Barry when...

You witness his first day with powers

You rarely found time to take a walk, but sitting inside all day was making your body ache, so doing the only thing that seemed logical at that moment: You grabbed your coat and took a break from your work. 

It didn’t even take five minutes before a sudden wind blew straight past you and into the dark alley to your left. The following sound of a crash got your attention, and so you walked towards the now panting sound. 
“Whoa…” Right in front of you, was a man panting, burning pieces of… was it clothes? Was spread around him, and your cheeks turned red when you noticed the only thing he wore was his boxers.

Never would you ever think that attractive man would turn to be a superhero, and only in your wildest dreams, you could have imagined that superhero ending up as your husband and the father of your kids. From that day, you started walking every day, not knowing what you could miss if not exposing yourself to the outer world day by day.

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Perfect Moment (Barry Allen x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m back with another Barry Allen fanfic. This is from the prompt list I reblogged. Shoutout to creativeheartgemini for requesting this! I absolutely loved writing it and I’m sorry it’s so short.

Description: You come home after a long trip, only to find Barry crying in your shared apartment. So you do the most logical thing, comfort him.

Reader’s Gender: Female

Reader’s Power: Levitation 

Characters/Ships: Barry Allenxreader, mention of Iris, mention of Zoom, mention of Henry Allen

Rating: PG

Warnings: Kissing, mentioned death, fluffity fluff

Written For: @creativeheartgemini


#1 “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”

#10 “There was this perfect moment. This perfect moment where everything that I wanted was clearly in front of me… And I understood.”

Opening the door of yours and Barry’s apartment, you stepped inside, closing the door behind you. You raised your eyebrows, surprised that your best friend hadn’t turned on the air conditioner, considering the blazing hot weather outside.

“Bar! I’m home!” You exclaimed, levitating your luggage bag to the corner of the living room, settling it down gently. You had just come back from your trip to Starling City where you had helped Oliver with capturing a metahuman since Barry had his own metahuman case in Central City.

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Third Time | SnowBarry 03x13

A|N: this is for all the snowbarry shippers, please don’t spread hate ❤ It’s just what I think it happened in 03x13 but it wasn’t filmed.

“ We have to find a way out of here so we can stop him. ” Barry said looking around his cell, trying to find a way out.

“ You keep saying that, but what if we can’t get out? What if we’re stuck here? What if this is the way we’ll die?” Julian asked skeptically

“ Well, we can’t think like that. While there’s life, there’s hope. ” the hero dressed in red answered, trying to give them some hope, it’s what he always did.

His friends were silent for a moment, trying to come up with an idea, but no one made a sound.

“ And if there isn’t life? ” Cisco asked

“ What is that supposed to mean?” Barry snapped back

“ Grodd needs me to open the breach so he can attack Earth-1. What if I wasn’t alive to do that? ” the brunette started to explain is plan.

Caitlin looked at him in shock.

“ You planning on dying?” she asked, sounding hurt.

“ Only if you kill me. ” he stated

Everyone stayed silent; Cisco was their friend, how could he think like that? When he noticed no one was gonna say something, he continued talking.

“ Look, this is something we have to consider. Right now, I can’t think of any other way to stop them. They’d have no other way of getting to Central City. ”

“ He’s right. Cisco’s death would change the newspaper headline in the future.” Julian said

“ Headline? ” Harry asked confused, he wasn’t with them in the past few months.

“ It’s a long story. ”

“ But it would also make another one come true, the one about Killer Frost. ” Julian stated

“ You want me to kill you? ” Caitlin asked with a trembling voice

“Think about it. Grodd doesn’t know you have cold powers. You might be able to use them. ”

“ Cold powers? She you have cold powers? I knew it. I knew that you and I did not get Barry out of that mirror. ” Harry said shocked

“ Wait, now. Caitlin. If you kill someone, there’s no going back.You’ll be Killer Frost for the rest of your life.Now, I did not come all this way to see that happen. ” Julian rambled

Caitlin gave him a curious look, sometimes he was just too much for him.

“ Did you come here because you “live for danger” or to protect me?“ She asked

” I just don’t want to see you become something you’re not.“ he said, defending himself.

” Okay, Cisco. I’m not gonna kill you, and neither is anyone else, okay? So let’s come up with the next best plan that doesn’t involve murdering one of our friends. “ the girl told that to her best friend

” No, Cisco’s right. It’s the only way. One of us has to die. “ Barry wishpered

” What? Are you out of your mind ?“ Caitlin asked him , this time angrier than before.

” Caitlin, let me finish, would you?“

She nodded.

” You can freeze me and Grodd will think I’m dead, so he will get me out of this cell, once I’m out I can vibrate to warm my body and get you all out of here. “ Barry continued explaining his plan

” That’s brilliant! But you’re sure you can stay cold that much and be okay?“ Harry asked

” We’ll find out. I hope it works. “

Caitlin gave him an approving look as he came closer to her cell; now they were separated only by some bars.

” What are you waiting for? Do it, Caitlin! “ Cisco wishpered

” The only way to freeze your whole body is to kiss you, Barr. You’re…okay with that? Since-“

” I’m 100% sure,Cait. “ he smiled

She returned the smile and tried to reach his face; she moved her lips closer to his and closed the space that was between them, in the first seconds, before Caitlin got the chance to use her cold breath, Barry kissed her back; which caught her off guard; only after Julian coughed loudly Caitlin started to freeze him.

After a few moments,Barry was on the ground with his skin turned to light blue.


The plan worked ; they managed to get out of Earth 2 and safely return to their own.

As Cisco was greated by Joe and Harry ran to his daughter; Barry dragged Caitlin away so they could talk.

” Look, about the-“

” You don’t have to explain Barry, you only asked me to do that because it was the only way, I get that you’re with Iris and probably forget about the kiss by tomorrow. It’s okay, really. “ she said, looking a little bit hurt; but Barry didn’t have the courage to ask her anything more.

She was right, he was with Iris, the girl he loved, but that kiss wasn’t nothing - he actually felt something different, unique that he kinda liked.