In Any Timeline and In Any World, I’m In Love You. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Here’s a Barry Allen imagine since I haven’t written in a while. I’m brainstorming some ideas for some requests at the moment. 


I hope you enjoy!

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Barry was never good at keeping secrets. It was a miracle that it took him forever to tell Iris that he was the Flash. So imagine his surprise when he realized that he’s kept his love for you a secret for over two years. 

You’ve told Caitlin about your adoration for Barry, which Caitlin blurted out to the speedster. So why hasn’t he acted upon his feelings yet? 

The answer was simple. He didn’t want to believe his emotions. He was afraid of rejection, due to his experience with loving Iris for as long as he’s had. Barry immediately tried to get his mind of his feelings towards you by quickly getting into a relationship with Patty, which ended soon after she moved. 

It wasn’t until he went to Earth 2 that he began to allow himself to fall deeper for you. Barry found out that his Earth 2 counterpart had been married to Iris. After snooping around Earth 2 Barry’s lab, he found that Earth 2 Barry was still in love with a mermaid from Atlantis. That mermaid was you. 

Then Eobard Thawne revealed to him that in the future, Barry would find himself in love with someone who wasn’t Iris. He would be affectionate towards you, but, like in Earth 2, he couldn’t act on those feelings for he had already tied the knot with another. 

But in Flashpoint… It was different. In both situations, he knew you existed in his life. But in Flashpoint, Barry was in uncharted waters. The first thing Barry did was look for you, in hopes that he could finally have you, but he couldn’t find you, leading him to conclude that you weren’t a part of his life. Barry attempted to move on by flinging himself onto that Iris. His parents disapproved and quickly questioned his motives. When Barry asked why they weren’t happy for him, his mother responded with, “(Y/N) has been out of town for not even two months and you’re already trying to cheat on her. If you didn’t love her, Bartholomew Henry Allen, then you shouldn’t have asked her to marry you. That poor girl is going to marry a man who will be unfaithful to her. I did not raise you to be that kind of a man.” 

When he had the Reverse-Flash fix the timeline, he prayed that he would have you in his life still and that maybe the two of you would end up together. And luckily you were still there.

“You’re acting weird.” You muttered over to Barry as the two of you did your usual routine walk to your car. Barry raised an eyebrow, questioning you. “Barry I’ve know you. I know when you’re bothered by something. So please, my ears are open and my shoulder is here for you to rest your head on. Unburden yourself.”

“I know I’m not supposed to tell you anything about timelines and-” Barry began

“You went back in time, I knew it.” You interrupted. “What’s changed?” 

Barry sighed, his breath taking form in the night. “I went back in time to save my mother. That sent everyone on this new timeline, Eobard Thawne called in Flashpoint. But then everything started going wrong. Wally was the Flash but he was dying. And then I started losing my memories. The only good thing out of that was that I was engaged to you, but you were out of town. And then I had-”

“We were engaged?” You questioned. “Sorry. Go on.” Barry quickly filled you in on everything.The Rival injuring Wally to the point that Wally couldn’t heal himself. Then him losing his memories. And then Alchemy. “But we were engaged… I wasn’t dead right?”

“Thankfully no.” Barry said. “Some timeline right? Even powerless Barry Allen could get you to fall in love with him. Powerless Barry Allen had the courage to even propose to you while I’m over here struggling just to tell you that I’m in love you.” 

“You’re in love with me?” You asked, your eyebrows raising, a slight blush appearing on your cheeks. The felt the blood rising to your face and you smiled at the thought of Barry Allen being in love with you. 

“Yes, (Y/N). I’m in love with you. On Earth 2, that Barry was in love with you. In the future, that Barry is in love with you. In freaking Flashpoint, that Barry was in love with you.” Barry declared. “And so does this Barry. The Barry that’s standing right in front of you.” 

“You’re in love with me?” You repeated, still in disbelief. 

“Yes, (Y/N)! In Any Timeline and In Any World, I’m In Love With You.” Barry confessed. “I’m in love with you.” He repeated once more before taking your face in his hands and pulling you into a quick kiss. When Barry noticed your surprise, he quickly regretted it. “I’ve screwed up. Oh no. Let’s just pretend that never happen-” 

You interrupted him once again with a quick peck on his lips. “You can’t screw up considering that I’m in love with you, too, Barry.” 


(Y/N): “Barry i think you should dress up as The Flash for halloween!”

Barry: “Well… i do have a pretty cool costume. Do you want to see it?”

(Y/N): “Of course-” you where cut of by Barry running you to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry: *2nd gif* “Do you like it?”


Requests are open. *Not a request*


Hey everyone.

This is my first WestAllen vid in FOREVER. The next one will be longer. Hope you enjoy it! 

Linda Park: Your heart should ache for me. Does it?

Barry Allen:

Patty Spivot: Admit to me you’re the Flash, and I’ll stay.

Barry Allen:

Caitlin Snow: When I almost died, I thought of you.

Barry Allen:

Felicity Smoak: We are perfectly perfect for each other.

Barry Allen: 

Iris West: *sneezes*

Barry Allen: