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Here’s the thing...

I couldn’t care less about the characters people like. I don’t care who they ship. Some of the people I follow like WestAllen and some people like SnowBarry. Some people love Olicity more and some people like Lauriver. I honestly don’t care. You can hate Laurel or Felicity or Iris or Thea. I’ll shrug it off. 

But when that hate starts seeping into real life…that’s when I do care. Let’s all remember that these actors have sacrificed a lot of things so that they could show their faces on television each week. It’s a lot of hard work, and most of us couldn’t do it. 

Just because you don’t like a character does NOT mean you are entitled to go on Twitter and tell an actor to go kill themselves or whatever creepy thing people can come up with. Imagine waking up one day and seeing a text that says You’re terrible. Your smile is ugly, and you’re overweight. The world would be better without you so go jump off a cliff. That’d suck, right? I know I’d probably start crying. Now imagine having that happen every day. Sure, you get some nice texts, but those awful ones really stay with a person. 

Let’s all remember that, okay? Those people who are on TV every week are people too. They all act differently in real life. Most of these people are not like RDJ/Iron Man. Stephen Amell is not Oliver Queen. Grant Gustin is not Barry Allen. They might play those characters, but they do what the writers tell them to do. They are humans. And they deserve to be treated like ones. We may not love what they do or say, but when something like that happens in real life, we just leave it be. There’s no need to tell them nasty things. If there’s any kind of New Years resolution, maybe we should try to just allow people live. 

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