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Come On Flash writers!

Ya’ll couldn’t even give us a scene like this between Barry and Iris? Before S3 ends we need a scene like this…please? 😣😩🙏

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How do s/o ask to sit in their chocobros lap?

But start shifting and getting comfy on these sweet, warm boys~

  • The first time was likely Noctis stealing your chair when you were all eating out. In which you threatened to sit on him if he didn’t move, “Go ahead” he said back, trying to call out your bluff. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t a bluff. And now his face is red while the guys are snickering.
  • For the rest of the time; Noctis tends to turn rather shy. Even in private but it’s especially worse when he’s around the other guys. He’ll be torn between an “Uh, sure?” or a “Wha- no!”
  • It gets awkward for him because he doesn’t know what he should be doing with his hands or where to put them and he’s frightened of accidentally reaching where he feels he shouldn’t.

  • Ignis prefers to keep closely snuggled up side by side rather than either of you being on each others laps.
  • But he’s still a gentleman and gladly offers you a spot when there are a lack of seats. In fact it’s nice to be able to attend a royal gala and talk with others, all while holding you on his lap where he feels like he can flaunt the world’s biggest treasure. And only he has such a luxury to cherish.
  • But at home it’s more of a rarity. He’ll allow it once in awhile, afterall there is no harm in it. Best chances is if you’re upset and it’s needed for comfort; where you can sit there and he’ll hold you and rub your back.

  • Gladio is up for you sitting on his lap any time really. All you need to do is just ask him (Just point his lap area and ask “Is this seat taken?” He’ll get a good laugh from it) and he’ll be more than happy to let you do it. He’ll also pull you onto his lap from time to time anyways.
  • The downside to that all is, if there’s no table or anything to set stuff on, he’ll start asking you to hold his drinks and such too. So have fun holding ice-cold glasses sometimes.
  • Iris coming back and needs a seat in the car too? Room won’t be an issue because you are going to be right on his lap the whole time.

  • Prompto is another who turns into a bit of a shy pie with it, every time his cheeks turn just a little pink. But he won’t say no to it! Not unless he’s hurt.
  • The first time you did, you honestly thought he was going to faint. Granted it was raining, not enough chairs at camp, and he didn’t want you on the wet ground. But honestly it made him really happy? And the whole time he was just smiling from ear to ear and not saying a word, even when you waved a hand in front of his face.
  • But as good as that is, just remember he’s going to be asking for the same out of you from time to time.

The prologue of MONSTER read by Michael Grant. Not for the faint-hearted.

Mute Part 3

Part 2

Genre: Angst
Words: 1,808
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions, flashbacks, TEARS (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

Your kept your shaking hands hidden by crossing your arms over your chest. Bucky’s form in front of you was tense, the muscles in his back standing out from stress. You wanted so badly to reach out and rub the sore muscles until he felt better, both physically and emotionally, but you couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty for his stress. The heavy burden on your shoulders did nothing to help your relationship with others. All you wanted to do was let it crush you, and if it weren’t for the man you loved trying his best to take care of you, you would have let it. You fought the suffocation, though, because you didn’t want to let him down.

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Author’s Note: I wanted to try something new. I am still very new to writing and posting smut, so I hope you all enjoy.

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Posted: September 19th, 2016
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His hand gently cup your face as his other rests on your hip. As you watch him lean in slowly, your eyes softly close when you feel his breath brush against your lips, the light aroma of mint filled your nostrils before you feel your body melt at the contact of his lips pressed against yours. A hum escapes from you as his thumb gently strokes your cheek before his hand cradles your neck to deepen the kiss. His grip of his hand, that is resting on your hip, tightens lightly making your lips part due to a faint moan. Granting him the access he wanted to slide his tongue into your mouth. It grazes over yours as he ensures that he is touching every part that you love. His hands slide to the hem of your shirt slowly lifting it up and over your head, only breaking the lip contact for seconds, before he slides your bottoms down to pool at your ankles so he can toss them aside with your shirt. His hands cup your bra cups caressing the coverage over your breasts as he moves to place open mouth kisses on your neck.

