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Come On Flash writers!

Ya’ll couldn’t even give us a scene like this between Barry and Iris? Before S3 ends we need a scene like this…please? 😣😩🙏

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the beginning


Katherine was a little nervous this morning as she wait for Zachary to wake up, restlessly drinking a tea instead of her usual morning coffee just because she was being cautious and flipping through the magazine without reading the content. The last time he thought she might be pregnant Zachary fainted, granted it was four years ago and they just started dating and now they’re already married for a year, in fact they’ll be celebrating their first year anniversary in two weeks. She was lost in her thought so she didn’t hear him coming down to the kitchen until he greeted her, “Morning,” she smiled to him and pulled him down to her by pulling his dog tag so she can kiss him. “I didn’t hear you come in last night,” she said as she let go, trying to not ambush him with the news right away.