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“I most emphatically would not mind being stranded on a dessert island, but I’m afraid I couldn’t get by with a single male ! Life being what it is, different human beings are inclined toward different long suits and virtues charmes, if you prefer in which they’re specialists. So if you don’t mind, I’ll take the excursion with a dozen gentlemen, all tried and true. I hope you won’t mind the fact that they all hail from Hollywood. Not having met Toscanini, William Saroyan, Lucius Beebe, Sir Anthony Eden, Hank Greenberg or Mahatma Ganhi, I’m not in a postion to judge very well. Here they are :

  • GLENN FORD heads the list because he knows how to make a fire with two sticks and that can be very helpful, unless you’re fortunate enough to be stranded with a flintrock or a cigarette lighter that works.
  • ROBERT TAYLOR is definitely an ungetalongwithoutable. Palm trees and sand can become very monotonous. Handsome Bob would provide some excellent scenery in his own right.
  • BRIAN AHERNE is a must, if only because he could read the Oxford Book of English Verse so beautifully. And what’s an island or a romantic adventure, without poetry ?
  • CARY GRANT because he never takes anything seriously. He would be the balance wheel fot this gay lark. Neither flood nor famine would perturb him.
  • DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR., by all means. Because he is consumed with the ambition to play Hamlet. What would be a more logical setting for him to practice up ? For want of a better subject, I would be his Ophelia.
  • CLARK GABLE rates a portfolio in this unholy twelve because he is Clark Gable, which is recommendation enough.
  • BING CROSBY – Imagine an island interlude without Bing’s crooning ! I’d just as soon not be stranded. Bing could come and name his own price.
  • JOHN CARROLL for his wonderful sense of humour, his gift for making a lie seem truer than a multiplication table, no matter how fantastic the tale. When he wasn’t spinning tall tales he could be wrangling with the natives and conning them out of their bridgework.
  • GARY COOPER would be super. A wonderful shot, he’d bag us wuld turkey. A level-headed citizen under pressure he’d be our Rock of Ages.
  • GEORGE SANDERS – Worth his weight in rubies. Sinister but nice, he would be on hand to keep the lady conscious that life can be real, life can be earnest, as only such a distinguished screen « wolf » can do. A little harmless frightening would be okay.
  • W. C. FIELDS – Dead weight ? Not on your life ! Mr. Field in motion is superb entertainment, which is a must-needed commodity on any desert island.
  • EDWARD JUDSON – Because adventure is exciting, romance is fascinating, glamour is soul-satisfying and Edward Judson is my husband.”  

                                                                                     Hollywood Magazine, 1941

The Hirudo (or Leechfolk)

(Art is not mine, artist posted it when I was discussing this race on /tg/ months back and refused to share their name and said they did not have a page where they posted their work. I would be very grateful if someone could point me to the artists page if they ended up making one)

A while back on /tg/ I was helping to create various collective homebrews with the other anons there. While nothing concrete came from it one of my biggest contributions was the Hirudo or Leechfolk. Resembling mundane leeches in much the same way Thri-Kreen or Formains resemble mantids and ants respectively. Considered one of the less popular aspects of the “Bugworld” setting I still have a soft-spot in my heart for them and knew they’d be better appreciated here. So I’ve written up what I remember and can track down of them as a common use race for D&D 5E but they can be adapted for any system really.

Feel free to use them for your games and characters as long as I, Justin Wiysel, am credited as their creator. I don’t plan to make any profit from these, just don’t want to see someone else profiting off my work that I want to be free for all to enjoy.

(This one is done by @edspear who did a lot of concept art for them and the Bugworld)

The Hirudo, or Leechfolk to most commoners, are a typically jovial and empathetic race who are becoming well-known as healers of great skill. Dwelling in swamps, along waterways, the coasts, and anywhere sufficiently wet they are still a relatively rare sight away from their villages and cities but more and more are hearing the call to adventure. Their unique skill-sets make them valued members of their groups, ranging from natural healers, skilled alchemists, and deceptively capable combatants.

