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HONORABLE MENTION | Whereas Arrow‘s Amell effectively mined darkness, The Flash‘s Grant Gustin immersed himself in lightness and love as Barry and super friend Kara (a buoyant Melissa Benoist) sang and danced their way through a musical mirage erected by the Music Meister. Above and beyond Gustin’s performance as a singer, the Glee grad’s acting was peppered with tiny touches — Barry barely holding back his inner fanboy as “Joe” sang a duet with “Stein,” or cluing in Kara to his new time travel restrictions — that were the very best Easter eggs to find and collect. But yes, it was Gustin’s closing serenade to scene partner Candice Patton, the look of deep love pouring out of his peepers throughout, that brought us to our feet clapping, cheering for an encore. 

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Cuties 🖤

Hey guys so this is my first time playing something by ear so pls bear w me!! But I just absolutely fell in love with this song and its meaning. I mean, come on, that scene with Barry serenading Iris was just PRECIOUS. I actually sobbed for about an hour after I finished the episode. Anyways, it’s not finished yet, but I got the chorus down pretty well so I decided to upload a video of it!! Here’s my rendition of Runnin’ Home to You!

Confession (maybe unpopular opinion)

I think Grant and Ezra are both perfect as Barry Allen. They both bring something different to the character. 

But god damn, who the hell thought it was a good idea to give an IronMan suit to Barry in the movie. I have trouble with it since day 1 and I’m still having trouble with it. Couldn’t they have one in between both suit. 


♪ ♫ If you’re ever broke, I’ve got the cash. On my couch, you’re welcome to crash. And if you ever need a hand, I’ll be there in a flash. ♪ ♫


That was funny.

♪ ♫ I’m your super, that has a double meaning friend. ♪ ♫  


— Arrow PaleyFest: Wendy Mericle on Felicity, Thea & “Honor Thy Fathers”

As for the out-of-town Thea, she is indeed coming back.

“She was really upset when she left, and she’s going to get called back in a [time] that she’s not done figuring out the challenges she’s facing. She’s still worried she’s going to become Moira,” Mericle explains.

“I love Thea,” Mericle continues. “I love her character. She’s the daughter of sociopaths… how often can you say that? She started out as this teenage girl who was in private school, had a lot of money, and partied all the time, and now she’s this woman who works in the Mayor’s office and is really good at her job, but she has this kind of darkness that she is constantly grappling with. She’s going to be trying to understand her heritage, understand her family, and understand where she comes from, and I think that’s something that every twenty-something can relate to.”