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You don’t understand, I am SO worried for jughead jones. Where does he sleep? Did he eat today? How did he get that suit? His stress levels must be through the roof, worrying about not only his friends, but also a murder and, oh yeah, where he’s gonna FUCKING LIVE. plus schoolwork and his vanished family. plus his shitty dad and the gang induction. Did you see how tired he looked in episode 5? The eye bags?? And Cole Sprouse said it was going to get rougher for him. I am SO CONCERNED.


Freaky Field Trip sketch and cleanup I did of Gigi Grant for Monster High. So, Gigi had a number of versions. She originally had the pose that went to Clawdeen, then she got revised to the sketch you see above, then she morphed into the pose you see in the cleaner version. And ultimately they ended up changing her at the last minute to a completely different pose that I did not draw. So what you see here is artwork that ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s probably for the best because I made that looking glass way too big. Oops.

But let this be a lesson to any artists out there who get really upset when your artwork is criticized. I’ve been a working professional artist for over a decade and I still occasionally get my work completely changed. Sometimes I agree with and appreciate the notes, other times I don’t. But it’s my job to do them to the best of my ability. So don’t take it personal. It’s all part of the job!

What if Cyclonus is either is capable of communicating to Vector Sigma or is carrying a remnant of Vector Sigma

let me explain.

Maybe Cyclonus is capable of communicating Vector Sigma (or is carrying the remnant of Vector Sigma (and I’m not talking about him being pregnant in any shape of form so shut up peps) )

when the Lost Light landed on Luna-1 and after this event

while we all know this and all but I want you to look at this panel

in the next panel, Cyclonus spotted a green spark aka point-one percenter but my question is: how is the HELL did he spotted the green spark in question???


HOW DID HE SPOTTED ONE GREEN SPARK AMONG THE BLUE GLOWING FIELD????? Granted, he was probably scanning the horizon for threats like a bodyguard would normally do. Or maybe the point-one percenter communicating to him, telling him to pay attention it.

and since Vector Sigma is related to spark creation and Sparks in general, Cyclonus maybe hearing these new sparks talking to him, just like Vector Sigma would do. Communicate with sparks.

and then he is in the background of this panel

but the question is why? from what we know from James Robert, this man doesn’t add random details. JRO put Cyclonus there for a reason.

my theory is that because Cyclonus was transformed/reformatted by Vector Sigma, he is either carrying a piece of Vector Sigma or he has a direct connection to Vector Sigma.

meaning that he might be communicating with Vector Sigma all the time once he joined the Lost Light.

It would explain why he is always alone all the time. And since he is religious, he would believe that Vector Sigma is talking to him. As he probably the only real religious person on the ship, he has no one go to; not without them fearing him or thinking he is insane or something. Seriously, who would believe a scary religious  ex-decepticon? No one would and he knows this.

We all assume that he was thinking about his past and/or like being a alone, so we thought little of it. Maybe he is thinking of the past, maybe he not. 

why do I bring this up?

Because of this

Tailgate did something that should be impossible and unexplainable to the moment that just bring more confusion and questions. 

why bring it up? Because Cyclonus is the reason Tailgate is still alive.

Cyclonus stab his Great Sword into Tailgate’s spark to buy Tailgate more time to use the cure for Tailgate’s Cybercrosis.

Cyclonus’s possible connection to Vector Sigma may jump-start Tailgate’s spark.

because of this, Tailgate’s spark is possibly super-charged by Cyclonus’s spark energy which explain why this happened. 

Hey everyone. So I’m sure you all know @ofendlesswonder and all her amazing stories. Well someone has been stealing them and claiming them as their own and I wanted to make this post to make it easier for anyone that could possibly take a little bit of their time to go report the stories that were stolen. 

Go to this link and report that story. If you could, in the description of the violation just say something brief about it being stolen and link the original true story which is this link (original).

The second story that was stolen is here. Just do the same for this story and the original story and link you should include in your report is linked here.

Another story that isn’t by ofendlesswonder was also stolen. It’s originally by iJedi. The story that was stolen is here. The original and link that you should include in your report is here.

So please go and report these stories if you could. It really takes less than five minutes.


On Grad School and Stress
Written by Kris.

I’m a very cluttered person. Sometimes I get in the mood to clean – and I do. I scrub surfaces viscously until my hands are red and dry, I dust corners forgetting I’m allergic until I’m in a coughing fit, I fight stains just as stubborn as me, hoping that this time, I will win. But usually, I’m cluttered. I’m just an all around mess. Many times when I get in those cleaning moods, I get joy from seeing the product of my hard work and productivity, but it only lasts five minutes before I make a conscious effort to make little nests everywhere. In fact, as I am typing this, I am sitting next to a giant pile of clean clothes that I have neglected to fold and put away a week ago. 

I am a very cluttered person. And sadly, that messiness is also found in my mind. Thoughts jump everywhere. Much too much, much to fast. Everything is constantly happening too much and too fast and I can’t get it to stop. Things slip. And being who I am, I cannot handle when I do drop the ball as I feel it is not only a reflection of how others see me, but a reflection of what I think is okay to be seen as. It’s silly, I know. But that’s how I feel. 

I am a very cluttered person. My readings, thoughts, assignments, and goals mean nothing. Time slips and does not make sense. As a result, strict rules are made. Very strict rules, lists, calendars. I know I cannot fix my clutter or forgetfulness. But I can try to tame it. I can soothe the migraine in my head. 

You see, I missed my university’s internal grant deadline recently and have been working to remind myself that it’s alright. It wasn’t completely my fault – it was, but I did everything I could with what I was given. And it is okay. There are other opportunities that my committee and I were looking into. This isn’t the only one. 

What’s frustrating is not that I didn’t make it – although that certain was the catalyst. What’s frustrating is knowing that no matter how many lists, how many mini goals I set myself in advance, no many how many cushion I give myself – I can’t always win. I don’t always win. And I won’t always win.

It sucks.

But it’s okay.