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Drabble because I can’t sleep :D


He thinks it runs in his blood, this obstinate feeling to learn the art of fuinjutsu. After his brief meeting with his mother, Naruto feels it is only right that he honor her memory and learn more of the culture she grew up with.

So at the crack of dawn, when the sun is slowly peeking out of the horizon and the birds begin to flutter their wings and sing, Naruto sets off to Konoha’s public library, intent on grabbing whatever his hands could find on the history of Uzushiogakure, the Land of Whirlpools. 

He feels a wee bit disappointed at the lack of information, although he does feel a wave of excitement when he reads that the Uzumaki clan were renowned for their ability for fuinjutsu. He stacks on books containing the subject but is once again upset when he is met with diagrams that mean nothing to him and long-ass notes that never held his attention for so long.

He shuts the eight book he’s tried to read with a loud groan, and frowns. He isn’t going anywhere with this, Naruto thinks. He is more of a “do-it” guy than a “read-it” guy like Sakura or Shikamaru – he needs someone to show him fuinjutsu.

He groans, hand resting against a palm. He is about to grab another book, hoping that this one is easier than the last, when an imaginary light bulb clicks above his head. 

Naruto grins and leaves the piles of books without a second glance.


Finding Tenten is easier than he thinks – just strain your ears and follow the sound of explosion and clinking metals, and you’re bound to find the girl!

He is lucky, because he chances upon Tenten just done with her daily spar with her team. Weapons are littered all over the training grounds, gleaming brightly against the early morning sun. Cracks of varying sizes and ages abound as well, most likely from Neji’s Kaiten, the Dynamic Duo’s fierce taijutsu techniques, and Tenten’s never-ending supply of bombs.

Naruto rushes to where he’s found Tenten, who is sitting underneath the shade of a tree with a kunai at hand. He spots Neji beside her but doesn’t see Bushy Brows or Bushy-Brow sensei anywhere. It doesn’t matter though; he’s here for Tenten anyways. 

“Oi, Tenten!” he gives her a grin when she looks up. “I’m so glad I found ya!”

“Naruto?” Tenten cocks her head to the side as the blond plops right beside her. “What’s up? Is it a new mission?”

“Naruto’s here?” next to Tenten, Neji cracks an eye open. “Do we have a new mission?”

Naruto raises a brow, lips thin. What is it with this team and their obsession for training and mission… and youth? 

“Nope!” Naruto declares and ignores Neji’s huff of annoyance. “I’m here for Tenten!”

“Me?” Tenten asks. “Why?”

“I need ya to teach me fuinjutsu!” Naruto giddily tells her. He then starts his epic tale of meeting his mother in a different realm and ends with, “So I gotta learn a thing or two about seals and stuff, ya’know? I bet my mom would love that!”

He grins toothily again. Neji is now giving him a weird look, although the Hyuuga isn’t verbalizing anything else. Tenten is thoughtful, brows scrunched and finger underneath her chin. She smiles when Naruto clasps his hand together and adds a series of “please, please, please, pretty please”.

“Okay, okay!” Tenten chuckles, then turns to Neji. “No training for tomorrow, then?”

Neji looks conflicted. It takes him a moment, but he eventually concedes.

“Alright,” he intones. He silences Naruto’s ecstatic whoop with a raised hand. “But I would like to watch as well.”


The next morning, Naruto brings with him a set of blank scrolls, as Tenten instructed him a day before. 

Tenten is visibly thrilled with the fact that someone finally shares the same interests she’s had with fuinjutsu. She’s brought along with her some of the books she’s sure to be helpful, a couple of her own written notes, and some lunch.

Neji is there too, and he has his own blank scrolls with him. Naruto is hyped – it looks like he’s roped Neji into learning the art too! How wonderful!

It is later in the training session that Naruto learns a few things about the two members of Team Gai. 

First is that Tenten is an excellent teacher – she’s patient, she’s very thorough with her lessons, and she always makes sure to demonstrate first before letting Naruto follow her lead. 

The second one is that Neji doesn’t like having his training interrupted. He’s brought scrolls, yes. But he uses the sheets for calligraphy, his pale hand gliding almost artistically as he writes with perfect ease.