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“Hidden amongst seven billion…There’s someone like you. That’s why I put up with the rest of them”

Just as Good as You (Part Two to Just as Bas as Me)

Request: There needs to be a part two for just as bad as me just saying - @niawoods


Do a part 2 to Just as bad as me!!!! -anon

Part 1

A/n: More parts have been requested for Take the trouble and make it double and the platonically series and this so

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I'm going into training in the clinical psychology field, and I was really hoping for some help on how to be a better psychologist. This page is helpful, but do you have any personal recommendations for someone who is currently learning the material, how to best interact with clients/mentally ill people in general?

  • Remember everyone is human.
  • Be their collaborator, not their judge and executioner.
  • Don’t talk down to them.
  • Make sure they understand the process. Explain what you’re doing and why. Too many mentally ill folks have no idea why shrinks do the things they do or prescribe them what they prescribe them and it confuses them and makes them unable to properly take part in their treatment.
  • Don’t dismiss how they are feeling. If they feel like they have a certain disorder, even if it goes against the idea you already had of them, listen. Take it into account. I’m not saying to just agree with anything but to listen. There’s a reason they are feeling this way and dismissing it right off the bat could be very damaging, no matter what the final diagnosis ends up being.
  • Stay up to date with the latest “discoveries” in the field. Don’t just take your knowledge for granted. The field evolves and changes really fast, so does our understanding of people and their brains. Stay curious and open.
  • People feel the way they do for a reason. The reason might not be the one you or them thought. But it’s still there.
  • Read articles and books from mentally ill people themselves. If you listen to/read from peers only, it turns into an echo chamber.
  • “You know what makes a good person good? When a good person does something bad, they own up to. They try to learn something from it and they move on.” Accept that you are not infallible.

Anyone has anything to add to the list?

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semi angsty prompt where kara and alex really talk about the fact kara will out live the humans in her life (specifically cat), maybe alex see's cat without make up and it kinda hits her for the first time the significance of their age difference (that's never been her biggest concern about the relationship) and kara is just like "you think i don't know that?" and they have a really honest convo about it and what kara is really gonna have to face as time goes on

It’s rather short and not that angsty but I figured it would fit anyway. Thank you for this brillant prompt Darling ♥

Alex is wise beyond her years, despite her somewhat fierce temperament.

She rushes forward whenever the people she loves are in danger, thinking of a plan in a matter of seconds and putting it to execution right away and sometimes, it’s hard to follow her.
She’s a storm and she waltzes in and out but sometimes, sometimes she doesn’t.

Sometimes, she just takes a step back and she studies the world around her.

She takes in details no one else seems to notice and she’s become something of a walking library of facts, information and unalterable truths, ones she keeps to herself because it’s not important.

It never is, until some day, one of those truths she’s never voiced just explode in front of her.

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The Gift of Magic

The Gift

Ah, The Gift, that is what we call the magic arts for indeed its a gift (or a curse depending in your point of view). Those of us who can wield magic are either born with the mark of the Old Ones or receive it later on during our lives. Once you have the mark, you can start wielding magic. Magic powers depend greatly  in which Old One placed it’s mark on you, and in some rare cases you may find gifted individuals wielding more than one mark. No one knows from where the Old Ones come from and frankly no one really cares, but as their title might imply, they have been here for a very long, long time. Some believe the Old Ones give the gift of magic to mortals to see who will be worthy to take their place once their time is up, and if they fail to find a worthy successor the world will be consumed by the chaotic forces of magic. But that's just pure speculation.

The Old Ones

In truth, no one really gets the Old Ones. They just give the gift of magic to whoever they please without asking for anything in return and they rarely show themselves to others. Its as if they just do it to see what we would do with such power but I believe they do have an agenda but it is so bizarre that our feeble minds fail to wrap our heads around it. Anyways, my grandmother says that back in ancient times the Old Ones had a proper name, now they are only referred by their titles and it seems they prefer it that way.

The Lurker in the Dark: Grants powers of thievery, stealth, nethermancy and assassination.
The Whisperer in the Leafs: Grants powers of shapeshifting, speak with animals and control nature.
The Dreamer in the Deep: Grants powers of mind control, clairvoyance, fate manipulation, sleep, and illusion.
The Raven in the Field: Grants powers of combat enhancements.
The Fury in the Sky: Grants power over the elements.
The Mender in the Anvil: Grants powers of mending, creation, and transmutation.