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Wanted to bring this gem back

  • Savitar: One shall Betray you...
  • Caitlyn: Cisco, I trusted you! I trusted you not to eat all the ice cream, and you broke that trust!
  • Cisco: Guilty
  • Savitar: ...
  • Savitar: Okay then, One shall Fall...
  • Iris: *Trips while coming down the stairs one day*
  • Iris: I'm okay fam
  • Savitar: Dammit!
  • Savitar: nonono I still have one more! *intense voice* One will suffer a fate worse than death...
  • Cisco: F*ck you Barry, for spoiling Rogue One for me. I'd rather be dead right now -_-
  • Barry: Savitar you overdramatic piece of...
  • Savitar: ...Crap

The Flash Scene 3x10

Lightning Bolt Soulmate!Barry Allen x Reader Part Four

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin, Cisco

Word Count: 795

A/N: I know it’s been a long time and hopefully you guys don’t hate me after the long wait, but finally, here is part four.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

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Dating Barry Allen would include

- him being awkward on dates

- having someone who could get to you in seconds

- softly singing when you can’t fall asleep

- being in on all the metahuman drama

- kissing him every morning before he leaves for work

- bringing him luch at CCPD

- always being worried about him

- “why are you acting so weird?”

- “i alwayd act weird”

- having someone to jog with when you don’t want to go alone

- barry introducing you to team flash and you instantly hit it off with them

- getting interrupted mid your date because of a metahuman sighting

- “I’m sorry.”

- “it’s your job, barry.”

- him being happy that youre not bothered about him always having to go catch someone when you two are hanging out

- him loving you

- you loving him


credit to cw supergirl gifs

What do you guys expect to see in the crossover??

Wally and iris hit on the same feelings James talked about yesterday on the supergirl. How powerless you can feel as you watch someone with superpowers go save people. How torturous is can be to watch from the sidelines when all you want to do is help the world.

Now only if there respective fandoms would actually take the time to empathize with them instead of hating them for feeling valid emotions.