Flash is *spoilers* when, in episode 16, the team is piecing together the hints that “Jay” is Zoom and the only way to be certain of this is to have Cisco vibe his helmet sitting in the showcase.

Now you’d think “Barry’s just gonna walk up to the case, remove the glass, and grab the helmet.” Well….

He does the first part

He casually walks up to it, but then

He winds up his arm


Not only was it showing his frustration with yet another person he trusted being the villain, but this was probably the most destructive he’s ever been as just Barry Allen.

(he’s fucked up timelines and such but he’s never physically destroyed anything up to this point)

What’s also great about this scene is that once the glass is shattered, the only other person to react is Iris. She shields herself from any debris while the rest are in the back like “Yep… He smashed it”

This dude has all the time in the world to just grab that helmet and give it to Cisco without making a mess but he just fucking goes and smashes that shit.

Why was that showcase in the middle of the cortex? Why was it even in a showcase to begin with?

Mostly for that scene right there.


Look at all this glass on the floor. You’re just gonna leave this crap here to go run to a cliff and yell out your frustration??

… You did just that didn’t you?

Of course….


It’s the moment of truth,
And the moment to lie.
The moment to live,
And the moment to die.
The moment to fight,
The moment to fight,
To fight,
To fight,
To f i g h t !

If you had asked me when the show first premiered, I would’ve said Agents of SHIELD could totally do a musical episode.

Years later and now, the show is too dark and serious to do one. Like, is this even the same show?

And I mean that in a good way because season 4 has been great.