Third is that Tenten, no matter how great a teacher she is, has a hard time concentrating on the lesson because she keeps cooing at Neji’s awesome handwriting and she showers the guy with enough praises to fill his ego.

Last is that Neji has this all planned out. It seems that not only does he dislike having his training cancelled, he also dislikes that Tenten’s attention would fall on anyone but him. So he keeps doing his art and smirks when Naruto gapes at him openly.

Naruto glares at Neji’s triumphant smirk and shakes his head. Damn, he thinks as he applies enough chakra to seal a lone kunai, Neji is such a brat.


Because I can’t help but think that Tenten may have a bit of Uzumaki blood in her. I mean, how else are you gonna explain her apparent ease at fuinjutsu (even though no one’s ever taught her?) and be able to wield the Bashosen at first try? (Granted, she fainted from chakra exhaustion, but the weapon didn’t kill her. It could mean that Tenten might have a lot of chakra pool, yes?) 

SuperCat - Scene Continuation 1 - Glass

Cat threw her head back and washed the pill down with water. She handed the glass back to Kara as she contemplated the argument she had just had with her mother. She hadn’t meant to defend Kara but somehow the words had just entered her brain and exited her mouth without a split-second between the two. She knew she would have to watch that kind of behaviour.

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I've always assumed that the tendency to view Bilbo as perfect comes from it being written by him, and most readers aren't astute enough to comprehend that, as the primary focus, he could be anything but flawless. They are self-inserting, since they want to see themselves as the primary focus of life, and want to be perfect themselves, so they ignore every mistake and flaw in Bilbo to make themselves feel better. They also feel every slight from Thorin to Bilbo deeper for the same reason.

this could very well be the case for some readers, especially with regards to them not being astute enough to recognize bilbo as the unreliable narrator he is. but i find it nearly impossible to believe someone could watch the hobbit movies, actually watch them and actually spend even a couple minutes thinking about bilbo, and come away with this idea that bagginshield must be an unbalanced relationship because bilbo is Obviously Perfect and thorin is Obviously a PoS. (and so we have our trolls lol)

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Since you asked... "Not established supercat. Kara teases Cat about her height." You can make it long if you wish, 'cause I love the way you write. :D

Kara pulls out a small notebook from her purse. She glances around her before opening it up. Inside were quips and jokes surrounding her boss’ height, every time she thought of a new one she would write it down. She knew if she said any of them to the woman’s face, she would more than likely be fired.

She couldn’t help it though, it was so easy to come up with them, especially when Miss Grant walked around her office at night without her heels. That’s when she thought of most of them anyways, late at night when they were alone and careless, almost. Tonight was no different, everyone else had left some time ago and it was just the two of them. Cat had abandoned the papers on her desk and her shoes were sitting at the edge of the couch where she laid. Kara sat behind her desk, notebook in hand, and her eyes glued to the small form in the glass office.

If you were any shorter you could sleep comfortably on a loveseat. Kara laughed at the line, she knew it wasn’t any good, but it still put a smile on her face. Miss Grant would hate it and that made it all the better. Kara covered her mouth to hide and stifle the laughter that was escaping from her body. When she lifted her head back up towards the office, the other woman was gone.

“If you are going to comment on my height at least make them half way decent. I mean really these are just awful! ‘The reason Cat Grant is so mean is because the rest of her is in the depths of hell.’ I can’t believe I let you edit pieces for me.” Kara’s face was beat red by the end of Cat’s little rant.

“Miss Grant! I am so sorry, I never meant for you to see these.” Kara took a deep breath before continuing to try and explain herself, “The only reason they are even written down is so I don’t have the urge to say them outloud.” Cat held her hand up to stop the babbling girl.

“We will have to work on your insults, they are pitiful. Think of it as a bonding exercise for the two of us, it is also a way for you to actually speak what’s on your mind.” Cat went to go back into her office but paused. “Oh and don’t think I don’t know of the drawings in that folder there.”

Kara was left speechless, she didn’t think anyone knew what was hidden in her private folder. Now that she knew that Cat had seen the, explicit, drawing and read her insults, she was determined to make the other woman blush as hard as she was.