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IMAGINE: comforting Barry

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Barry: “I saw my mom. I could’ve saved her. But I didn’t … I just .." 
 Y/N: "you know, it was for the best. And it wasn’t your fault." 

But still tears formed in his eyes and fell scratching his already red cheeks. So you pulled him into a tight hug. 

Caitlin Snow Week: Fave Killer Frost scene ? All of them ! Danielle slayed as KF ❤

Stay | FlashFrost

Barry’s phone vibrated in the middle of the night, waking him up; it was an alert from S.T.A.R Labs’s security; someone unauthorized was in.

He used his speed to get dressed and go at the labs in less than 10 seconds.

Barry looked around for any demage; but there was none.

“ Well, hello Flash. ” said someone from behind him

“ You!” he said knocking the villain down.

“ That was cold .” she complained

“ Why are you here? ” he asked, completely ignoring the fact that he may have injured her.

“ Last time, I’ve saved your ass, remember? It was like, I don’t know - over some weeks ago!” she yelled, throwing ice at him.

The flash dodged her attack; giving her enough time to get up.

“ Why are you here?” He asked again

“ Zoom decided to let me go.”

Barry gave her a questioning look.

“ Fine, I … made your Caitlin help me. I also promised her I could get myself and her out of there, but I’ve lied. ”

“ Where is she, Frost?”

The white haired woman looked down, avoiding eye contact.

Barry looked closer at Killer Frost - she was wearing Caitlin’s clothes.

“ I’ve killed her. ” she whispered

“ You what?” the flash yelled

“ Look, Zoom would’ve kill me if not - that’s why he took her there; so he could get rid of me ! I didn’t want to die, so I had to do something. I’ve killed her,then I swapped our clothes so he would think that…I died and not her. I also used my powers…to turn her hair white and skin blue so he won’t suspect anything. Then I come to this earth, since I no longer have a home. ”

The hero looked puzzled at her. He was supposed to be mad, to hate her and lock her up, but instead he went and hugged her.

“ Um…what are you doing? ” she asked confused

“ I’m not …that mad at you, Caitlin. ”

“ What ? I just said I’ve killed your friend and you hug me? Everyone on this earth is like you? I may throw up. ”

She pulled away; looking into his green eyes.

“ What am I supposed to do now?”

“ You can …stay. ”

Miss Black Eyes [Barry Allen] (part two)

The atmosphere in the room was tense, silence was filled with sounds of typing on the computers. Barry was determined to open the pipeline to get (Y/N) out and try to change her mind, try to help her.

It took Team Flash two solid days to really comprehend the whole situation. They couldn’t believe that one of their closest friends was responsible for the murders in the past few months. Barry let out a loud groan and he slammed his hands on the table, causing the entire team to rise their eyes.

“We’re literally getting nowhere, for all we know, she is already dead!” His eyes were filled with rage as he ran both of his hands through his already messy hair.

“If she was dead, we would have already opened the pipeline.” Dr Wells spoke with a blank face.

“(Y/n) literally used smoke to destroy the entire system, smoke,” Cisco stated, “who knows what else she can do?”

Barry closed his eyes and gripped the table, his knuckles were beginning to look pearly white. The second he heard fast steps, his eyes snapped open. He was expecting someone from Team Flash but he saw a complete stranger, a girl around the age of 17, she didn’t look older than that. Her eyes were dull and it looked as if she was in a daze. Without giving anyone a glance, the girl strolled through the Cortex and made her way to the pipelines.

“Excuse me!” Caitlyn ran after the girl.

The scarlet speedsters put two and two together, Cisco was right, no one knows what (Y/n) can do, her power could be unimaginable. Barry flashed to the pipeline, and stood in front of the girl. Color was draining from the girl’s eyes, as it was from her face.

The pipeline which (y/n) was in had been filled with smoke the past few days but it was starting to clear out slowly and (y/n)’s familiar (y/e/c) eyes were replaced with pure darkness. Barry turned around swiftly, just in time to see her place her hand on the glass door and the girl did the same.

Barry took a step back as he watched the girl struggle to catch air. Tears were starting to stream down her pale cheeks and her other hand was clenched by her side as if gripping the last remaining strength she managed to find.

“S-stop.” She choked out. (y/n) smiled and tilted her head slightly.

“I’m sorry.” The black eyed beauty dropped her hand back to her side causing the girl to drop to the ground. “But I decided that I want to live. And only one of us can have that.”

The door opened slowly and (y/n) stepped out of the pipeline to face her boyfriend. Instantly her eyes went back to what they were previously, you could see the pain in her eyes. She never wanted this, she never wanted to take someone’s life, especially if that someone hadn’t fully lived.

“Promise to never search for me, to never mention me to anyone, pretend that I was never a part of your life because I don’t deserve to be remembered, they do,” (y/n) bit her lip to stop herself from saying more than she should, and to stop herself from crying. “If we ever do meet again, just purely out of coincidence, pretend that we’re strangers.”

“You can’t just say that after what has happened, after we have been together for a year. A year out of my life has been spent with you, every single day, I can’t do that.” Barry exclaimed, his eyes were wide in shock.

“Neither can I but I will do anything to find help.” (y/n) said softly. No one would believe that she was ‘Miss Black eyes’, she was too innocent to be a monster.

“We can help you.” Caitlyn intervened.

“I know you can, but you have other things to deal with, and I need to rethink my life.”

“There is no stopping you, is there?” Cisco asked.


“You’re the superhero, Barry,” She raised her hand up to Barry’s face and her thumb ran over his cheek. His eyes were boring into hers. “And I’m the villain.” She leaned closer until her lips brushed his. “You deserve better.”

Clouds of smoke erupted from (y/n) and before she fully disappeared, she said her final goodbye.


an, I am working on the prompts/requests, but it is taking some time. Somehow I found inspiration for this and I actually do like this. thanks for the sweet messages, they’re lovely and make me so happy because I never thought that anyone would enjoy my blog/imagines that much. :-) currently i am in the mood for Barry imagines, but i promise that I will start posting more of Cisco, Harrison, (also if anyone requests - Caitlyn too) and more. just thought I would let you know. 

what fandom followers are like...
  • Pretty Little Liars: Pretty basic. Easily frightened.
  • Teen Wolf: Involved in huge ship war (that possibly ended?)
  • Parks and Rec: Sweetest people ever
  • Game of Thrones: Tough af and will hurt you
  • The 100: Realists.
  • Arrow/Flash/Supergirl: Also in ship wars. In love with Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist <3
  • Gossip Girl: Will bitch slap you. Ships Blair and Chuck
  • The Walking Dead: Are prepared to survive an apocalypse.
  • The Vampire Diaries/The Originals: Moody. Dark but not too dark.
  • Gilmore Girls: Can't decide between Dean, Logan, and Jess
  • The Office: Amazing and funny

anonymous asked:

do you think the musical episode will happen on earth-1 or earth-38 and if it happens on earth-1 do you think monel will go with kara? I know chris isnt singing on the show but im just curious how you think the musical episode will pan out hahah x

I think it will happen in both Earths, starting on Earth-38 but the most part will be on Earth-1. That’s just my guess based on interviews, spoilers and pictures i’ve seen. And yes, Chris will be on the musical episode even tho he is not singing. David Harewood posted a couple of pics on instagram with Chris and Grant Gustin on Star Labs and producers said he was going to be part of the crossover.